Virgo Man and Cancer Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

A relationship between a Virgo man and a Cancer woman can last for a lifetime. These two signs are down to earth and can develop a strong connection. Cancer woman is a bit more emotional than her partner, but she won’t mind that. She is the type of a traditional woman, which is something the Virgo man will adore.

He will give her the respect she needs and understand her mood switches. Virgo and Cancer are one of the compatible zodiac combinations, so there is no doubt their love have great chances.

Virgo Man

Virgo man is always kind to the world. You can always tell if he likes you or not. There is no need for forced contacts. Virgo man gets away from people who don’t suit his energy. However, as he overanalyzes everything, he will easily find a flaw in every person from his surroundings.

Virgo man believes he is perfect in every aspect. This guy needs to be more self-critical and recognize his own flaws. He might irritate even his closest friends with his need to criticize, but they will eventually accept him as he is.

This man wants to be successful. He gives 101% oh himself at work, trying to always be better than yesterday. He has the eye for details and can easily notice tiny mistakes and fix them. Step by step, the Virgo man is climbing to the top. Yet, everything he does, the Virgo man will do in secret.

He doesn’t boast to the other colleagues or talk about his methods. Unfortunately, despite the excellent work he does, someone other will get all the prizes, not the Virgo man. This will make him depressed or angry, but he won’t ever show. The key is to be more confident and secure, open up and be more talkative to his colleagues or his superiors.

As you see, the Virgo man is emotional but wears a mask. He is pretending to be cold or even harsh, just because he fears loss or refusal. This man needs someone who he can trust but is aware that there are only a few people in life who are really loyal. Virgo man appreciates quality over quantity and will never rush into new friendships or relationships.

Virgo man knows how to treat a lady, but he has to relax a bit. Because he might seem closed up and shy, women reject him. This only makes him insecure and even shyer. However, a woman who would have the patience to let the Virgo man shows what he has got will be surprised. He will give her respect, attention, loyalty. Don’t look for a romantic side of the Virgo man. Hence, look for his practical side. Virgo man is best at using his inborn talents, and one of them is practicality for sure.

A perfect relationship for the Virgo man is the one in which both partners are loyal and honest in the first place. His partner has to be educated and wise. When it comes to intimate relations, the Virgo man is sensual, passionate and will please his partner.

Cancer Woman

We may say with certainty that a Cancer woman is the zodiac sign with the strongest mother instinct. Even in her early ages, she will show care and sensibility for the others. This feeling just gets stronger through the years. Everybody loves the Cancer woman and will run to her whenever they need comfort. She is a big humanist and is kind. You will never meet a selfish Cancer woman.

The Moon is the ruler of the Cancer sign. As the Moon goes through its phases, it affects the mood of the Cancer woman. It changes her mood, but her way of thinking also.

Still, this lady doesn’t show her weak side to everybody. She is aware how sensitive she is and that people can take advantage of her good intentions. Yet, the Cancer woman won’t seem arrogant also. Oppositely, she is very shy. It might take some time to open up and see this beautiful butterfly inside the Cancer woman.

Loneliness scares her. Cancer woman will be terrified of the thought of spending a night alone in her house. She also never goes on trips alone, nor shopping or even a coffee. If the Cancer woman has a lot of time to think the things over, she might get depressed or sad and cry for hours.

Just like in life, the Cancer woman will take the time to show her emotions. Her fear of getting emotionally hurt is stronger than her emotions in the beginning. Further, if you would want to win her heart, be patient and act like a real gentleman. Cancer woman believes that a lady would never go after a man. She has beautiful, soft skin, her figure is slim and her eyes are dreamy. Men generally like Cancer woman’s nature and physical appearance.

Cancer woman sometimes lives in an idealized world. When she falls in love, she will see her man through the pink glasses. If she eventually realizes he is not that perfect as she imagined, there is a great possibility to close up and live in with the sadness.

A man who would suit best the Cancer woman is someone emotionally stronger. He would have to put up with her fragile emotions and conquer all her fears with love. She despises men who are arrogant, boastful and too egoistic. When she truly loves someone, that man will get the endless loving, understanding and support. Cancer woman loves unconditionally.


Love and Marriage

As you can conclude from above, both Virgo and Cancer have some difficulties in opening up. They are afraid of getting hurt and are pretty sensitive. However, probably that no zodiac sign can compare to the Cancer woman’s sensitivity. Virgo man will be on a mission here. Cancer woman is shy but will give him some love signals.

Virgo man will analyze her and will especially like because she will always stay a true lady. He appreciates a bit old fashioned and traditional relationships. Cancer woman’s behavior will be a big plus from his perspective.

Still, the Virgo man wouldn’t guess that his partner’s emotions might get a bit unstable. Emotional Cancer woman functions on different principles than the Virgo man. He has emotions, of course, but uses his mind and thinks rationally. If he has some patience, the Virgo man can help the Cancer woman overcome her emotional turbulence. He is the type of man who will give her a safe home.

Cancer woman will make her partner feel loved and cherished. Virgo man’s dream about finding a trustful and loyal partner will finally come true in a relationship with the Cancer woman. She will assure him there is no reason to be distanced.

Even though you would never say that, but the Cancer woman is ready to take the risk. Virgo man is someone who always plays secure. Cancer will suggest some risky steps to her partner, which will usually be connected to his work. Surprisingly, he will accept the challenge and complete it. These two are a couple that complements each other in business also.

Virgo man always has something to say. He will have many objections and critics through the day. Cancer woman will be forced to listen to his sometimes harsh words, which will hurt her. He doesn’t have the intention to make her feel bad, but that is in her nature. Because of that, she might close up which will take the Virgo man to the edge of madness.

Still, the Virgo man is patient and will go step by step with her in order to bet better and be the old Cancer woman.

This lady has many desires when it comes to intimacy. Virgo man sure loves to be intimate with his partner but is not as near passionate as the Cancer woman. He would be a bit skeptical at first about her suggestions, but once they both reveal the fire burning inside them, that will turn into magic.


Both the Virgo man and the Cancer woman will be dedicated to this friendship. Cancer woman has many friends but won’t find what she needs exactly until she meets the Virgo man. He, on the other side, has a small circle of close friends.

Though, remember that they won’t be the best of friends from the moment they meet. It will take time and their bond will grow strong gradually.

Cancer woman will encourage the Virgo man’s creativity. He has many ideas, but fear of a failure makes him suspicious. His friend will be his support in everything he does and the Virgo man will appreciate her help.

Virgo man’s words may hurt the Cancer woman sometimes, but she has to realize that it is better to hear the ugly truth than a beautiful lie. Her friend will help her be stronger and more resistant to the comments of others.

Interesting Facts

Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft had a romance that lasted for 41 years. They met at a show rehearsal and fell in love at first sight. They are the best example of how the marriage of the Virgo man and Cancer woman can be for the whole life.


The Water and the Earth signs have a great potential for a long-lasting marriage. They will overcome all disagreements with time. The key is to overcome the first crisis.

Their connection will get stronger with time, making them perfect for each other. Virgo man and the Cancer woman would never replace each other with someone else. That is the magic this zodiac combination produces.