11:17 – Meaning

It would be good for us to pay more attention to the appearance of numbers in our lives. The belief that numbers can help us find meaning in our lives and get answers to the questions bothering us.

These little signs that send us more force can be a guide to where and how we should move through life, and they can also suggest to us what moves we need to make our journey more successful.

Today, we are going to talk about the mirror hour 11:17 in-depth, and what impact its appearance has on you.

If you see numbers often and they almost always follow you, you need to get rid of them and find out what hidden meaning they have.

11:17 Mirror Hour – General Meaning

With our thoughts, we create the reality we live in now. We will suppose that thought is the result of what is real, and sometimes even more than that.

In order to change your mind, you need to completely transform your consciousness, because it is the only way to change your reality in another direction.

Someone once asked Osho if he thought that positive thinking was helpful for waking up. He replied that positive thinking can be no more than a philosophy of hypocrisy.

He wanted to draw our attention to the possible transition from positive and negative thinking, to exiting the duality and finally entering a state of existence in which ours will be able to flourish.

But, this state of consciousness is not so easy to come by, where you just need to be what you are. In a very important way, our mind influences our lives, because, with its help, we slowly become aware of ourselves and manage our thoughts and emotions better.

Sooner or later, on our path of evolution, we reach the point where the importance of thought is finally realized, as we become aware of how strong its power is.

Only then do we begin to take full responsibility for our lives.

Can you imagine that our reality is a mirror and that you design what is inside you so that it comes back to you? But, the problem arises because most of our thoughts are in our unconscious, and that is the part that is deep within us.

The beliefs that we have, and which are long entrenched in our unconscious, can condition our lives in some way. But, if we want we can transform them and turn them into something better.

As we become more conscious and know ourselves in a deeper way, we will be able to automatically change all our limiting beliefs. We will be able to change what has long been rooted in us.

This is not a scientific path, but a spiritual path, and the most important message, and our news today creates matter and thought. This message has existed since the discovery of quantum physics, and it is simple and states that matter creates thought!

So, the reality in which we are and live is not something that is separate from us, it is just the opposite, our reality is a reflection of our mind.


You have to understand that it is very important to transform your thoughts so that you can change the present reality.

If we create a new reality in our minds by consciously creating it in ourselves, then we can project it to present reality and change it for the better.

When you become aware that your thoughts are shaping reality, you will become very cautious about what you think and how you react to the situations you find yourself in.

To begin with, it is necessary to work on yourself, to change the self that you have, and only then to transform your life in another way. To begin with, you need to become aware of your powers.

Let’s start first with self-esteem. When we do not respect ourselves enough, many internal inconveniences will occur within us, causing internal conflicts, or because we attach importance to the opinions of others that are unnecessary.

It takes a lot of energy to unwind the process of self-realization. We are constantly judging ourselves, so we are projecting the thoughts we have about ourselves from the outside, and thus we get a reality that goes back to us.

It is very important that you develop a positive attitude towards yourself, and pay special attention to your thoughts as this will increase your confidence.

In this way, we will quickly develop trust and a positive attitude towards people and life in general. For a happy existence, you need a key called trust!

A person who is optimistic will not think that a car accident with injuries is a good thing, but they will understand the courage and speed of the ambulance people, who may even risk first aid.

When we do not want to see things as they are, we use false realism, and it will cause you to see only what is bad.

You need to become aware that you are a unique person! Keep in mind that other people may have what you perhaps don’t have now, but they may not be what you are, and this doesn’t mean you won’t be in a place where you have that, and much more.

If you have not realized now that you are a person worthy of attention, it is possible that you did not recognize it in yourself. You may still be waiting for someone else to recognize you, but first of all, you need to recognize it for yourself.

What Does 11*17 Mean Spiritually?

Number 11:17 is a spiritual and passive number. It symbolizes immortality and life that lasts in continuous stages and forms. It carries the principle of hope, faith, truth, and love.

This number teaches us that we are always on the road and that this is something that happens forever because the macro and micro cosmos are always connected.

This combination of numbers represents and gives strength to optimism, and says that we should maintain faith and hope in spite of all the difficulties we have.

