Moon Trine Midheaven – Synastry, Composite and Transit

How is the moon indicated? The planet looks like a small crescent in astrology. She is responsible for the habits of each person and for what he prefers in food.

The position of the Moon in the birth horoscope affects the entire life of a particular person.

Whose planet according to the horoscope, you can find out if you understand in what sign of the zodiac the planet was at the time of birth.

Moon – Meaning and Info

You can use special programs or books for this, find out the position of the Moon for the period of birth.

The properties of the moon are a symbol of the subconscious and intuition, the planet shows an emotional level and inclinations that a person is not always aware of.

Here you can find out exactly the inner state, and not the qualities that are put on public display. It is the Moon that is the dark and instinctive beginning, in contrast to everything reasonable.

It can symbolize the irritation that a person experiences from the negative influence of the world around him. It is the soul that symbolizes the soul.

The moon reflects life and gives mood, emotions, devotion.

Especially the Moon strongly influences the feminine principle, motherhood and is the dominant factor in the natal chart.

It shows an emotional reaction to everything that happens in the world, when feelings inhibit or motivate to take any action.

Also, the Moon symbolizes motherhood and the relationship between the child and the mother, and in the male horoscope it shows the spouse, pregnancy and a sense of intuition.

The moon can help to cognize a single whole in the world, and not pay attention to its parts. It demands that a person become exactly what he dreams of, and not what is required of him.

This planet is a satellite of the Earth, the movement is much faster than that of other planets. The moon is capable of managing those professions that belong to the sea.

All female organs are ruled by the moon. Diseases that occur in a woman are in direct proportion to the properties of the moon.

The cycle and period of revolution around each sign of the zodiac is 28 days.

If you look at the position of the Moon in a person’s horoscope, you can understand how a person generally feels about himself.


But it is worth considering the tense or harmonious aspects with other planets. If the Moon is compatible with the sign and the planets, then the subconscious and intuition coexist quite harmoniously in people.

A person in such cases is self-confident, has great inner strength and quickly copes with all the troubles.

It is important to be able to overcome resentment and criticism in oneself, to react normally to the words of others.

The moon and its configuration are very important for a person to feel confident in their own strengths, to be in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

In a personal horoscope, it is very important in what position the Moon was at birth. How a person will adapt to circumstances and find solutions from various situations depends precisely on the night luminary.

The emotional level is pretty hectic. The person is sometimes at the limit, then remains calm in horrible situations.

Quite stubborn and emotionally stable, sentimental and happy to show feelings. Susceptible to the world around them, he prefers to do several things at once.

Very excitable personalities, loyal and gullible, intuition is well developed. Very generous people, hot-tempered and romantic, are capable of love.

Sensitive and shy, they don’t get along well with others. Kind, pay attention to the opinions of others, indecisive. Strong, jealous and proud. They are very naive people who adore freedom and carelessness.

Restrained and sensitive, passionate and prone to melancholy. Imperturbable and business-like.

They perfectly feel the mood of other people, sentimental prone to their own pity. The moon governs family life and home, is responsible for the birth of children and their upbringing.

This planet has healing powers and helps to lead a healthy life.

Emotions are overwhelming, the person makes a good impression on everyone. He has a great imagination and fickleness, sometimes such personalities are unusually shy.

Good ability and desire for learning, thrift and wit, desire for material independence.

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

Top X of the heavenly house, which is the southern point of the ecliptic. Also called “Meridian Degree” and “South Corner”.

The southern point of the ecliptic is the point of intersection of the ecliptic with the celestial meridian, hence the name “Degree Meridian”, or simply “Meridian”.

The name “South Angle” is given by the position of this point on a rectangular sky map (see: Building a horoscope). The sign is MC.

X heavenly house, also called “Mesurania” (mesourania, from the Greek mesos “middle, located in the middle” and uranos “sky”), “Mesuranema”.

In individual astrology, he is responsible for the profession, career, high point (day, year, life), luck, reputation, a person’s own “I”, relationships with clients and employers.

In world astrology, such concepts as the head of state, the ruling political party, famous (and, first of all, those in power) people, the power of the nation and its position in the world, trade, culture and ideals of the nation are subordinate to him. See: Heavenly Houses.

Astrologers call the middle of heaven the point of intersection of the ecliptic and the meridian of a given place. This is the topmost degree of the map. The sun is in it at noon local time.

In the literature, synonyms are used: Heavenly Height, South Angle, Degree of the Meridian or simply “meridian”, as well as “culmination”, “zenith” – the last three are inconvenient due to ambiguity.

Often, in particular in the English and French-speaking literature, the Latin equivalent of the expression is used – “medium coeli” or, more often, its abbreviation, MC, – for example, in astrological charts. – Approx. per.]

The position of the Midheaven in the table of houses of the natal chart is determined based on the sidereal time of birth (see “Tables of houses”).

In the house system, the Midheaven is the cusp * of the X house. The planets located near this point (up to 10 ° on either side of it) are dominant.

The meanings of Midheaven in specific cards can be found in v. “At home”.

Moon Trine Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The Meridian of the Midheaven in the 10th house will show in which area it is easiest to achieve fame and success, and the planets in aspects will show the ways to achieve the conceived and the quality of character, talents, and people-assistants on the path of professional development of a native.

Astrologers advise taking into account the signs of the zodiac of the 10th house and the place where the planet stands, which forms a trine to the MC.

The moon in this aspect is an indicator of a kind and compassionate heart, developed intuition and faith in miracles.

This is Cinderella, who spreads rays of happiness and love to those around her, thanks to which she receives a generous return from higher powers, even if circumstances do not dispose to this.

The native’s mother is just a good fairy who contributes to the development of talents.

The native’s attentiveness and compassion dispose others to him.

The harmonious aspect (without additional striking connections of the Moon) guarantees warm relations with the boss and colleagues.

When the owner of the horoscope himself becomes a leader, he forms a team according to the principle of a large family, takes care and protects his subordinates from stress and overwork.

The main gift of trine is the ability to understand the needs and desires of people, reading them in an almost telepathic way.

This provides excellent actors, psychologists, insurance and advertising agents, realtors, travel agency employees, doctors and educators.

Most often, a person works in a female team, and emotional pleasure from work is more important for him than money income, although outstanding abilities do not allow him to live in poverty, but he does not chase after a long ruble.

The bearer of the aspect will never go headlong to the goal, well understanding how strong the emotional pain from unfulfilled hopes is.

But it also makes him indecisive and creates fear of competition.

Other important features of trine Luna – MC: rich imagination and original plans to implement professional goals; solicitude, graceful manners, thoughtfulness and good taste; a keen interest in the traditions and values ​​of the past, the classical ideas of good and evil, a desire to improve the world.

clairvoyance, high energy, the ability to treat physical and mental ailments; reliability, responsibility, the ability to quickly adapt to any conditions, creating coziness even in a shabby dorm room; self-confidence and outlook strongly depend on the emotional state.


A rich imagination paints pictures of personal enmity on the part of colleagues, which unsettles and does not allow them to fully express themselves.

At the same time, freelancing is inappropriate here, since success is born in live and direct contact with the public.

With harmonious interaction with the audience, the native flourishes, attracting even more brilliant opportunities for promotion and material well-being.

This is more difficult to achieve alone. It is important to trust instincts and intuition.

To enhance the talents of the Moon, mascot stones in the form of jewelry are suitable: pearls of all shades, mother of pearl, white corals, adularia, and rock crystal.