Cancer Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The combination of Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries is a very interesting one. These people tend to always be torn between two sides, one that is more closed up and introvert and the other who is more open and extrovert.

While Aries people don’t like exposing their emotions, the Cancer people are very open about them and can be overbearing at times. In today’s text, we are going to discuss this combination in depth, so stick with us if you would like to know more.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon – General Info

Uncontainable, instinctive, spontaneous and energetic. This is the Moon in Aries: the first of the Fire Moons that we will analyze in future articles. (If you don’t know where your Moon is, click here)

As I explained in the post on the Moon, this luminary governs the world of emotions, so imagine what it means to have a Moon in the most instinctive, impetuous and energy-charged sign of the Zodiac in your theme.

Together with the Moon Cancer, it is the other Moon child: it lives on instincts and immediacy, on powerful and barely governable emotions.

Before proceeding, however, to avoid trivial simplifications, I must remind you that astrology – made seriously – is not a cookbook in which it is enough to add some elements to obtain the description of the person. To understand: it does not work by saying “a halo of Sun in Gemini, a handful of Moon in Aries, a pinch of ascendant in Leo and voila here describes the person …”

Each birth chart describes the complexity and nuances of the individual and, therefore, even the presence of the Moon in a given sign, must be contextualized in the overall theme.

For example: a Capricorn, ascendant Scorpio with the Moon in Aries is a kind of astrological “Iceland”: a seemingly cold and static land that hides geysers and volcanoes ready to explode. This subject will be contained and controlled as much as it is explosive and fiery inside.

Conversely, a Leo, Aries ascendant with the Moon in Aries, will be a continuous artificial fire of emotions, reactions, explosions of involving passion and violently expressed anger. In any case, here are the characteristics that people have in common with the Moon in Aries.

Who is characterized by the Moon in Aries is impulsive and enthusiastic: as soon as an idea, a project, a person touch the strings of his soul, this individual can only act in an immediate and instinctive manner.

The Moon in Aries struggles to contain itself: it must pass immediately to action. The obstacles? They do not exist! The limitations? Unknown to this Moon so spontaneous and enterprising.

The watchword for the Aries Moon is: immediate gratification. The reason is easy to understand: if the Moon represents the archetype of emotions and needs while Aries symbolically recalls the speed, the immediacy and the instinct to go and get – whatever the cost – what is desired, obviously waiting in satisfying a need is very frustrating.

If you want to make a Moon Aries suffer, create a need for it and then prevent it from satisfying it immediately. Somehow, the Moon Aries has difficulty in differentiating the “need” from the “desire”: everything that is desired automatically becomes a “need” to be satisfied.

With the Moon Aries, when emotions are released, the heart governs the mind, the body and the whole being. This determines the situation in which, even if the individual knows rationally that he should not do / say something, he cannot hold back the instinct that leads him to explain what he has inside.

This obviously applies to good and evil: such immediacy can be expressed in transparency and honesty, enthusiasm and ability to involve, as well as excessive impetus, recklessness, exaggerated aggression.

As I said, the speech could be partly moderated by the possible presence in the theme of many values ​​Capricorn or Scorpio (which make them more controlled) or Taurus (which leads to being more calm and reflective).


They might think that of traits of “a destiny that never leaves them calm” but no, in reality they are the ones who – even unknowingly – choose to live those situations that can offer them that emotional intensity that, after all, they desire.

For this reason, for example, they will be attracted by “challenging” and certainly not reassuring partners. In particular, men with the Moon in Aries or with the Moon characterized by important aspects with Mars will be attracted to independent, autonomous and willful women.

A further consequence of the need for adventure is the ease of getting bored soon: too stable situations are not stimulating and, therefore, they induce the person with the Moon in Aries to lose interest.

What is certain is that basically a Moon in Aries can face challenges and difficulties that would destroy most of the other psychological profiles.

The Moon in Aries is easy to show up for what lives as a wrong, but except for the presence of many fixed signs in the theme (that is Leo, Scorpio and Toro values), it tends not to remain irritated for a long time and Don’t spend your time brooding or meditating revenge.

Once the emotion of “anger” is released, the Moon in Aries clears up and moves on to something else. Of course, if this possibility of release is not granted, the internal energy that accumulates risks becoming irrepressible.

