Cancer Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Cancer with Moon in Taurus goes well together. Family ties (cancer) and the desire for safety (Moon in Taurus) make this combination stable. Often there is a good nose for material values.

The purchase of land and home may be sought by you in the early years. Krebs wants to offer his family a nice apartment and Taurus wants to invest his money in safe places.

The family is very important to you, and you want to lead a regulated and secure life. You rarely appear offensive in public.

You want to spend your life rather inconspicuously and quietly and you are skeptical about innovations and technical progress.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon – General Info

With your Taurus’s moon you feel most comfortable, if you can enjoy your life in peace and security. They need a stable base: a nice home, a trusted family and friends, secure economic conditions.

Their need for physical well-being is particularly pronounced. As an outspoken gourmet, you not only love good food and drink, you also seek physical contact and enjoy making yourself comfortable in a pleasant ambience.

Their calmness, balance and stability bring a certain amount of heaviness, slowness and sometimes stubbornness and inertia. Change is better avoided. A situation must be very uncomfortable before you leave familiar territory and exchange the old adversities for unpredictable innovations.

If new projects cannot be avoided, look for allies in your environment, because the sense of community is an important foundation of your life. From the safe and protective cohesion of a group you draw courage and strength.

Family, friends and maybe clubs or a solid team of work colleagues give you a lot. They do not quickly and carelessly engage with other people, but once they have gained their trust, you are the most loyal, most loyal friend or partner.

Brown, green and blue are the colors of the Taurus Moon born. To Braun, most of the earth comes first and wood – maybe coffee and chocolate too. The former symbolizes the down-to-earthiness of the Taurus, who prefers to stand firmly on the ground with both feet and is anything but a dream-dancing aerial.

Brown wood furniture radiate naturalness and coziness, you feel secure. Chocolate or a freshly baked cake with a crunchy-brown crust delight the senses, especially those of the Taurus-born.

Green is nature, is growth and life. Green is an invigorating and soothing color, and for the Taurus, it balances the heaviness of the brown, adding freshness and lightness.

Blue, on the other hand, symbolizes breadth, brightness, is the color of the sky and the water. We associate freedom and lightness with it – a bird flies with outstretched wings through the blue sky, a ship crosses the ocean with its sails blown out. Blue is also the color of loyalty – a quality that means a lot to you with your Taurus’s moon.

In your job, you are most comfortable with tangible things. You are not an initiator, not a leader, but feel better at the base, which actively implements the impulses. They like to work on concrete projects with clear goals.

Material safety is always important. What you deserve and own, you want to secure and multiply. The ability to handle money wisely and intelligently will help you. This joy in safe values ​​is also reflected in your private life.

Maybe you are an enthusiastic and competent collector, e.g. B. of coins, antiques or works of art? Security also gives you solid habits or old-fashioned rituals that will make you happy on occasions like Christmas or birthdays, and give you a sense of tradition and consistency.


Sometimes, the fear of loss and change makes you a little bit worried. Do not let that get you off balance. Enjoy with full trains what you have, but be aware that there can be no such thing as absolute certainty, and we should not spoil beautiful moments with fearful thoughts of them coming to an end.

Good Traits

A man with the moon in the Taurus is constant in his feelings and sympathies. This favorable position in terrestrial festival signs.

He is friendly, caring for his family, loves beautiful things and tries to create well-being, comfort. The owners of the Moon in Taurus good ability to exploit open business opportunities, since their actions, he founded on common sense.

The woman should be with him soft and considerate, sensitive and caring. Any rude and aggressive in their utterances is unacceptable. In general, this man does not want his wife with a firm and determined character, because these women often heavy and cruel, and it – is not acceptable.

Reliable man in every way. Moon in Taurus – the person, very beautiful for the environment, did not immediately ask for an answer, and do not let the meaning.

This has a disadvantage because it comes to the end with calm and non-intervention in their own harm when it is necessary to be active in some changes. The influence of the moon in the Taurus helps intuition to stabilize your life. Very large stocks of common sense, the willingness to endure endless trials to achieve that ideal.

When the Moon decided to Taurus that before him was the man he needs, he turns into one of the most persistent fans around the zodiac. He really wants a deeply meaningful relationship, but he has to live at his own pace and in his own time.

Bad Traits

The stability that you are asked to guarantee (you cannot eat once in a while and what happens …) triggers a constant need for security.

