August 16 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

It seems like everything there is to find out about the astrology and the Zodiac signs are familiar and there is nothing to add up anymore. But we are here to tell you that this is not the case; since there is always some part of the astrology and horoscope that is still undiscovered and unfamiliar. Learning more about these things is very important and could be a lot of fun, and along with that process, you can learn more about yourself and the world.

Today we will try to combine the information that is related to the Zodiac sign Leo and the specific date August 16. We focused on the people who celebrate their birthdays on this day, along with some trivia that is related to this day.

Personality and Character

Despite their strong appearance and attitude these people who are born on August 16 are sensual individuals who have their soft spots, but at the same time, they know how to make their way through the life and take the best out of situations even if those events are difficult and painful.

In everything, they make sense of sophistication and style, and they are not afraid of being different or weird if that means that they are going to make their agendas reality. Regardless of whether they look naive or not, people born on August 16 have a strong interest in different forms of sensual and sexual expression. These people also need to establish a command, so they can only tolerate different attitudes with difficulty.

They can express these attitudes through their work, but also they can lie by these rules, so they do not make a separation between the two.

People born on August 16 like to be recognised and they don’t mind the attention that is needed to be seen and remembered.

Unnaturalness is extremely natural for them, and their unusual behavior requires the audience because they have no greater punishment than loneliness and withdrawal. People born this day want to show themselves, sometimes even before a whole crowd of people, with whom they want to share their experiences.

People born on August 16 like to be spotted, and at the same time, they want to keep some things private, or secretive. The unusual behavior of these Leos requires the audience because they have no greater punishment than loneliness and withdrawal. People born this day want to show themselves, sometimes even before a whole crowd of people, with whom they want to share their experiences.

Let us depict this personality in one example – in Madonna, the Queen of Pop. She was born on this day, and she has all of these characteristics.

She is blessed with a sophisticated charisma and is the person that is not emotionally empowered. It can also be said that much of her life remains under the veil of the secrets with which only her lives. This position indicates that many times she was in a situation where her life was endangered. People born on this day, just like Madonna herself, were brave and broke all the taboos and introduced some innovation to the world of the business show.

She was ruthlessly and decisively pursuing the goal that she had achieved.

She is very energetic, vital, optimistic, cheerful, fun, young and generous person. Distinguished by dignity and nobility, self-confidence, give a lot to the status, honor, appearance and reputation. She loves to be at the centre and heart of large societies and parties. Since she is very fiercely and temperamental, Madonna likes exaggerating and dramatizing.

Occasionally, she is characterised by great domination, self-control and self-centering; Madonna loves the glow and strength. Her character signifies pride and inclination towards snobbery, and as a true Leo, this is a person who adores when people are flattering to her and are admiring her work.

Madonna is one unique and one of a kind; this horoscope is challenging to interpret and leaves many unanswered topics. But we could say that she is a true representative of this Zodiac sign and this date.

Love Compatibility

As we said, people who are born on this day can be those who might seem to be an open book, but at the same time these people hold one part of their lives locked from all; and that one piece that belongs just to them is their love life.

They are intelligent, inquisitive and popular people who like to be in the company of equals, but this combination can sometimes be bad for them since in this love situation there can be conflicts if two people of the same strength find together.


At some times, these people like to flirt, and to experiment in love and also in sex, not taking things seriously; sometimes those who are born on August 16 just want to have a good time, nothing more.

But deep down in hearts, they wish to be loved, but more like in having great families, more than having some romantic love. Since they are not afraid to experiment they can have multiple marriages or numerous serious relationships during life.

These Leos born on August 16 can provide a lot of true love, but great ideas about love are much more pronounced in them.

Purpose and Career

The careers in the lives of these people are very important, and having the sense of purpose is very important for them to have – they are durable and can build their careers slowly and fiercely, setting their agendas high.

Those who belong to the August 16 are penetrating and sharp, have a mind for mathematics and numbers so that they can be good engineers if they wanted but somehow scene and audience attract them. If they turn to science, they will see undoubtedly mastery of the highest profession; probably in some physical science because these Leos have very real views of life and the universe – if they end up doing something else, they will learn about these things in their spear time.

The most important thing in life is these people are not blessed so much with talent as they are determined to succeed; they know how to benefit from various situations, and they are unapologetic about their success.

These people can be found in music and acting, movies and theatre in general, and they are very versatile, and have interests in various areas.