Good Traits

The Moon in the sign of Aries in the horoscope denotes emotionally independent, vital, energetic and courageous individuals. They need to live an active, dynamic and autonomous life, they are full of spirit of initiative even if they may lack organization.

They light up above all in defense of the freedom to be themselves, for this they try to be professionally realized. Rather impatient, with the Moon in bad aspect, they can be capricious and impulsive in emotions. Imagination is very fervent, and can give inclination for jobs in contact with the public. The actions are direct, full of enthusiasm and positivity.

The night star in Aries stimulates the need to be the dominant figure in the group. They are intolerant of routine and an uninspiring work environment. They do not like being commanded, which is why it would be better to carry out the profession and therefore a job in which they are the leaders of themselves.

Among the signs of earth, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the most difficult relationship will be with Capricorn, a sign with which battles and disputes can arise due to their different ways of approaching life and managing emotions.

Taurus and Virgo on the other hand could help Aries to keep his impulsiveness under control, even if the calm of one and the fussiness of the other could be tiring and in some ways suffocating.

Whoever has the Moon in Aries may have a tendency to suffer from migraine, insomnia, visual disturbances, and problems with the left ear. Hormonal dysfunctions and acne are possible in youth.

Bad Traits

Aries Moon can be quite impulsive and aggressive in its approach, and this can put off many people.

To avoid expressing these traits straight away, try controlling your urge to spill everything out, and control yourself in difficult situations.

Arians can also be too independent, which means they don’t express the need to keep up the relationships with other people in their lives, and in the end they end up all alone.

To avoid this, try stopping and taking a look at others around you, because not the entire world is spinning around you.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon in Love

In love they look for an intense, vibrant, often competitive, but not too complicated relationship: in fact, they love linearity and simplicity.

Behind the peaceful air hides a very personal concept of diplomacy, it takes little to make him lose his temper. It is not a calm and peaceful type: it can be rather unstable and unpredictable in its reactions. Being around him is not easy, especially in everyday life, but between the sheets the ardor does him honor.

He is a man who needs challenge, adventure, projects or people who keep him on the rope and give him the chance to confirm his courage and strength to himself.

He is attracted to an independent, passionate, dynamic woman with a strong or aggressive character. In disharmonious aspect the Moon in Aries can give prejudice or scarce esteem towards the woman in general.

The woman with the Moon in Aries is independent, courageous, and energetic and has a great need for freedom. She is not a woman of half measures: open and direct, sometimes she may lack tact, but is usually appreciated for her sincerity.

Autonomous and independent, it tends to free itself from the family of origin early enough. In choosing the partner, he mainly looks for a man who can satisfy his needs for deep involvement. When he falls in love, he tends to establish an intense, passionate and full of ardor relationship.

She is a woman who must be able to stand up and above all stimulate with new and different initiatives. Boredom is in fact its worst enemy.

Who possesses the Moon in Aries can have a good affinity of couple with the signs of fire, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius or with whom owns the Moon in these signs. Assertive, emotionally self-sufficient, the signs of fire tend to minimize or reject any feeling of weakness or need.

Fire marks appreciate and value individuals with strong personalities. A person with the Moon in Aries can be positively infected by the overflowing enthusiasm of a Leo or a Sagittarius and by the exuberance of Aries.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon – Best Match

Well-matched partner is also with signs of air, Gemini, Aquarius, Libra. However, it should be remembered that air and fire alternately oppose or complement each other.

The hesitation of Libra is the exact opposite of the impulsiveness of Aries, but then it will be the birth chart as a whole that will provide a more complete overview.

More difficult is the combination with the signs of water, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or with whom owns the Moon in these signs.

Even if everything looks good, nothing is simple, since an overly direct attitude, typical of the Moon in Aries, can hurt the susceptibility of Cancer, the impressionable nature of Pisces and the resentment of Scorpio.


The Moon in Aries needs challenge, adventure, to continually test itself with tasks, projects or people who hold it on the rope and give it the chance to confirm to itself its own courage and strength. From these words, we understand that people with this Moon hardly have peaceful lives.

Hopefully this article was helpful and you were able to find out more about this interesting combination.