Virgo Man and Aries Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The emotional compatibility of a Virgo man and an Aries woman is on a low level. Virgo man lacks strong emotions, while his partner will be emotional and passionate.

This couple will hardly have a future together, but the relationship will be interesting for both of them. They key here is to relax and try to take the best out of each other. Virgo man can soak in the Aries woman’s energy, while he would show her how to be calmer and more organized.

Virgo Man

Virgo is the neatest zodiac sign. This is the characteristic most people find irritating. However, if you want to stay close to the Virgo man, you will have to accept it. Virgo man can represent the metrosexual type. He takes care of himself a lot.

Virgo man goes to the dentist often, puts an aging cream, his clothes are always ironed. Yes, it is true that he can exaggerate when it comes to details, but at least he won’t ever be sloppy. A bit strange for a guy, but this one likes to go shopping. Virgo man follows up the trends and dresses at the latest fashion.

For all these treatments and outfits, the Virgo man needs to have a good bank balance. That is why this man works hard. He wants to enable the easy and luxurious life, so going to the job reminds him of the salary he will spend at the end of the month. Virgo man functions best when he can express his creativity and innovation.

The goal is to make everything perfect. As the Virgo man tends to make himself perfect, this is how his job should be, his friendships, and his relationship. Virgo man analyses everything and everyone many times. He wants to make sure that he hadn’t missed some detail. This man is rational, but over-thinks and worry too much.

You might think that the Virgo man wants to meet a woman who looks stunning and the story ends it. Contrary, he is not superficial. He would, of course, want a woman who takes care and invest in herself, but not only physically. This woman has to be smart and educated, well-mannered and kind.

This guy is not romantic at all. However, he will try to improve himself to be a better person for you. He will be truly loyal and honest with you. Virgo man will be at your disposal all the time. When married, he will prepare meals with you, or clean the table, put kids to bed. What he has to offer is more than fair.

After all, why would you need a man who buys you flowers and writes you poems, but is lazy and stays all day in bed?

As the Virgo man offers you loyalty, you better not try to flirt with the other guys. Virgo can become possessive and jealous, trying to keep what he has. Sometimes he will ask more than you have to offer and become severe.

Aries Woman

Do you know a person who likes to get up early? Well, this is the Aries woman. This lady can’t wait to see what a new day has to offer and doesn’t like to sleep a lot. Sleeping is a waste of time. There are so many challenges out there waiting for her.

She is almost impatient when it comes to the new things. Aries woman wants excitement. She will search for more even where there is something already happening. Because of this, she leaves some things unfinished.

Playful nature of the Aries woman makes people hang out with her. She is positive and adventurous. There is no real obstacle for this woman. She knows how to take care of and protect herself. When she sees someone struggle, there is no doubt that she will help. People love and respect her for this. On the other hand, the Aries woman might be egoistic or too stubborn.

This lady has a wide circle of friends. However, they change all the times, just like her interests. Aries woman has a few friends for a lifetime, the others are just passing by. Still, they will have a great time together and make new experiences.

As this woman likes challenges, she will make a challenge on winning her heart. This would be like a modern fairytale. A couple of guys will fight over her or will have to compete to get her. Aries woman would watch them and have fun.

Men like the Aries woman, as she is so passionate about everything. She gives herself 101% in everything she does. This lady belongs to the Fire signs, so that is where all the passion comes from.


She is intense, making a happening out of every situation. Meaning, the Aries woman will also do her best to produce a boiling hot atmosphere before the intimate relation with her partner. There is no doubt this woman is every man’s sexual fantasy.

She separates love and sex. Aries woman sometimes expresses better in the intimate relationships than emotional ones. This woman is not a romantic type but still wants to see her partner’s attention. When the Aries woman doesn’t develop emotions for her partner, it is very probable that she will just disappear. There is no point in calls or texting. Once this woman is gone, she is gone forever.

We emphasized her adventurous spirit, but that is nothing in comparison to the Aries woman in love. Love gives her additional strength, positivity, and vividness. When you hear someone says that love is their motivation, that would probably be the Aries woman. Everything she does will be multiplied when she is emotionally fulfilled.

Aries woman is a style icon! There are many celebrities in this sign famous for their styles, such as Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham or Sarah Jessica Parker. She wants to look like she just came off the runway. Her appearance will attract the views of men and women. Sometimes extravagant, sometimes sweet, the Aries woman will always look fashionable.

Love and Marriage

Virgo man is one of the Earth signs, while the Aries woman is the Fire sign. He is conservative and traditional, while she is modern and open-minded. Despite the initial difference, they will affect well each other if they are mature enough. The exact thing the Virgo man needs is a bit of fun and relaxed time. On the other side, the Aries woman has to settle down a bit and put her thoughts in order.

Aries woman is used to men falling on their knees in front of her. Virgo man will definitely not do that. He will stay pretty ignorant, which is a novelty for the Aries woman. Her confidence will make her approach him first. She would want to get to know the type of man who didn’t have so much interest in her.

What she will see is that the Virgo man is not someone who will get excited about a woman who looks good. He will like her appearance, but if he doesn’t know her personally, there is almost no chance he would be hooked up. This way of thinking is something new for the Aries woman, but she will like it.

She is more used to the men who are amazed by her physical appearance. She will be impressed by the degree of loyalty he shows, or by his intelligence and devotion.

Still, the Aries woman will stay a bit cold-hearted. That is when the Virgo does his part. His strong emotions will make his partner open and express some emotion. However, the core of the Aries woman is simply not that emotional. When the Virgo man realizes she can’t offer the same kind of love as he does, he will get jealous.

Aries woman will be the dominant person in the relationship. Or, at least, it would look like that. Virgo man will let his partner thinks she is in charge, while he will pull the moves behind the scene. This will make the couple function well.

The intimate relations between the Virgo man and the Aries woman are average. They won’t understand each other’s needs. Aries woman is fiery, expecting fireworks in bed. Virgo man will probably be afraid of getting burnt, as he doesn’t have that instinct within himself.


Virgo man and Aries woman have one common passion. They both adore fashion. These two will go to the shopping sprees together and try out clothes at home.

Virgo man and the Aries woman might be the best of friends when we talk about this aspect.

Aries woman will bring the new energy into the Virgo man’s life. He will become a better version of himself. Virgo will be more fun and open if he hangs out with the Aries woman. She will make him do the craziest thing. They will, for example, break into somebody’s seaside house and spend a couple of nights.

As the Aries woman loses control sometimes when she is angry or sad, her friend will show her how to put up with the similar situations.

Interesting Facts

Ryan Philippe and Reese Witherspoon were a famous Virgo man and the Aries woman couple. They divorced because of his fidelity. It is almost impossible to see the Virgo man cheating, but it is still possible. He is not that innocent after all.


A similar emotional level is one of the pre-conditions for a stable relationship or a marriage. If the partners don’t feel the same, or feel but don’t express, or feel but that is not that intense, it is better to separate. When there are no mutual efforts to work on a relationship, end it.

Virgo man and the Aries woman might build a future together only if they try to warm up the relationship and avoid the jealousy.