Feeling Like Someone Is Touching You While Sleeping

A dream world is a mysterious and inspiring part of our lives – maybe the one that is not discovered fully, regardless of the amount of time that people deal with it (there is virtually no branch of science that has not dealt in some way with dreams in some way).

Some ancient civilizations claimed that dreams come straight from the Divine Realm and that they are a way that people could communicate with Gods – the way that we can reach the virtues.

It is also a known fact that ancient civilizations like, for example, the Roman civilization analyzed their dreams in the Senate because they considered them to be divine messages and that those words are necessary for the functioning of the state.

They regulate their everyday life by using info that they received from their dreams.

This just shows that human need to understand what is happening in our dream world is present all the time, even today, maybe more than ever.

We could dream about anything that our minds could imagine, and in this sense, everything could be a motive of a dream.

In this sense, dreams of a particular physical reaction, that could be pleasant (like sex in a dream, or cuddling, for example, with the person you love, or you want to be with) or it can be disconcerting and scary even (like some is trying to attack you and rape you for example, or if the unknown entity is touching you).

Their meaning and symbolism can be exciting and diverse, depending on other circumstances of a dream – who is touching you in a dream, do you see it, how long does it last, etc.

Today we will analyze what it means when you dream that someone is touching you in your dream – we could all agree that we all had such dreams, and we all wonder what such dreams mean for us personally.

Mostly, such dreams are connected to problems that are neglected in wake life.

What is means when you are Feeling Like Someone Is Touching You While Sleeping?

In the moments when we sleep, we are in some way shut down, closed from some things (we cannot hear a noise that comes from the outside, we are unaware), and your mind is working on an entirely different level, but he is still working.

Some say that while we sleep, our mind is working on some levels that are unreachable while we are awake.

In some general meaning, if, while you sleep, you have a feeling that someone is touching you, it means that you are too sensitive in this moment in life, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

It means that you are overly sensitive and that such intense feelings are translated into your dream world as a wake-up call to deal with your emotional or spiritual state.

Also, this is the dream that shows that you are the person who has the appearance of a wounded soul and who needs protection and escape from the harsh reality.

So, in some variations, such even is connected to your environment that you are craving at that moment in time.


This event occurs while we sleep, and it is primarily connected to the persons who were overprotected in their loves, and who are unable to deal with all problems that come from the outside – you are under the major stress and you fear that a glass bell that would eventually break and unprepared to deal with problems.

The touches, in this case, are those problems that are metaphorically are touching us in the dark (while we sleep, when we are in some ways helpless, and some people experience sleep paralysis, and the fear becomes even worse). We are scared of those problems, and we clearly do not face them in reality, so they come after us while we sleep.

Our mind is one interesting place that finds interesting ways of dealing with issues that we are suppressing in our wake life.

What does symbolize when you are Feeling Like Someone Is Touching You While Sleeping?

The touches of that person or entity that appears while you sleep are the symbol of the things that are lurking in the dark that we cannot know what it is, but it scares us.

It makes us feel bad, uncomfortable, and even stuck to the bed with fear that we cannot escape the harsh reality.

If we are, in a dream, succeed in facing that “demon” for example, such an event in our dream represents progress that is about to come – this is true in a dream where we do not allow ourselves to be scared from it.

It can be a progress in all aspects of your life, in your job or your personal life; it is a starting point for all good things that are coming your way in the future.

But, if in a dream you are not able to face that entity, you will miss development that you should have, but you will have it from somewhere else.

If you feel that someone touches you while you are sleeping, and you feel that that person is someone you know, someone familiar, it can be the symbol that your loved one, it can be a child or a partner will thrive with your help.

If you dreamed of an unpleasant touch from an unknown person, you could expect great problems with colleagues at work – all the problems that you were hiding and you have never resolved with them. But the tension has come to its heights, and it cannot go any further, so it has to come to the surface, in this case, the moments when you are asleep, and your dream.

Some people from your environment some people are envious, don’t trust everyone – this may be one of the symbols that come to you while you sleep and feel that someone is touching you.

If the touch in your dream was comfortable, know that the friendship you neglected will soon recover. Friends should be kept, and they are a value in life, so be reminded of this all the time, and never neglect them.

Do I have to be worried?

As you were able to see, such an event while you sleep has diverse meanings and in some way – and some of them are worrying.

In some way, this is an event that is in some general sense, a manifestation of your fears and problems that are avoided to deal in real life, so it comes to you in your dream world, while you sleep.

This event indicates that you are trying to express your feelings and your need for contact with people who are close to you and who are there to give you immense support.

What to do if I had this Dream?

Some versions of these dreams/events represent your closeness and/or connection with a certain person.

It can also mean that you are connected and in good harmony with aspects of yourself – if you feel comfortable while someone is touching you while you sleep.

If you feel scared, then you are quite the opposite, you are not in harmony with yourself.

You may be trying to assess the situation and gather information about your environment, and this is a good idea in this case, so it is recommended to discover what those issues that you are dealing properly are.

It is really important to find out what type of event you have experienced, and according to that, you will know what to do.


What are we trying to say is that touches of someone, while we sleep, is a manifestation of our problems that are coming to us as a consequence of our inability to deal with them in reality, so they come to us while we sleep and dream.

The fact is, that all that we want to hide in our lives, the problems and issues that we want to burry are coming to the surface while we sleep – and the fact that they come to us in the form of a someone who is touching us is a representation of fear that we have regarding those problems. It is a wake-up call for you to face those issues.

So the next time you have such an experience, do not be immediately scared but listen to your body and mind what they are telling you.