Soul Urge Number 1

Numerology is one very wide science, in a sense that there is not just one number that is relevant for your personal growth and description of your fate, but there is much more to find out about this science, or method, or a secret technique.

One of those interesting personal numbers is the Soul Urge number that, in the simplest possible explanation, could be depicted as the numeral that is related to the basic personal needs, desires and motivations of the individual.

Such number carries one critical and meaningful energy that truly cannot be compared with anything else, and its components in the central numerological pattern, it is hidden from others.

It must not be neglected, as the energy of this number is an effective factor in the course of destiny – in this piece, finds out what does this number mean for all those whose personal number is 1.

Just the word Soul Urge reveals so much of the characteristics of this numeral.

What is the meaning of the Soul Urge Number 1?

Now, if people have this Soul Urge Number, they are mostly characterized by independence and ability and a deep need to be free in most aspects in life, all of it, all the time.

It is truly important to know that these people truly value their freedom, and are able to do so since they are creative and always make it clear to others that they appreciate their independence.

If you want to be close to them, you must let them be, because their soul needs to be free, or they cannot live fully.

There is no doubt that these humans are very talented and capable, they believe in themselves, and therefore, they easily achieve their goals – this comes to their natural confidence and rational spirit.

On a more negative turn, they are very afraid of rejection, and to protect themselves from this, they often build a wall around them, rendering themselves as untouchable. This is understandable, but at the same time, it is a shame, because they are sometimes unnecessary to protect themselves from the enemy that is not there.

What we also must say, and this is an aspect that depicts their personality, is that they are spiritual people with a productive mind; they are full of new thoughts and ideas.

And this is very clear, Soul Urge Number 1 is under the strong vibration of number 1, the vibration that speaks of new bold ventures and plans in life, and these are human who lives like this and makes an amazing success.

These people are, in the end, regarding their character, is that they are passionate believers who often consider they were born with a special mission in this world.

They are constantly working hard to fulfill this mission, even when it comes to sacrifices and difficulties. They are persistent, facing the ups and downs of life calmly and courageously – have every possible opportunity to make it big in their lives.

What is the symbolism of the Soul Urge Number 1?

As you can expect, all who are under the impact of number 1 are in a symbolical sense, ruled by the center of our Solar system, responsible for our life, the brightest star that gives us warmth and energy.

Here, in the case of the people who are Soul Urge Number 1, it gives them the steadfastness of intentions and ideas – they tend to be attached to their own ideas, especially when they are convinced that they are on the right track. And in the majority of cases, they are certain that they are doing the right thing, and that they can truly make some good changes in their lives.


The thing that is hard for those who are Soul Urge Number 1 is that it is difficult for them to get them to change their behavior, opinion, beliefs or decisions.

They are pretty stubborn in this way, and this is all thanks to that impact that comes from the Sun, as the strong, and ego-centrically ruler of these people.

The Sun brings them clarity, and this only means that they are capable of shaping their ideas quickly; for that matter, these persons have a pretty clear understanding and a particular view that prevails in everything they do in life. You can look at this aspect as a clear path that they are walking on, and it is becoming brighter and brighter.

In communication with other people, they can be sensible, but they are always firm, accurate and clear in their expression – they see what they want, and go for it, often demanding it.

The Sun, as the symbolical ruler, gives them a distinctive character and a need for a lot of attention and respect; they just care about others and want it back.

In the end, as a direct consequence from the Sun, as their only and most prominent ruler, people who are Soul Urge Number 1, when focus on a certain goal, they are disciplined, open-minded, practical and serious.

The Sun pushes them to be maybe a bit explosive, but in the same way, they are trying to control themselves and are trying to be kind and friendly. A positive aspect of such behavior is that they are able to remain stable under adverse conditions.

Just like their ruler, the Sun, they are also seen as the source of light and joy and are largely devoted to serving humanity, of the direct their actions in this way.

Soul Urge Number 1 in Life, Love and Work

If we want to look at the everyday functioning in all aspects of life, we can say, freely, that people who are Soul Urge Number 1 are able to make friendships easily, and they have a hard time breaking up, or leaving people they deeply love.

They love to be loved and hate when someone is leaving their lives, but this does not stop their need to be authoritative, and they are also fortunate in getting help from other authorities.

Because of their nature, these people are able to get some help from the best ally possible, a good fortune. It helps them every step of the way in life.  So in the work area of life, they have a lot of fortune, and whatever they do, it is seen as very lucky, and eventually successful.

They love freedom, they don’t like a retreat when are in the middle of a certain project that is relevant to them, and above everything else, they simply cannot bear at any cost to get someone involved in their business.

They love to innovate and try to use the latest methods and technologies in everything they do – they often present well-known ideas as their own from a different perspective. They are making progress in their business because they are always thinking about reaching the top positions.

In some general sense, people with the Soul Urge Number 1 adore life, and what is most important they know how to appreciate art and beauty. They are ready to accept the truth and change their own views because the truth is more important to them than their own views.

Additionally, they are human beings who live in abundance and in a royal way; they are those who like to spend money on luxury and splendor. They spend money casually buying gifts for other people.

They share with guests, friends and generously spend money on them; this has one more negative turn since they can enter a phase where they “buy” others with their gifts and attention.

They embrace ideas from all sides and create their own path, instead of following the traditional religion in which they were born. They are very aware of their public image. They are basically friendly and happy to help, so they can get close to strangers and delight them in no time.

Advice for people who are the Soul Urge Number 1

Now, is there any advice to those with such a good personality, just like those with the soul Urge Number 1? Yes, there is, for example – they must learn to accept themselves with all their faults, which will be easier to release and allow the soul to develop freely.

They should not be afraid of defeat or tragically understand it, because they can draw good lessons from everyone.

Everything that you came across in life could be a valuable lesson, and even more for these people since they are creative and inventive and generally have a positive and optimistic attitude.

What these people also should do is to come to the realization that they have a vital power in them, maybe much more than other people, and are capable of performing difficult tasks.

For the most part, they are full of spirit, wide-hearted and very diligent, free of envy, malice and anger – of course, this is in the majority of cases.

But, advice to remain successful in their jobs is to remain honest and true, so they can make the right decisions at the right time.

These qualities help them stand out from the crowd, and it is nothing to be ashamed and to be different, but they should use such powers to make their lives and lives of others better.

They work hard to reach their peak, which in most cases succeeds. If they fail, they become sad, pessimistic, upset, irritated, and overwhelmed – an aspect of their personality that should be avoided, and for that matter, they should always have in mind that luck is always on their side.