In this way, we can conquer open consciousness and inner peace.

1117 in Numerology

Number 11:17 is associated with something unavailable or hard to reach from this point. It instructs us to seek religiously in every sense, and not to pursue the truth only in a mystical sense, but to come to practical and concrete teaching.

The number also points us to the bright side of life and its meaning, but also to the tremendous power of faith.

The celestial powers are of great importance because they are symbolically connected to human life. Hence the need to understand and study the relationship between the divine and the human, in order to integrate all this into knowledge in a new order.

If number 8 represents a struggle between spirit and matter, then number 17 is a step to reconcile the opposites in number 1. It can then be said that this number unifies the teaching of how important signs are, and they are at every step, and serve us as guides in our actions.

On the numerological map, this number is extremely active, so that persons who have it as a guide receive more of this number from the number that directs them.

This was the worst number for the Egyptians because God Osiris passed away on the 17th of the month. They believed that every child born on the 17th day of the month carried extremely bad luck, and the very few who were born were considered themselves very unhappy.

But, according to some statistics, this number in the game can attract a lot of wealth. Whether this is fantasy or reality we do not know, but it is true that this number attracts contradictions.

People under the influence of this number sometimes struggle to awaken faith and overcome duality, and also seek to separate material and mental limitations. With his help, it is easy to get a deep sense of life force, and you can see the true proportion.

What to Do If You See 11:17?

Somewhere, in the beginning, we said that we have a vision that someone who is optimistic also means naive. Pessimism is something that is rarely appreciated. You should prefer to think of yourselves as a real person, and it seems to us that we understand this reality and try not to distort it with our viewers.

Optimism for someone means that everything is beautiful and that there are no problems, so many will agree with this. Have you ever wondered what realism is? For us personally, optimism means learning about finding the positive aspects and solving problems. There is no thought about how everything is really good, but there is always something to be done.

Did you hear the story of a half-full casino? As already known, the pessimist complains that the time is half-empty and thinks there will not be enough water.

The realist thinks he is objectively half and thinks there will not be enough water. The optimist thinks she has half a glass of water, then drinks it and goes to look for a source from which they can fill the glass.

In most cases, the realist is a pessimist who nevertheless views everything in a negative way, and tries to justify his position and considers himself to have an objective view of reality.

These traits are especially pronounced during war times. For example, a pessimist will see everything as black before the war, and yet call himself a realist.

An optimist knows that war is something sad and painful, but he also knows that there are thousands of people who are able to risk their lives to bring help or help those who are injured.

People who are realistic only see difficulties, malice, problems, and renunciations, and usually can become contradictory.

It is possible to hear something about corruption on television or public administration, so realistically, you will believe that corrupt all politicians will be right now and it will be hard to convince you that this is not the case.

When you have healthy optimism, it will not allow you to think that some of them may be honest, but you will look at those who have investigated and discovered fraud and fought to convince you of your honesty.

You should strive to think positively, even when the situation is not at all easy. It may seem to you that positive thinking may be worse than optimism.

You should try to look at reality by looking at the positive aspects without ignoring the problems that exist.

The difference is that the pessimist will look only at problems without ever finding the right solution to the problem.

On the other hand, the optimist will seek the best solutions in every way and power.


We hope that we have provided you with useful information in this article and that you have somewhat succeeded in discovering the meaning of 11:17.

The next time you notice that certain numbers are following you, you already know that they are trying to tell you something. They can really change your life, so take them more seriously.

Any number that pops up in your life is not there for no reason, so make sure you find out what hidden messages are behind them.

Don’t ignore a voice that wants to direct you and warn you. With this voice, you will be much easier to make the right decision.

For instance, the mirror hour 11:17 comes into your life to tell you to pay attention to your actions, but your thoughts as well.

Sometimes, you have to invest some effort to achieve something, yet, other times, you should try to let go and make things happen naturally and spontaneously.

If you try to stick to these tips mirror hour 11:17 sends you, you will go through the upcoming period in a smooth and pleasant way, while your problems will solve by themselves practically.