When you do not find it within yourself, you seek comfort from the outside, in material, concrete things, which can be seen, felt, smelled, touched, tasted but, above all, possessed. For you, self-esteem and ownership are intimately linked.

Accumulating and retaining – people, things, thoughts, feelings – can however become a dangerous mechanism: the risk you run, in fact, is that of being trapped (physically and mentally), in material and / or emotional situations that, if on one side they assure you tranquility, on the other they prevent you from moving in new directions.

This does not mean that you are greedy or materialistic. Simply feel that life flows better when you have economically covered shoulders. Furthermore, knowing how to value things, you can appreciate their quality: instinctively, you are inclined to surround yourself with beautiful things.

Perhaps his strong desire is to ensure consistency in her life, especially in the emotional realm, due to the fact that there is some uncertainty that needs to be overcome in the heart. He was not interested in superficial, frivolous attitudes, and a word, like a divorce, was usually excluded from his vocabulary.

He prefers it to be poured, if so, it came to that. Unlike Aries, he understands what romanticism and love time grows and thrives on. Love takes a very important place in his life. A man with the moon in the Taurus in the horoscope wants the best of everything. Sentimental, friendly and shy.

A good memory, but it lacks originality. With difficulty changing opinion. Sober reasoning. He loves to collect, not only art but also friends.

A pleasant voice, likes to sing, well-developed sense of touch and taste. Talent for gardening, excellent masseurs. As Taurus – Earth Sign, ruled by Venus, love is often expressed in the satisfaction of their bodily desires.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon in Love

They do not rush impulsively and thoughtlessly into affairs, but consider carefully, if it also “fits” and the emotional effort is worthwhile.

Once you have given away your heart, it is your greatest endeavor, above all, to lead a beautiful, carefree life with your partner.

Sensuality and physical love are very much in the foreground. An evening for two begins with a “dinner-for-two” by candlelight and ends after extensive erotic auditions in a long, voluptuous love night. You are not afraid to make your wishes clear, and you can also be quite passively spoiled.

To deal with rejection you succeed less well. Although you are quite patient and considerate with your partner for a while and say nothing, at some point you can suddenly and unexpectedly turn into a raging, hoof-pounding Taurus.

Once it has come to that, you will not be reassured so quickly, but often show off breaks and vindictive.

But even with great annoyance, Taurus usually stick to the existing and do not tend to escape from the relationship. Because the familiar is still the safest, is your motto.

Cancer Sun Taurus Moon – Best Match

I begin by telling you that among the most beautiful women in the world, many of them have the Moon in Taurus: Keira Knightly, Jessica Alba, Katharine Hepburn, Elle McPherson … the list is really very long.

In the realm of beauty and love, the Moon in Taurus expresses some of its most exquisite qualities: sensuality, attractiveness, but also wisdom, welcome and altruism.

Often, however, your outer calm is countered by an intimate tension that does not always show.

In fact, most of the people who know you – even very well – are misled (in an absolutely involuntary way) by your seraphic gestures, by your infinite patience, by your reassuring speeches.

Your anxiety has very deep roots and is linked to the precious task that the Zodiac has assigned to the sign of Taurus: to provide the right nourishment to life. The best match for this sign is someone born under the Zodiac sign Libra, Capricorn or Virgo.

Among your gifts, an extraordinary ability to attract everything that makes life enjoyable. But, to get the maximum effect, you must learn to share these resources with those around you: only in this way will your task be fulfilled and your anxiety can subside.

Your weakness could only be possessiveness, both material and affective: if you feel hurt, betrayed or abandoned, it can become obsessive and suffocating.

The Moon in Taurus tells of a mother figure who placed her and her loved ones’ well-being, a mother whose worst fault could have been excessive and nagging possessiveness, at the center of her life.

The man with the Moon in Taurus is attracted to very feminine but traditional and simple women: an overly autonomous, eccentric or experimental companion, not for him!


People with a Cancer Taurus combination are very well balanced people. They are usually very pleasant around people, and love to hang out with others.

This combination is a harmonious one, so there is no internal conflict that prevents you from achieving your goals.

The only problems can appear if you become depressed if you don’t have the security that you always seek for, and that can often be difficult to overcome.

Lower your expectations at times, and try to find time to relax and enjoy life, instead of worrying about everything.