Destiny Number 11

Many numerology schools very based as far as 5 thousand years ago – but their teachings are still present, and even they knew something that for us today is Destiny Number.

There are numerous scriptures that speak of this number, and some of those secret scriptures are known today, because they are translated and we can see those remarkable records of, for example, Vedic numerology.

Unfortunately, little is known about her today, since very few of these scriptures have been translated into Hindi or English because they are written in a very complex language.

But the aspects that are known till this day, and that carry one similar thread is the fact that numbers are valuable, that they carry vibrations, and that by knowing what our personal number means (in this case, it is the number that reveals our Destiny, our life path; it shows where are we going and how far along we can reach, if we listen to our inner voice, that is correlated to our Fate Number).

Today we are looking into the lives of the people who are Destiny Number 11, what kind of influence such number carries and how can that knowledge could be used for personal progress.

Meaning of Destiny Number 11

There is absolutely no doubt that the people who belong to this Destiny Number 11 have a strong, even at times overwhelming personas, that can, at times, turn out to be egoistic and even irritating.

But their qualities are such that much is forgiven to them, even when they act badly, others know that they have so much to offer to the world, so all is forgiven.

In everything that these people do, they start from themselves, and their personal needs, what they think is right and does their future is aligned with their system of belief.

Also, there cannot be any doubt that those who have Destiny Number 11 have tremendous intelligence, and they are destined to have a lot of luck in their lives.

They are lively, but sometimes feel frustrated by the feeling, and can act completely different, and this could be somewhat puzzling for their environment.

In their lives, there can be many contradictory aspects, but they are not negative people, and they do not mean that they should live their lives by hurting others, living themselves angry and sad.

At times these people can be sad, and go through stages where melancholy is all around their lives, and they are depressed. In this sense, they should never shy away from listening to those who are wiser then they are, and who can provide some different insight into their “bad” situation.

Talking could be a healing tool that can enhance their lives, as well as self-help affirming.

In the majority of cases, their problems are not as difficult as they seem to them, and in the most cases they come as a direct consequence of their inner feeling – they feel misunderstood and executed.

The Symbolism of Destiny Number 11

As you can see for yourself, Destiny Number 11 is unlike any other Destiny Number, because it has two digits, and it is the represented with the two vibrations that come from the same source – one is number 1 and other is also number 1, so you can see the double energy of the Sun.

In a symbolical sense, it is ruled by the Sun (as number 1 takes in the traits) and the Sun, as the most important aspect in our Solar system, and it refers to the consciousness.


So, it can be seen that these people are very self-centered and focus on themselves. And this is not such a negative aspect of a character, sometimes this is necessary if you want to live and succeed in life, but an occasional change in the direction of others is not a bad idea.

Also, symbolically Sun represents the honor, creed, self-confidence, and name and glory (good or bad), which fluctuate according to Universal law. And, we must say that this Universal Law is on their side, if they want to make the best out of their lives, and if they are able to overcome their weaknesses.

In some other introspective, Sun, as the symbolical ruler, brings numerous challenges, and this is persons who must learn to accept them, and during that path, they need to learn to trust their friends and subordinates more.

They are the centre of the world, but at the same time, they must accept that they are part of society.

Destiny Number 11 and Love

If they find a person who is ok with them leading a relationship, then they will live an amazing life in two. Then, their lives will be happiest, but unfortunately, it happens that they do not find happiness in life and Love, and they feel that they are betrayed, abandoned, and lonely.

Many of those who belong to the Destiny Number 11, even against their will, will have to finally accept that some things are long overdue, despite their persistence to persuade themselves that this is not the case.

Everything in life has its place and a perfect timing for realization, and the thing that people who belong to this Destiny Number is making a mistake is their desperate attempt to make things work in their own terms, as they think; but in Love, there is a set of some completely different rules, and they need to obey them, if they want to be happy in Love, and they surely do, just like the rest of us even if we do or do not want to admit.

Maybe the best solution of the people of this numeral of fate is that they should not worry too much on how well they look in the lover’s eyes, and will their agenda in Love will be fulfilled.

Maybe these people should stop insisting on personal relationships with those who are not for them just so they don’t be alone. If they have the opportunity, go somewhere for a rest with no one and reconsider past emotional life.

Destiny Number 11 in other fields of life

Jobs that are beyond their ability to earn money may not be accepted as good for the people who are Destiny Number 11.

They must not engage in quarrels, and they should learn to express their ideas clearly and learn to remain silent when necessary – still, you should have in mind that they must be in the centre of happenings and in this sense, they need to have listened.

Even more, people who belong to this number must expand the circle of friends and acquaintances, and if they want to succeed in their work, should listen to their advice.

They should not depend on anyone else’s help, because they do not get much in return from friends, relatives and other people they help, but still, they should listen to the advice from more experienced, learned and advanced people.

They can get into a situation where they feel like they have come to an end, no longer see how to go on in a certain job, and this means that the time for a change is near, but oftentimes, it is not an easy task, in cases where the person rules the game.

Overwhelmed by many things, and even in times, when these people do the job that brings no joy, they can think about leaving everything and moving on to something new.

They are blessed with numerous ability and can make a major success if they want to do it, but they should follow the set of a few simple rules.

Like- Wait, be patient, takes a few days off, rest well and get some sleep, get back to you. The new idea will come into your life, and you will find a new challenge once again.

They can often work well in any directorial position and anything where they can show their worst and where they can rue others.

They should be thoroughly acquainted with the nature of the projects before embarking on them – people of the Destiny Number 11 need to judge the good and bad sides of these jobs carefully, evaluate how much time and work they need for them, and only then to accept them.

It is not as much about what they can or cannot do, they should not ever waste their precious power on ventures beyond their capabilities; this is often problem that comes into their lives, because they value themselves so much, and for that matter they will accept doing something even if they do not have any talent, or capacity to do it.

They should embrace change with joy, not hold on to their own thinking.


Now, we have to give you one last insight into the world of people who have Destiny Number 11 as the number that depicts their fate.

If you look at numbers that create their Destiny, you can see a lot of effort to make a life an amazing journey, it gives the tens confidence and understanding and inflames them.

What also must be said is that they can be connected to the hidden enemies, but the unit gives caution that recognizes them (usually those hidden enemies are they, only they could sabotage their life path, like no one else in this world).

In the end, we will say that this Destiny number is connected to success, but the one that is achieved and maintain with the greatest of efforts.

These obstacles are overcome only by introspection and readiness, and they have all of these traits, but the problem arises when they are depended on other people that will create problems.