Cancer Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When you combine the Air and the Water you get what? Bubbles! Cancer man and Gemini woman will have some kind of this reaction when they meet. In other words, they will fall for each other.

Some kind of unexplained attraction grows between those two. But, as the time passes by they will see that many differences threaten their relationship. Cancer man and Gemini woman need to agree upon some important questions. They will have to adapt to each other’s faults and be less critical to each other.

Cancer Man

If you are a woman who doesn’t mind approaching a guy first, then you should get a Cancer man. He might doesn’t have enough courage to be the initiator of a contact, but is sure willing to give you a chance. He is sweet and polite, just like the old school. You can take him anywhere with you, there is no chance you will get embarrassed. Your friends and family will like how well raised this guy is.

There is one more thing that is really outstanding with the Cancer man. He is a mysterious type. It will take some time until he opens up to a woman. This is nothing weird. You know that cancer has its own shell.

Cancer man will hide his real emotions and thoughts at first in this shell. It is because he is afraid of being hurt. Yes, none of us wants to get hurt, but the Cancer man’s emotions are very dainty.

Cancer man is the man who will never cheat. Is there anything better? This man is a true, loyal partner. Out of many bad boys out there, you are lucky enough to meet a guy who is dedicated to one woman only. Of course, he will expect the same relation from his partner. It is important to know where do you stay with your feelings, as you would do some big damage to his emotions if you are up for cheating.

He is kind of sensitive to words also, even if you would never say that. An unpleasant joke can sound like an insult. He won’t show it, but deep inside, he would be very upset.

Cancer man is a strong man, despite all these sensitive emotions. He is maybe a little bit fragile when he is in love, but except that he has a stable personality. Cancer man is incredibly persistent when it comes to his job. His perfect job would be to be an investor. Cancer man can combine his bests sides in this job – physical and intuitive abilities, ability to predict upcoming trends and intelligence.

This man knows how to deal with his job. It is extremely easy for the Cancer man to get rich. This can happen almost overnight. He has that luck in life to be something like a magnet for money.

Carrier and financial stability are in the second place in his life. This ranking is pretty high. A family is always in the first place.

Gemini Woman

The appearance of a Gemini woman is something that attracts attention. She is charming and positive. You will like the Gemini from the first moment you see her. She will even try to show that she is even more kind and gentle than she really is. Gemini woman is born actress. She knows how to use the situation and even people when they need some help.

A perfect job for the Gemini woman implies working with people. Through these jobs, she can show her communicativeness in the best light. Gemini woman is something like a good merchant. She will convince you to buy two sizes smaller shirt even if you see it doesn’t fit you well. This lady is aware of this power she has over people. She tends to work on it over the years, so it becomes only more perfect.

As the Gemini woman know which kind of impression she leaves on men, she will even be the one to approach a guy she likes. Some men just get a blockade when they see a beautiful woman. And if she notices that, it will make her try even harder to drive the guy nuts! This is a part of her game, but she won’t be totally unfair. She will go right at him and have a chat. Still, in many more situations, men approach her.

Gemini woman searches for energy that will be her driving force. This is a strong man with many qualities, that understands her nature and will support her no matter what. Don’t worry, she will respond the same way. You see, the Gemini woman believes in fairytales and waits for her prince charming. Eventually, he will come. Once this happens, she will try her best to make every day of their life as beautiful as possible.

The planetary ruler of the Gemini is Mercury. This is the planet which represents intellect and wisdom. Gemini woman is definitely very intelligent. Over the years she also becomes wise. Even in a simple chit-chat with her, you can hear some pretty wise words. Everyone can learn something from the Gemini woman, the same way she learns new things – by communicating with many persons.

It is important to keep the Gemini woman interested. She loses it fast, looking for new discoveries. Do whatever you have to – jump off the roof, just don’t let your woman get bored. The best way to keep her amused is to take her to a new place. Travelling is her passion and she is in love with the cities and countries. Gemini woman needs some change in life, and this can be compensated with those trips.


This lady will fall in love a couple times in a week. Still, this is like a hobby to her. Falling in love is a natural thing, as she doesn’t take this as something serious. To be with someone, she needs much than just falling in love with him. She can fall in love with his eyes or his smile, but she needs more. Having a good communication and mental matching will make her actually interested in a man. In every other case, that would be just a passable romance.

Love and Marriage

The intelligence of the Cancer man will attract the Gemini woman. This is a level upon which they both agree. Their communication will be great at first. But, how goes the situation with the emotions?

Cancer man is devoted to his partner. Being loyal is something like a command he won’t break. This is that “prince” part in a man the Gemini woman asks. Cancer man has that moral standards and qualities of the Mr. Right. But, even that guy has his bad sides. This man is stable as a rock when he is not in love. Love makes him vulnerable. This is a new thing for the Gemini woman. She is not accustomed to meeting men who can cry sometimes.

A changeable mind of the Gemini woman will confuse the Cancer man. He might think everyone is just like him. But, this lady likes to play like a kitten. Her intentions are not mean, but still, there will be many actions by her side which will hurt the Cancer man. Then he will make a wall little by little. His emotions won’t go away, he will just hide them. Gemini woman will understand this as a sign to break up the relationship.

On the other side, spending time together will make this couple happy. Having a bunch of ideas is in the Gemini woman’s nature. She will come up with many things to do and the Cancer man will accept everything she says. His goal is to make her happy so there is almost nothing in the world he wouldn’t do. He will buy her presents and show affection in many ways. This relationship can contain a lot of admiration of a Cancer man for the Gemini woman.

Acting like a real gentleman, the Cancer man will be like a dream came true to the Gemini woman. But, his love can be possessive. Yes, he will try and do everything she asks for, but is it the point? Gemini woman will appreciate all of it, but eventually will want him to let her breathe a little bit. Love is nice, but each partner should have some time apart from the other. Cancer man won’t understand this thinking of the Gemini woman.

When it comes to sexual relations between them, they both are quite pleased. As in other things, the Cancer man will do whatever his partner wants. Gemini woman knows how to enjoy and will relax the Cancer man and teach him some new techniques. Their passion is something that will overshadow issues and differences, at least for that night.


Gemini woman has many contacts and likes to hang out with everyone. This approachable nature will give the Cancer man a sign to relax. They will develop a nice communication. The intellectual level bonds them together.

Gemini woman will find something nice in everybody, and it is easy to find nice things in the Cancer man. He will be there to listen to her woman talks. You must admit, men usually don’t have the patience for this. Cancer man has a strong intuition and will always see through her words. Even if she says she is okay, he would know when she isn’t. Generally, they will be a very good friend to each other.

Interesting Facts

Angelina Jolie is the best representative of the Gemini woman. You must admit she is irresistible. Jessica Tandy and Hume Cronyn were a good combination of these zodiac signs.


The love between the Cancer man and the Gemini woman will have to go through many rises and falls. Existing elements of romance and passion can keep them together, but they will argue in the meantime.

Cancer man has to take more initiative and the Gemini woman has to be more careful with his emotions. Talking about problems can be a way to solve them. This should be a way they should use, as the couple has good communication in general.