Mother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Mother is, in real life, in all cultures in the world, since the dawn of time a symbol of love, sacrifice and unconditional care – all of us know that love of the mother could not be compared with anything in this world, now, and forever.

Psychologists say that mother has deep and rooted meaning for people and that if you want to find out what kind of person someone is and what are the motives for many of his actions, just take a look at his or her relationship with mother.

And the same case is when mother as a symbol appears in a dream world – it can reveal so much about the person who is dreaming, and in the next few lines, we will discover more about this dream topic.

Meaning of a Mother in a Dream

First of all, we want to tell you that a mother (in whatever scenario it appears) is one of the most common motives in a dream world.

Most often it is a dream that kids have – but also really old people often dream about their (late) parents, often remembering about their common memories.

Of course, kids dream about their parents and their mothers, because of the incredible emotional connection that they share, and later in life, these dreams come very commonly after we lose parents (mother in this case.

We dream of parents immediately after their death, are not interpreted, because such events carry a great emotional charge and cause severe scars.

This dream can also be a signal that we are going through one very important stage in our lives and that we are in a deep need for validation after a certain decision that is important for your personal growth.

The Symbolism of a Mother in a Dream

If in a dream you see your mother, it can be an indication that you will hear some very good news that will provide you with immense comfort and will assure you that you do not have to worry about anything – if you are in doubt, in pain, or having problems regarding any aspect of your life.

It is possible that you are worried about a family member you are not on good terms with, maybe this is a friend that you are making yourself distant, or it can be a lover that you are not in good terms now.

You will feel great relief when you find out that you are well and will do your best to lower the pressure when a figure of your mother tells you to do calm down and relax a bit.

If you are having a conversation with your mom in a dream, it is the symbol of a future successful endeavor that you will take very very soon, and you are now in doubt about this matter.

If the mother in your dream dyes (and in real life, she is alive and well) it is a clear sign of a deep and rooted worry that you cannot shake off very easily – this is the moment when such dream comes.

If the mom in your dream is dead, this also has a good symbolical value, in a sense that such a motive in a dream signifies the progress. You will have many reasons to celebrate in the coming period as most of your wishes will come true.

If the mother in your dream is not yours, but the mother of someone else in your life, such a dream is an indication that you are the talk of the society you are in, and that you can feel it, so such feelings can leave you hurt, even if they are not the worst thing that you will experience in life.

You should do such things in life to deny all allegations that they put you through, especially those that cause you pain.


There is one alteration to this dream – if the person whose mother you have been dreaming of is unknown. In this case, such a dream symbolizes a lack of consideration from your parents or the people who are close to you in some way.

If in a dream, you see yourself in a conflict with your mother, such a dream carries one interesting symbolical value – you are going to make a reckless gesture in wake life or say something that was not needed at a given moment for which you will repent.

If in a dream you see that you have some fun activity with your mom, then this is such a happy sign that you are ensured to have a long and fulfilled life – you are entering a period of life where everything will go according to your plans.

If by any chance (and you may be surprised that this dream is not so uncommon) to see your mother naked or in some uncomfortable position, then you are about to be ashamed in real life.

In this sense, this may be the signal to be careful and to observe your life, but to be relaxed as much as you can, oftentimes we cannot predict problems and humiliation that we will endure in life.

If the mother in your dream is very old, then such a dream can be a symbol of deep worries and adversities, possible and minor health problems due to lack of activity. It is not something to be alarmed, but it is certainly something to look at in the future and take care.

In the end, we must speak of one more dreams that are also very common – this is the dream in which you dream of your mother who criticizes you.

Such a dream means that you are an inactive person and that you must get involved in some interesting activity that will move your body and soul, as soon as possible.

You need to work on yourself; people around you have begun to notice that you have left.

Do I have to be worried?

The dream where you see your mother implies in your mind that you are very attached to her and that you are aware that she is the person who is your greatest support and support, and that no one will ever be able to give you as much love and attention as she is given by the person who “gave you life”.

But this is not something that should worry you in a sense that something bad is going to happen to you, but, in some way, it can be annunciation that you need to take care of your life and that you need to look at some things in your life a bit deeper.

The symbolism of this dream is quite implicit in the mark and signifies a very good and favorable period to follow in the near future, both in the private and professional aspects of your life.

Often times, humans have such a dream when they are at crossroads in life and that you need just a little boost before you will enter a new stage of your life, or simply make a change.

Additionally, we must say, that such a dream does not have to be overly connected to your own mother (it can, but it is not a rule, depending on other circumstances of a dream) it can be a deep need for confirmation before doing something, and in some cases, it could be a sign that good things (or funny) will happen soon.

What to do if I had this dream?

You should start a business with people who will surprise you with your kindness and compassion, and this is the main message that you have been hearing from your mom (as the symbol in a dream).

Since you have had bad experiences before, their words and advice will be like a comfort to you that will restore your faith in the honesty and other values ​​that you believed no longer existed.

So, be open and honest toward people who want to do you good and who want to make success in whatever you are doing right now (just as your mother would want for you).

Although you will have the impression that things are going slower than you imagined, you will realize that they happened at just the right time and you just have to enjoy them to the fullest – this is especially true in the dream regarding your mother who has died.

You will probably need to spend some time away from your loved one, which will make you feel restless and sad.

You won’t be able to commit to work or any other commitments that cause you to leave, so you can’t wait for everything to end so you can return home as soon as possible.


A mother, as the symbol in a real-life, and this also as a dream motive is known to be synonymous with attachment and dedication in general and love for her children, and has the symbolism of a person who is unreserved support and the strongest support, and who never allows her child to suffer or be hurt or endangered.

Mother is the lioness that will give everything she has to provide her loved ones to have the best future possible, and in this sense, everything you crave for and everything you want in life could be reflected through the concept of mother.

Sometimes these are the things that we may lack in life, so the deep need is seen in our dream about mother, and it takes its different meaning, depending on other circumstances of a dream.

So, this dream could be interpreted in many different ways, and the main thing is that the mother appears as the dominant figure.

Always when you have such a dream, you should observe and look at the meanings of such a dream. Many dream symbolism systems speak of this, and they imply that it shows some dependence and desire to preserve the “child within”, while according to some dreamers the dream has interpretations that are either positive or negative, depending on the circumstantial position and the critical “state” in which the mother sees and endures in someone’s dream.