Leo Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Leo man and a Pisces woman are the two loving signs of the zodiac. Pisces are famous for their romantic and loveable side, while the Leo has strong emotions. However, unfortunately, they won’t see each other as they are, but it will seem like they are unfaithful or dishonest. Leo man will be sometimes too direct and say things that might hurt the Pisces woman.

On the other hand, she will be shy and unapproachable. This couple will make it through only if they try to express their feelings and emotions in a way their partner can understand them.

Leo Man

Leo man is someone who wants all the attention for himself. When you see him walk down the street or when he enters a room full of people, he will look uninterested. However, don’t get tricked by this nonchalance. Leo will always notice is someone looking at him, or talking about his appearance.

But, this is just not enough. Leo will always want more, so he will try to talk louder or come up with the better jokes, just to draw more attention. You know that guy who always sings karaoke or dance in the center. Yes – this is a Leo man. He is the center of the whole universe.

Active private and social life is a must for the Leo man. If there is nothing special happening, he will come up with the craziest ideas. This guy craves excitements, even drama. He isn’t afraid to stir the pot a bit, even if that can produce tension. Yet, he is not the negative character. Leo man just wants to be amused all the time.

His goals about carrier are high. Leo man wants to have a luxurious life. He will always build his way to the top. In this way, the Leo will always be the person everybody respects. Even when he is not in the high position, people will come and ask for an advice. Leo gives off the impression of a reliable and fair person, and he really is.

Leo man is very charming. He has that something women want. Leo shines, just like his ruler, the Sun. Charisma and vibrations that he is giving off are rare. Ladies are simply drawn to his smile and his humor. Leo man can give you the attention no other zodiac sign can give. You see, this man is protective and strong, intelligent, successful, isn’t afraid of the emotions and wants a family. So, when the Leo man starts giving you some attention, be aware of the risk of falling head over heels for him.

As he sees how women react when they are in his company, the Leo man will flirt with them. It will simply please his ego. Yet, these flirts are not what he is asking for. Having such a high opinion of himself, the Leo man would want some lady who has all the qualities.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is probably the best known for her dreamy nature. She has that big eyes and sleepy look. Her thoughts are always somewhere else. Pisces lady might seems like she wouldn’t even listen to you while you are talking, lost in her own fantasies.

Pisces woman has many ideas and goals in life. However, many of them are just no realistic. She will put a lot of effort into everything she does, but if it doesn’t take her where she imagined, she will accept whatever. She can get disappointed, so it is better to make a compromise. However, this lady is lead by intuition, which is her best friend. That is how she knows when is the right time to take some steps and make a progress in her life.

She often changes her mind and is hesitant, even about the superficial things. Her hesitancy is an obstacle on her way. Pisces woman will miss many good opportunities because of it. Because of this, the Pisces woman might get passive and let the life pass her by while she dreams of the lost lands.

Pisces woman is warm and kind. Her emotions are strong and rule over her. That is why she seems shy, insecure and reticent. Yet, no tough situation can break her. She will go through it just like the fish swims through the water. And you would say that the slightest problem would make her cry, right? However, she might be depressive and melancholic, almost without a reason. Pisces woman is sympathetic and feels the pain of the others. That pain will affect her negatively sooner or later.

When it comes to love, the Pisces woman is a bit clumsy. She doesn’t know how to express that love with words. She often falls in love with someone who she can’t be with. Pisces woman is in love with the love, that doesn’t require touches, kisses or intimate relations. However, she is full of passion and desire inside. The thing is, her shyness will rarely show this side of hers.

She trusts her partner unconditionally. He is her hero who protects her from the evil world. Whatever he says, she will believe it. Pisces woman won’t ask you to be rich, successful, ambitious. All that she wants is that her man stands by her side always.

As someone who can be very sensitive, you should be careful with the words. Sometimes you have to pick the words not to get her hurt. When you notice that the Pisces woman is down, it is better to let her be for a while. Of course, don’t get distant. She might think that you don’t love her anymore and that you don’t care, which will push you into the dark thoughts.

Pisces woman will sacrifice her ambitions and goals because of love. This sign represents a sacrifice, so this is something that she can’t go against. Make sure you don’t take her naivety too easy and play with her emotions. Pisces woman, a daughter of Neptune, deserves all the love and attention you have to offer.


Love and Marriage

Leo man has that natural drive to protect someone, even if there is no objective threat. Pisces woman will somehow feel that she needs protection and care. They will definitely agree on this topic. She is somehow weak and vulnerable, while he can appear as Leo the great in this relationship.

Pisces woman can idealize her partner. Leo man is a type of a guy who she can fall in love with. However, the Leo is great, but she will ascribe him some characteristics he doesn’t have. This wouldn’t be a problem at first, but as the relationships grow, the Pisces woman will be confronted to her own illusions.

Leo man is sometimes tactless and will say whatever is on his mind. His partner will find this cruel and burst into tears. When he sees it, the Leo man will be completely lost. His intentions are good so he won’t realize her emotions. After all, he would feel guilty and step by step the Leo man will become distant.

Pisces woman’s intuition will recognize that there is a lot more within the Leo man than he shows. He is also vulnerable deep down, but there is no chance of him letting anyone is. It is not like he wouldn’t show emotions. Contrary, he would, but more the romantic ones. The problems appear when it comes to his weaknesses and complexes. Leo man wants to hide it from the world, and the Pisces woman is too curious to see this side of his. Even though she would be happy to help him overcome the insecurities, she would run into a wall.

Leo man loves to control things, but the Pisces woman will remain quiet all the time. She needs to stand up and speak against things that don’t suit her. Leo will find this weird, as even he is aware of the situation when he exaggerates.

This couple will have a fantasy relationship from the start. A degree of romance is really highlighted here. They will have many sentimental moments together. However, the differences will come up as the relationship progresses. It is better to stay away from the marriage in their case and leave a beautiful memory of their love.


Leo will be the initiator and the leader of this friendship. Pisces woman is shy, but when someone as open as the Leo man approaches her, she will respond nicely. Leo will help her break some illusions and put her to the ground.

They both will see a person who they can trust in each other. Leo and Pisces will tell one another their deepest secrets and fears, knowing that will stay only between the two.
When the Leo man tells something to his Pisces friend, she will instantly sympathize with him. Leo will appreciate her as someone who doesn’t only listen to him, but also feel for him.

Interesting Facts

Elizabeth Taylor had that kind of look we mentioned when describing the Pisces woman. She was one beautiful, romantic and dreamy woman who fell in love with her friend’s husband, Eddie Fisher. The two had an intense relationship but separated after a while.


As you can see, this couple has many potentials to be and stay together. They can be a true match, only if they try to explain their emotional perspective. Leo man requires attention, so does the Pisces woman. Both of them will be loyal in this relationship. Sexual compatibility is also a big plus here. However, even if they don’t make it, they will have a beautiful, romantic experience together.