Eating Sweets in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Often times the things that we love in life, find a place in our dreams, it could be maybe a desire to have something that we should not (like candies, that we know are not good for us, so the desire find its way in our dream) or it can be a person that we love, but that does not show (yet) interest in us.

But sweets are very interesting dream motive, since they are, in real life, the representation of enjoyment, of something that is a little bad (not lethal) that we want to have badly or could even be addicted to it, as many people are.

Now, when such a motive appears in a dream world, it carries very interesting symbolical value as well as meaning – and the same case is like with every other dream that we have, it can depend on other circumstances of dreams, and also of our personal relation to sweets (some people love them, some are addicted to it, while others more enjoy salty food).

Read this piece with the special care, and find the answers that you need about the dreams that are connected to the motive of eating sweets.

Meaning of Eating Sweets in Dream

In the majority of the symbolical values and meanings, this is the dream that is deeply connected to the enjoyment and happiness, in some childlike way.

Seeing or eating sweets in a dream means happiness and special treats in life that you want to have, had before and now you want to have them again, you want to have that feeling again, and the fact that sweets appear in your dream just show this need.

They also represent enjoyment, sensuality and/or forbidden pleasure deep inside you know that they are not so good for you, you know that they can do you wrong (you can ruin your teeth for example, or gain weight and this will give you bad feeling not good one, especially in the long run).

But we must say that this dream could mean (or it can come into your dreams as a result of you spending too much time on irrelevant issues in life.

Some say that this dream comes from your deep need to fulfill yourself with something that gives you a good feeling but is hiding something deeper.

It relates to your desire to connect with that person in a nicer, sweeter way, or it may mean that you want to spread joy to those around you – in any case, this is a dream that signifies something good and joyful, it is a dream that in the most case wakes up good feelings and sense of enjoyment.

Rarely it is connected to bad things, but it all depends on other circumstances in a dream – what kind of sweets you have been eating, are you feeling sick of them, or you feel joy, etc.

The Symbolism of Eating Sweets in Dream

If you see yourself in a dream and you are eating sweets, it is a symbol that you are ashamed of something.

You probably do not manage to control yourself and drink, eat, gamble, or do what you know is not right. You do not dare to seek help because you are afraid that your problem will be heard and others will condemn you.

If in a dream you see that someone else it is eating sweets (not you) it implies that you like to criticize and you are so directed to that criticism that you become so irritating, person. You are the kind of person who gets in the eyes of someone else’s flaws as you easily move over.

You forget that people subconsciously project their traits onto others and resent them for exactly what they recognize as bad and that they cannot correct.

If in a dream you see yourself eating sweets that you have prepared it is the symbol that you are a favorite person in the group, you are the person that is loved very much, and others want to enjoy with you.


Such dream means that you are the one that cares for the people who are close, you like to pamper them, and these could be family members, friends and colleagues and always try to treat them with a little detail.

You save their favorite treats best, so they often say that they leave a few pounds more from your house.

If you see yourself in dream eating sweets and simultaneously you are feeling sick because of the amount you have eaten – you feel like you are going to throw up any minute. This is a dream that does not carry joyful feeling, but it just implies that you are an overly careful human being who lives by the motto it is better to be safe than sorry.

It means that you do not want to get involved in something you are not familiar with or that you are not comfortable with.

You are a human being who is careful and not an adventurer, and risks are the elements that scare you to the core. You prefer to play it safe, by keeping your nerves safe for unforeseen situations, and you may want to enter a stage in your life where you will change it.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried if any of these dreams occurred for you – in the worst-case scenario, this dream is a confirmation that you are a caring human being who does not like adventures, and you would like to change it, so this dream comes as hidden need.

In every other case, this is a dream that speaks of joy and happiness – some say that it comes as a confirmation that you are loved by many, and that you really enjoy this role in your life.

Maybe you should consider giving more to the people who love you; it is possible that someone is flattering you, not because he believes in your qualities, but that he/she needs service.

You will barely defend yourself against the person in question as she will become very pushy and will find that she has the right to ask you for anything that comes to her mind.

This is maybe one thing that you should think but is not a worry or something that should bother you, be happy to have such a dream.

What to do if I had this dream?

Dreams, in which sweets appeared, are very diverse, but the most common is the one in which we see ourselves eating them.

They can appear in dreams in varying amounts, and they can only be seen or exist. It is very important to remember what kind of candy I dreamed of, because in each case the interpretations may differ one from another.

If you had such a dream, think of all circumstances that were in the dream – and have one thought in your head. Sweets are the symbol of childhood, always filled with pleasures and joys, and the same feeling follows us till this day, they are connected to beautiful and innocent things that make you feel good instantly.

But, in that joy and innocence, there is something else, if you consume them too much, you can feel bad, and even develop a certain problem, regarding health.

So, balance is the keyword even in the most beautiful things in life, and seemingly most innocent.

But in dreams, these treats are the symbol far from this, and you should pay attention, in a sense that they can appear in some negative dreams, like nightmares in which sweets appeared, it is necessary to pay attention, but at the same, not to be worried or disturbed because of it.

Pay attention to the details, and the feeling you had while dreaming it – were you feel sick or you felt like the child in the candy store? This makes such a difference.

In one case, this dream is just a symbol that you need to relax a bit and try to enjoy your life as much as you can, even if you do not feel comfortable about starting something interesting and new that will change it.

In other cases, you should expand your life, if you are an important part of the society you are in, and you should try to use your influence for some better cause.


There are few who do not like to eat sweets because they are so fine and full of sugar, they raise us and make us feel good; and in this sense, it is understandable that they appear in a dream world.

All of us had such a dream, even if we are not people who like to eat them. Sweets in a dream are a sign of love adventures, and this is the most common meaning that is connected to this motive.

Some say that if in a dream you see that you are eating a lot of sweets and you do not feel nice about it, by some, it could be a symbol that you must beware of being threatened all the time by an enemy who wants to hurt you.

It does not mean that your life is in danger, but maybe there is someone who does not like and does not mean you good.

Others say that this dream means that you are a human being who is craving things that will make you feel great, loved instantly, and this dream comes as a direct consequence of this desire.

You can expect love adventures, and this will make you very happy.

You’re such a person, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Arrange your life the way you love and make yourself a satisfied and fulfilled person. Think of your emotional status and think about what you should change in your life.

If you dreamed of sweets, your life might be full of them, and you are the person who enjoyed too much “good things”, and there is something that makes you feel that you had enough. Stop with them, and try to think in some other direction.