One more thing we will add in this chapter -those who are born on August 16 will probably never have a normal life, but it will undoubtedly be the one that is filled with rises and falls and changes of all kinds.

In that personal and work path, these people will travel a lot and have failures that they will turn into their power.

Symbols, Colors, Lucky numbers

Number 7 and planet Neptune rules persons born on August 16, besides the Sun that is the ruler for all Zodiac Leos. Those who are governed by number 7 do not always succeed in realising their ideas and easily lose contact with reality -but we must not still, but when they reach their intentions they can see the greatness.

Neptune is a planet of dreams of fantasy as well as religious feelings, and these people who are born on August 16 have all of this in their lives, but maybe not always in a traditional way, sometimes they can break taboos and challenge the norms.

The connection between Neptune and the Sun brings inspirational and romantic qualities – in life, these people can be great inspiration for others and can affect millions of people with their work or attitude.

Their number is 7, and their color is any bright color.

Historical Events on August 16

Now you know all about the personalities of the people who are born on this day, but it is important to remember of all the historical events that took place on August 16. Were they happy and monumental or they were negative and sad? No matter what they were, the crucial part is that they made an impact on humanity.

1777 – The Battle of Bennington – in the field northwest of the city of the same name in the state of New York, in which the Americans, in the struggle for independence, won.

1819 – In a wave of protests by English and middle-class workers see reforms, many people were killed in Manchester, and several hundred wounded in the clash with the government.

1858 – US President James Buchanan and British Queen Victoria exchanged a telegram of congratulations on the commissioning of an overseas telegraph cable.

1906 – More than 10,000 people were killed in a severe earthquake that hit Chile.

1953 – A coup attempt occurred in Iran, and Chess Mohamed Reza Pahlavi fled the country.

1960 – Cyprus gained independence from Great Britain.

1974 – The conflict between the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish forces, took effect on 20 July on the northern part of the island. One-third of Cyprus remained under Turkish rule.

1994 – In spite of accusations of grave electoral fraud, Joaquin Beleaguer was elected as a president of the Dominican Republic for the seventh time.

1995 – A peace agreement in Chechnya entered into force after minor groups of Chechen rebels surrendered, and Russian troops began withdrawing from the front line.

1995 – Bermuda residents voted in a referendum to remain a British colony.

1999 – The US opened a consulate in the former Saigon, 25 years after the dramatic evacuation of its embassy in that city at the end of the Vietnam War.

2002 – Monsoon floods in South Asia have claimed the lives of more than 900 people, and over 25 million people have been displaced because they were left homeless.

Famous people born on August 15

We have already mentioned Madonna as the most prominent representative of this date and Zodiac sign, but there are few more notable names on this list, read all about them.

1763-Prince Frederick, a Duke of York and Albany.

1821-Arthur Cayley, a British mathematician.

1832 – Wilhelm Wundt, a German philosopher and psychologist.

1845 – Gabriel Lippmann, a French physicist.

1913 – Menachem Begin, an Israeli politician.

1921 – Charles Bukovsky, an American writer of German origin.

1953- Kathie Lee Gifford, an American television host, singer, songwriter.

1954- James Cameron, a Canadian director.

1958- Angela Bassett, an American actress.

1958 – Madonna Louise Ciccone, an American singer, actress, writer, activist and pop icon.

1962- Steve Carell, an American actor.

1975 – Taika Waititi, a New Zeeland director.

1988- Rumer Willis, an American actress.

1989- Moussa Sissoko, a French footballer.

1991-Young Thug, an American rapper.

Let us speak a few more words that can contribute to the proper understanding on this date, the people who are born on this day, and much more.

There is one negative aspect that is contributed to the people who are born on  August 16 – it is their tendency towards all forms of obsessive behavior. Therefore, they must be aware of the danger of dependence on things, and those things don’t have to be narcotics or alcohol, it can be obsessive exercise and work. Their psychological stability can be shaken by their extreme sensitivity and high-voltage energy – if they don’t let their creative energy lose they can have problems. For people born on August 16, it is essential to have a healthy routine, balanced lifestyle -some can succeed like Madonna for example, while others cannot, like Charles Bukovsky for instance who was notorious for his unhealthy lifestyle 8but we must say that even then he had his style that can be seen in his books).

The great danger for people born on August 16 is that they can lose the ability to enjoy small things, simple pleasures and that they can throw away everything that has the taste of conventionality. It can keep them away from friends and family. In spite of their inadequate attitude, they still succeed in engaging their talents in the service of social needs, which will always be of interest and the necessary audience.