August 17 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

How do we know that we are living the life that we should and that our chosen love partner is the one? How can we know that we have arranged our career right and that we have fulfilled our purpose in life? Well, to be honest, we don’t, but the science of the Astrology and the knowledge that we can collect from our Zodiac sign is precious. It can reveal so much about our skills and potentials that we have in life, and if focus just a little bit we can make something great in our life.

Today our mission is to help those who are born on August 17, as Leos, to reveal something about their characters and potentials in life, along with some trivial pieces of information.

Personality and Character

You should know that these people also, just like those who are born on the day before, are perfect examples of Leos, as their ruling Zodiac sign.

People born on August 17th are powerful and very explosive individuals who have an apparent desire to rule. Their willingness to governance is supported by their contact with the reality that empowers their dynamic energy -and not many people can follow this paste. Most people born on August 17 are dominant and authoritative individuals who never give up their right to rule, either as parents, teachers, friends, and we are not saying that they can rule well, we are just saying that these people like to be in charge. They are often in trouble when those who they want to control can no longer bear their desire to rule, and this happens very often since these people can be irritating and demanding.

They are energetic, optimistic and fun persons who want to have a lot of reputation and status; they love the radiance and strength. They have an incredibly confident and commanding character, which is why they are prone to exaggerating and can sometimes be extremely egoistic.

On the other side of this story, those who are born on this day usually have a calm temperament and are people who like to be alone and who take care of their private life to stay closed and secretive. They like to be surrounded by the close circle of friends where they feel comfortable, but in most cases, these people are severely hurt by their close people who can turn their back on them in crucial times and moments in life, and we cannot say we blame them -those who belong to this day can be difficult. They are charming and sophisticated indeed, but they are also sufficiently closed so that they always remain at a distance.

Usually, they have a restless nature, they are passionate, and at times violent persons, full of some inner tension. They are characterised by dynamism, agility and mobility. Those who belong to this date can be competitive, motivated and ambitious, and for that, they can achieve great success in sports. They can be quickly upset and often prone to aggression, because of their speed and severity, and can get some injuries.

Finally, they can overestimate their strength and abilities, and they can be megalomaniacs who deal with issues that are too much for them, but surprisingly they can manage these situations. Therefore they are often under stress.

Love Compatibility

First, we have to say that these people who are born on August 17 love to be dominant in every aspect of their lives, and they have this tendency in love relations, and this is one of the problematic aspects in their love life.

Strong contradictory emotions towards lovers prevent them from really getting to know themselves, and when they encounter problems in life, these people are prone to frustration and challenging to learn from experiences. They can choose wrong partners, and make the hell out of their lives, and they can ruin perfectly good love affairs because of their tendency to rule and dominate their partners.

Because of their deep complex nature, the need to be loved truly, and their sophisticated nature, they can achieve great success in the love area if they manage to master their energy. They are so intense in everything they do, so it is very hard to be their partner, and maybe it is the best solution for them to be with someone who truly loves to be lead, but who is not weak in any sense.

This is important so they can stay long enough in relationships with people of the August 17, and they can get to know all of their qualities.

Purpose and Career

Don’t have any doubt – people of the August 17 either are blessed with the incredible talent that they use most excellently, or they have such determination that it is not an option that they do not succeed.

They have a lot of natural talent and wisdom but do not fully use their abilities and opportunities, because they can be more focused on gaining a lot of attention that is maybe unnecessary for them.

What they also can do is that they can tend to wait for something to come up instead of doing something themselves -they can be great in any managerial position, but they have to work on gaining trust in their coworkers, and this is not an easy task. Sometimes they rely too much on their greatness instead of doing the hard work themselves -no one can help them as they can use their own talents to succeed in their careers.

We don’t have to emphasise that people of the August 17 are amazing in any performing art, they love scene and attention.


They must continue to move if you want success in life. As long as they go slowly, these Leos will not succeed.

Decide once and for all, and then things will start to work for them because they can do great things once you focus your mind.

Some representatives of this date can be interested in science, and some can even become involved in medicine or research.  They can lack tact and patience, but they are not bothered by this, they just love to do what they want.

In the end, these people must not be too lazy because they can get stuff up until they learn the first great lesson about how to say NO whenever they require it.

