Blue – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of colors in our dreams is a very interesting aspect of a dream world, because there are people who cannot dream in color, and they have only black and white dreams (even if those people see colors in their real-life).

While on the other hand, there are humans who can dream in all variety of colors, and these dreams are very interesting in this sense- often times they describe their dreams as colorful with colors that they even did not see in their wake life).

So, sometimes our dreams are black and white and sometimes in color, but the fact is that each and every color that appears in the dream has its own meaning, so, for example, color green symbolizes good health and black is the sign of danger.

Of course, this is just one explanation of color in a dream world, but their true meaning and symbolism depend on other factors that you had in a dream – where was the color that you see in a dream, what kind of shade was that color etc.).

Today we want to speak of one specific, and for many people, favorite color – blue color.

In a real-life, for the majority of people, this is the color of freedom and all virtues that we have in the world. But when it shows up in a dream, what does it say?

Meaning of a Blue in a Dream

First of all, before we analyze what the color blue means when it appears in a dream, we must speak of its meaning in our wake life.

In it, such color is the representation of the honesty, knowledge, Eden, eternity, commitment, calmness, trustworthiness and openness.

When such color shows up in a dream, it shows the presence of a spiritual guide and optimism for the future, as well as the presence of the desire to travel. Blue is the color that is associated with sea and sky, the two things that are connected to the world, to the Mother Earth.

So, if you have seen this color in your dream, it can mean that you are the person who desires to travel to see the world and to learn more about the world that he is a part of. But also, it shows that you have the desire to learn more of yourself and who you are, when you are not in your comfort zone.

But, on the other hand, blue can have some more negative connotation in a dream world – it can be a representation of deep and silent sadness that you do not want everyone to see, but you are struggling with it in many ways, and that sadness finds its way out, in your dream world.

And another version of this dream is this – you see yourself dressed in blue clothes. Such a dream is a reflection of your creativity that you have (maybe as a potential or as a realization), and you let everyone to see it. You are flaunting it, and want to inspire others to be more creative – this just shows this part of the personality that is filled with giving.

When you see blue eyes in a dream, it signifies you will believe someone – maybe you will talk to a person who has great power of persuasion and who will influence you to change your mind about events and people from the environment.

Many will warn you that that person will try to manipulate you to get what you want, but you will find them wrong.

If a blue color in a dream appears in your clothes, it can be a symbol of your impression that you want to have on other people. This dream often comes to the people who are preparing for something important, like a job interview.

Such a dream is a reflection of your thoughts – you are thinking in advance how to introduce yourself, what to wear, as well as how you will non-verbally communicate with the people interviewing you.


If you see blond hair in a dream, it signifies forbidden love that exists in your life – in reality, and you are a person who is a very busy person so you should not trust your feelings.

You make a lot of effort to get that forbidden lover out of your head, but it’s enough to see that person or hear the voice to get back to the old one.

As you can see, the blue color has so many interesting associations and tackles in all aspects of life.

The Symbolism of a Blue in a Dream

In a symbolical sense, the blue color is, as well in the waking life, a color that depicts heaven and spirit. On the psychic plane, it is the color of thought – depending on color, this dream could be different.

For example, if the blue in a dream is blurred and very dark, your mind is all about confusion, if the blue is bright, then such a dream shows that you are a person of many ideas and that you want to share them with the world.

If there are other colors beside the blue that is a dominant color, in that case, your thought is everywhere, and you must learn to focus it in the right direction.

We also must say about one more symbolical value – in Christianity, and the blue color is associated with the Virgin Mary, therefore, faithfulness and faith, as well as the turn to eternity.

In the end, we must speak of one more example – if you see yourself in a dream, and everything is blue (scenery, you and everything around you), such a dream implies that you are satisfied.

Probably the next period will be very favorable for you, so you will feel like you are in the seventh heaven. You will realize most of the plans and radiate positive energy that will make everyone want to be in your company.

Do I have to be worried?

You know by now that this is the color that connected to the matters of a soul, and you should not be worried, but you should rather take this as an advice.

You have been living under the major stress, and such a color in a dream shows that you must slow down, relax, and engage more in meditation and thinking.

Your soul needs to rest, and to stop worry – you need to regain the confidence that you have lost, as well as your faithfulness.

In addition, this color makes you dislike excitement, live peacefully and calmly, according to your principles – but maybe sometimes it is necessary for you to step out of your comfort zone and do something unexpected and wild.

You will grow as a human being, and you appreciate your peace even more.

What to do if I had this dream?

Try to relax, and have in mind that the blue color is present with an idea to relax you and to calm you down, and this is especially valuable for your mind that is restless and not calms at all.

Maybe you should meditate and try to clear your mind, think of the sky and sea, and think about that blue horizon.

Your spirit must be free, and you need to enter the stage where you do not have thought any more, then you can fill it up with something that is positive


Are you belonging to the group of people who dream in color?

If you are, then the blue color has a really interesting meaning for you.

If you see blue in the dream, it symbolizes pleasant moments, and in the majority of cases, of course, this is not something that is given.

In a positive sense, such a dream suggest that it is possible that in the coming period you will go to the sea or the mountain where you can relax and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Whether you go alone or in the company, you will have some of your rituals like watching the sunset, running along the coast, etc.

In some negative connotation, such a dream may speak to you about your environment and things that you need to pay attention as soon as possible, or it shows that you have amazing creative energy that you have the need to share with others.