01:11 – Meaning

If you keep on seeing the same number over and over again, that means you are being affected by a unique vibration coming from the universe.

What is more, when you are seeing tripled numbers, that means these vibrations are tripled and you should decipher the message meant for you as soon as possible.

Mirror hour 01:11 is one of these triple numbers, and we guess you have been already intrigued by it. You must have been posing numerous questions about what type of change is this number bringing to you.

There is no thing such as repetitive coincidence, and you are right, the mirror hour 01:11 has drawn your attention with a couple of massive reasons.

First and foremost, this number signifies opportunities arising. These opportunities are going to shape your future, as you will indeed accept some of them. Your life in the following period is going to be a bit hectic but in a positive way.

It’s been a while since you started rethinking some of your actions and the way of thinking.

Eventually, the mirror hour 01:11 appeared to take you to the right path, help you sort out some of your feelings, and transfer you a couple of important messages your guardian angels have for you.

01:11 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

We will start with more general meaning and messages the mirror hour 01:11 has for you, then move on to more complex ones. First of all, this number is telling you that you have neglected some of your relationships.

However, this is mostly the case with romantic relationships. Do you have a partner? Is your relationship stable? In the future period, you may be having a bit of drama around there.

From this point, ending the relationship you are in seems very painful. However, you are not seeing that you would do better from a perspective where you would be single for some time.

Eventually, you would meet another partner, who is more suitable for you.

In every relationship, you have some reasons to stay and some to go. Some people achieve the highest points in their relationships, but then, they have nothing more to offer to each other. The magic of challenges and adventures breaks at midnight.

When this happens, one of the partners usually starts thinking about experimenting a bit, mostly with a new person. Once infidelity walks into a relationship, things can’t turn back.

Yet, you don’t have to let your relationship down that path. If you see things are going down, it would be better to end the relationship now before it gets too complicated.

First of all, try to explain to yourself what are the main reasons for the potential break up, then tell them to your partner. This way, you will either solve them or fall apart without conflict or cheating. The last thing you want is to get out of that relationship bitter and hurt or to hurt someone else.

Of course, we are not saying you have no other choice than to break up. There is still some room for recovery, even though it would take much effort. Try to fix some of the minor issues you have with your partner, as this would be a great test for both of you.


If you already feel like there is no chemistry, love, or respect, you wouldn’t be able to improve things quickly, if it is possible at all. You should also know that, if you decide to stay and to fight for this love, it takes a lot of time and patience to strengthen as a couple.

Don’t expect the transformation to happen in a few days. In the best case, it would take a few months, but there is no guarantee for this. You have to be okay with the fact you may lose your time if you continue fighting for this relationship.

Routine is the number one reason for many breakups. Over time, you and your partner stop caring so much about each other, as you do things as robots. Romance is gone, butterflies are dead, and you are left with nothing but a realistic image of your partner and your relationship. How are you going to deal with that? It’s still up to you.

What Does 01*11 Mean Spiritually?

When you see the mirror hour 01:11, that means you have your guardian angel taking care of you. The name of that angel is Elmiah, and he is bringing a couple of important messages related to your future.

First, Elmiah tells you not to forget about the help of Divine when you were down, as greater forces will help you again if you find yourself in a hopeless situation.

On the other hand, this number gives you great energy, natural power, and opens the doors for you. Over time, you will become more righteous and will help people in need, which will help you grow spiritually and be happier about yourself.

Your guardian angel Elmiah gives you the strength to fight and make the right decisions. Some things that are about to come will require you to act quickly and think fast.

Elmiah will support you and be your faithful companion. If you have been wanting a friend who will be always there by your side, here it comes.

Although the whole section about the general meaning of this number was focused on relationships, the mirror hour 01:11 is related to your career as well.

Elmiah comes to the rescue here once more. He will make you more willing to commitments, more optimistic, and open, so you will be offered numerous job opportunities.

If you have been worried about the future lately, the mirror hour 01:11 is here to take back the state of peace in your mind. All that bustle and hustle – it will be long gone soon. Elmiah will make you forget those difficult moments and help you re-establish balance and happiness.

0111 in Numerology

Just like we mentioned in the introduction, the mirror hour 01:11 is a triple number. You can conclude this by yourself easily. Yet, what you don’t know is the numerological meaning of this number.

The main message is that you should change some of your habits, maybe even forget about some. If you want to make those opportunities come to you, you have to make, at least, a slight change.

Be optimistic and wait for the moment when things will start happening to you.

If we summarize the numbers here, 1+1+1+0, we get 3. According to numerologists, 3 represents a sensitive person. You have been through difficult times, which made you experience psychological falls, but you got up and became even stronger.

This number is here to tell you that you will overcome some of the internal conflicts, while your guardian angel will give you more motivation to do so.

Numerologists also say 3 is a number of sacrifices. You maybe sacrificed something that was really important to you.

However, in the following period, you will receive a reward for your sacrifice, so that it will surprise you a lot.

Yet, the number 0111 is here to remind you about the consequences of your actions. Once again, if you stick to old patterns and refuse to change something about your behavior, you will have to go over new disappointments, which is something you certainly don’t want.

For the sake of your future, improve your behavior, way of thinking, and attitudes, and your life will change as well.

What to Do If You See 01:11?

Here comes the 01:11 section suggesting to you which changes exactly you have to make. If you had any doubts about what needs to be done, this chapter will make everything crystal clear to you.

Are you confident about yourself? Do you feel like you could be more confident? Most people are insecure and believe they are not worthy enough. If you have low self-confidence, this is the first thing you want to change, as it represents a major barrier for you.

Have you been thoughtful about your health lately? Are you having an active lifestyle? Do you exercise often? If not, the mirror hour 01:11 reminds you about your well-being. Exercising helps with being in shape but also makes you feel more cheerful and energetic.

When combined together, the lack of self-confidence and having an irregular, unhealthy routine prevent you from achieving some bigger goals. Try changing your schedules. Make yourself more active and try implementing some techniques for relaxation.

This will help you deal with stress better and make you healthier and happier at the same time.


There is a lot to remember about the mirror hour 01:11. If you noticed, it reflects on a lot of life areas – including your personality, job, and your relationship.

This is the right time to re-think your strategies and make a plan for a better future.

Break the barriers, of which some you made by yourself. You have to move and be more open, and things will change in your life in just a couple of months, if not earlier.

The mirror hour 01:11 can help you make a change even today, so be confident about yourself and go for whatever comes your way.