White Dress – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Some objects in our wake life are so meaningful and have obvious significance that you cannot mistake them with anything else.

So, for example, a black door can be an ominous sign, just like a casket.

The same thing is with the white dress – it is the symbol of brides all around the world, woman souls that are about to enter the holy matrimony.

This is the dress that should represent the purity of the bride and her joy that is entering something so important in her. It is the time of her life that she is no longer a girl, but a woman.

Of course, here we are talking about the meaning of the White Dress in reality, but the question is, what does it mean when you had a dream where the White Dress is the main motive?

Is it here also the symbol of change and joy that will follow or is it something different?

Meaning of a Dream of White Dress

It is said that the dreams that have a dress of any kind as a motive come more often if the dreamer is the female, and males rarely have them.

Also, their interpretation is not the same – men do not interpret by some terms at all unless the dress is the primary dream motive.

Predominantly this dream about a white dress indicates that someone will show you greatness, and in some meanings, this is the dream that is marking a stamp on your success and hard work.

This is the signal that you will receive many benefits and respect for the surroundings.

In the period that will follow, you will set yourself as the equivalent for achievement and will seek advice from you at all times.

Alternatively, this is the dream that is marking the excitement in your real life that you have been feeling for a long time, and it may be connected to the anxiety of some form.

You have fears will the event that should follow, and that should be excited will meet your expectations.

The Symbolism of a Dream of White Dress

The symbolism of a dress that appears as the motive in a dream world is very diverse, and the symbolism depends on the dresses color, shape, length, purpose or even quality – it is a known fact that colors have very different meanings in dreams, and in this sense they set the tone of its interpretation.

It is a known fact that the Dress that appears in a dream can signify both joy and sadness (not at the same moment), and have the connotation of some business or private current and unexpected condition, and its readings are quite complex and interesting.

Now, if in a dream you see that you are wearing the white dress it is the symbol that you will have some bright or happy news or events very soon.


The white dress without any additional aspect is the symbol of success, development, prosperity, recognition and rewards for hard work in which you have invested all your potential and gave maximum engagement.

If in a dream someone else is wearing a white dress it can be the symbol that you, as the dreamer need and have a desire to be accepted by the scene in which you live and work.

If in a dream you see yourself wearing the white dress that is long and similar to the wedding dress, it can be the symbol of numerous problems and recent sadness and disappointment that you have to endure in life.

This applies to all aspects of life, not just love, as you might expect.

If in a dream you are wearing a white dress but you are feeling sad like you are about to go on a funeral – it is the symbol of all wrong decisions that you will have. These could be decisions that could jeopardize all that you have achieved.

Sometimes this dream implies that you will take immoral and just criminal suggestions and thus humiliate yourself and your loved ones, and who believed in you.

Do I have to be worried?

Almost all variations of this dream have a positive symbolism, and in some, this dream shows that you are the person who can act very versatile.

But when the time is right, you present yourself as something you are not, you act and pretend.

Some say that this comes from your inner anxiety and fear will you be perfect – someone who is noble, honest, and who is the embodiment of “light” and all virtues.

This is reflected as the white dress in your dream, as your inner need to be perfect in front of others, even if you do not have a real reason to be like that. This is one of the few scenarios that have that worrying part to them – along with the advice to stop playing that game.

In other connotations, the dream of a white dress is a sign that you want to appear in the best light in front of others, but you are handling this process in the best way possible, and you are not sinking into the “perfection” desire.

In some versions this dream can be annunciation that good things are about to come and that you will receive some great success, but it can also be a preparation for troubles in all aspects of life, and you will continually be nervous and anxious, and yet you will not be able to find a resolution, and save yourself and rise above the circumstances.

What to do if I had this Dream?

Well, first of all, do not be overly worried and do not panic; you still have the time to make things right.

If we are not talking about the version of the dream in where the white dress is the representation of your inner joy and anxiety about the events that will follow and the version where the white dress is the symbol of success, it can indicate that in the very near future you will strive to give the maximum impact to someone – in all aspects of life, and the advice for you is to try not to be obsessed with perfection.

Do not make a big deal of someone who seems very important in your eyes or someone who has formed the wrong attitude about you, and you are aware of it and want to fix it. The thing that most matter is you.


So, the dress, in general, is a woman’s garment that signifies some lightness, fluttering or carelessness in life and for example if the dress in a dream has a bright color.

It can also imply some form of ceremony or mourning if it is black if the dress in the dream is long and in some way “serious” in some way.

If it is white, it can be the symbol of joy, but also the symbol of the inner need for perfection in life – in reality, you are the person who likes to please people and to present himself in light that does not allow any flaw to be seen.

Some say that a dream dress can be a symbol of covering certain aspects of your character – and those things that you have been hiding are coming on the surface, in a dream.

Now, the white dress in a dream is associated with purity, spiritual power, chastity and redemption of the soul.

A dream that depicts you warring a dress may suggest that you view yourself as something untouchable, at a distance from the problem. And this is the mater that you need to aware when you are analyzing this dream.

Remember that this is a color of submission and truce, so you may, in reality, need to maintain a little more on engagement and aggression, rather than on reconciliation with what is happening.

So, it is not all good when you have such a dream, but it is also a symbol of some positive things – like joy, and expectations (as long as they do not become a search for perfection).

Also, in the dream, both black and white dress may mean some alteration or change that you are contemplating about or that you’re subconscious is “dressing” you for.

You need to know as many details as possible regarding this dream, and the meaning and symbolism will come to you.