Their success will most likely come when they set their priorities in life in the right position, and when they start being very dedicated and steadfast – they should learn concentration and dedicate to one thing to a longer period; Success will be theirs.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 8 and the planet Saturn rules persons born on August 17, besides the Sun that is the ruler of all Zodiac Leos. Saturn brings seriousness, and the combined effect of Saturn and the Sun brings to the persons born on August 17, is a great responsibility but also a tendency to discourage. It is not like they are prone to giving up from their intentions, but they can be hurt and can suffer in their life path a lot.

The Sun brings to light as an opposite the Saturn, in contrast, slows down their fiery energy and it gives them an opportunity to climb to the desired goal gradually. Nevertheless, they have to deal with various challenges

One aspect is important here – a number that can be found on this date is number 8; it is the numeral that brings conflict between the material and the spiritual world, but it is also the number of endless energy that can become destructive and problematic. Those who are governed by number 8 are often prone to loneliness, but only deep inside. From the outside, they are people who like to have all attention in life, and they like to rule people -this can backfire, and they can end up alone.

The color that is connected to these people is beige, and their numbers are 8 and 10.

Historical Events on August 17

Sometimes history lessons are here so that our present moment is more understandable and so the future is brighter. Today’s lesson is about the date August 17 and all the events that took place on that date.

986 – In Battle of the Gates of Trajan, the Byzantine army under the care of Basil II suffered a severe defeat from Samuels’s army.

1743 – By signing peace the Russian-Swedish war (1741-43) ended.

1786 – In Prussia Prussian King Friedrich II the Great died.

1807- Robert Fulton’s Paddlesteamer sailed from New York to Albany.

1850 – Denmark sold to Great Britain all fortifications and ownership rights over the Golden Coast in Africa.

1879 – The French company to build the Panama Canal headed by Ferdinando de Lesseps was founded.

1892 – A French-Russian alliance signed.

1896 – George Carmack discovered gold in the tributaries of the River Klondike in Canada, causing one of the most massive “golden fever”.

1943 – Allied forces established, in World War II, control in Sicily.

1943 – World War II: Winston Churchill, F. D. Roosevelt and William Lyon Mackenzie King started the First Quebec Conference.

1945 – The leader of the Indonesian fight for independence, Ahmed Sukarno, declared the independence of Indonesia from the Netherlands.

1960 – The African state of Gabon gained independence from France.

1970 – “Venus 7”, the first space device to successfully send data from the surface of another planet (Venus) to Earth was launched.

1976 – An earthquake that caused enormous waves, on the Philippine island, killed about 8,000 people.

1985 – A bomb explosion in the Christian part of Beirut killed 60 and injured a hundred people.

1987 – German war criminal Rudolf Hess, Deputy Adolf Hitler, committed suicide at the age of 93 in a Berlin prison.

1999 – In the worst natural disaster in Turkey’s history, in an earthquake, 150 kilometers west of Istanbul, more than 30,000 people died.

Famous people born on August 17

We cannot choose just one person who is the most significant renowned representative of this date and Zodiac sign, and if you look at any career and biography of the people on this list, you will see what are we talking about.

1601 – Pierre de Fermat, a French mathematician.

1629 – Jan Sobieski, a Polish King.

1753 – Josef Dobrovsky, a Czech philologist and historian.

1786 – Davy Crockett, an American national hero.

1844 – Menelik II, king of Ethiopia.

1887 – Charles I, the last Austrian emperor and Hungarian-Croatian king.

1893 – Mae West, an American film actress.

1911 – Mikhail Mojseevich Botvinnik, a Soviet chess grandmaster.

1926 – George Melly, an English jazz musician.

1932 – Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul, a British writer of Indian descent.

1943 – Robert de Niro Jr, an American film actor.

1953 – Herta Müller, a German writer and winner of the Nobel Prize.

1960 – Sean Justin Penn, an American film actor and director.

1969 – Donnie Wahlberg, an American actor.

1977 – William Gallas, a French footballer.

1977 –  Thierry Henry, a French footballer.

1994 – Taissa Farmiga, an American actress,

One of the biggest challenges for the people who are born on August 17 as for the true Leos that they are are to control their temperament that can be fiery, and overly intensive. These people must learn to manage their argumentative side, along with the tendency to be antagonistic toward others -sometimes they can be excessively, and they can hurt others with their attitudes.

If they do not get rid of their tendencies, it can cause them dangerous pitfalls, not only in the sense of bringing them to the enemy but also because their families and friends will be alienated from them. And indeed during their lives, those who belong to the August 17 can lose so many close friends, in this way or the other. They should be extremely cautious when they manage their interpersonal relationships, because no success in careers can make up for the lack of reason in personal links.