Yellow Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

Candles are a regular part of our lives, and we used them almost in every modern “ritual” like wedding, funeral, the birth of a child, or prayer – we use them abundantly, and often times we see them as something that is given.

But, you could use them in your life deliberately in some form of a ritual that could bring you closer to some of your goal.

For example, you could choose the scented candle that you like the most, both by design and by scent.

Carefully select the shape and design of the candle, because when you have a personal perspective on the aids you work with on the energy of your home, then that energy will be more efficient.

It is recommended that you clean the room you are in, and to light a candle of your choice and start experiencing the energy of “fire.”

In today’s case, we are talking about the yellow candle and its purposes in life in general, and in spiritual life.

Meaning of Yellow Candle

When we think of yellow color, we have specific meanings that are connected to it – just like the candles of that color that are related to the energy of the power of the mind, the centre of direction, high attention, intelligence, creational force and the ability to learn.

To confirm this statement, it is enough to look any research about colors, where it has been proven that looking at this color or being in rooms with yellow walls, improve our concentration and the ability to learn.

Also, yellow candles should be a part of our daily routine – its enhanced logic, and education, to enhance visualization, and help our memorizing better.

It is highly recommended to use such candles to enhance (if you want to boost it, or you lack it) determination, attraction, influencing, to force another to submit to your desires, motivation, learning, enlightenment, imaginative power and transparency in interpersonal relations.

It arouses your energy and self-confidence and encourages happiness and an encouraging prospect.

Since this candle is connected to the air and when you use this candle in any ritual, you are in fact attempting to obtain the knowledge of the eternities, and authority over the full advantage of their imaginative abilities.

This amazing yellowish candle has the skill to bring you closer to the realm where you can become active in a thoughtful way.

So, many people who notice such abilities of yellow candle use them for the purpose of studying, or ritual before exams, for general stimulation of intelligence – it can help you gain some focus that you do not have.

This color of candles can be used for building knowledge, to obtain penetration into puzzles of life.

All of this is plausible because yellow is the color connected to the rational awake part of the brain. By affecting this part of the brain, it could be used for the process of affecting all those areas that are necessary for your growth – like studies, jobs, self-improvement, etc.


In the end, such candles can change darkness that is sometimes part of our minds, and it can transform that darkness into the light.

When to use Yellow Candle?

When you know that yellow candle is connected to the energy of a mind, and in that sense you could use them every time when you need to enhance maters of wisdom, understanding and all those methods that are required for individual extension of virtues; so by practicing them in rituals you can utilize to improve the mind, to increase attention, for psychic energy, to improve education experience, and for communication, and for bettering your work.

Yellowish candles encourage the activity of all kinds, but especially thinking practice. Yellow is the color that attracts people, as it has strong compelling potential so use them in ceremonies where you hope to obtain another person’s self-confidence and support or to win someone nearby in the job you want to accomplish in.

Use them generously, to enhance all types of good relationships with the people who are near you, in the workplace or otherwise.

Now, it is essential to know that you could use yellow candles to improve your life if you feel that you are surrounded by telltale, resentment, lie, rumors, or fraud.

Now, for the individuals who are more developed in a spiritual way the energy of the yellow candles could be used for the event called the astral voyage where you can reach some Universes that you could not even imagine that are possible to see during your lifetime.

In fact, the symbol of success is yellow color, and it is often used for numerous campaigns that are directed toward achievement, development and success.

Yellow candles are a mandatory part of the success gaining ritual for the purpose to break rational blockages reduces barriers, and it is the symbol that people love to have with them when they travel.

Yellow candles are suggested to use for charms which are designed to increase visualization capabilities that we all have, but we do not apply to the extent that we should.

You will see that after some short period of time you will feel rational evidence, exercise in mental way, happiness, joy, and somewhat accuracy in your actions (this comes from the fact that yellow color is used to direct us toward things that we must do in life, if we want to succeed in life).

Also, we must speak of the positive inclination that yellow candles are giving us, and so they are perfect to use for any ritual that is connected to an aspect of your career, preferably the one that completes you in some meaningful way since it can focus you toward your goal.

It is recommended for you to include, if possible, with mediation, so your mind is entirely open to accomplish your purpose, accomplish your objectives, and regularly change your investments, whatever that investment may be, financial or other.

The Symbolism of Yellow Candles

Did you know that some people call this color the breaker of habits, and in this sense, the yellow candle could be used in the battle against many practices that we have and could not get rid of?

Yellow is the symbol of the sun, light and why not a bar of gold, it has a somewhat positive character with spiritual adjusting to the restorative powers and is also good for maintaining good personal relations with people who are close to you.

It is recommended to use them when you feel like you are alone, or when you feel that depression or sadness will enter your life and stay there without any chance of slowing down.

Use these “sunny” candles abundantly, alone or in combination with different color candles to eliminate these feelings that are not welcome, and summon in your life feelings such as honesty, love, open and clear relationships with human beings you care for.

Promote honesty, extensive discussion, notably in relations with the people you want to be in a relationship – and more importantly in the times when you feel that your powers in any sense of that word are limited or disabled.

If some people want to use these types of candles to cast away negative energies that produce treachery, weakness, failure, illness, declining, disease, in your life, you can use them abundantly, and every day.

The planet that is in charge of this color is the small but fiery planet Mercury, a planet that is connected to the communication and interpersonal relations, thoughtful performance, examination, will, intelligence.

In the end, as all candles can, yellow type candles can also be used in the process of penetration to the future, and past also, and those who are more educated than the others can use it to forecast the event that is going to happen in the future, or to understand the events that occurred in the past.

In the end, this color, along with the candles of the same color are symbols of determination and creativity energy in ceremonies where we want to have to achieve something.

With it, you could have confidence, morality and belief that things are going to work out for you in many ways than one.


In this conclusion, we want to speak about health properties of these candles, and one of them is dedicated to curing (if used in proper conditions, everything poor circulation, arthritis, tired eyes, or dry skin.

It is recommended to put five yellow candles on the kitchen table and light them once a day.

The possibilities are endless – you could use them to study better, to memorize better or to enhance your creativity.

After just some short period of time, you will feel that your balance has approved that you shine with more self-esteem, and charisma than ever before, directing yourself toward prediction and creativity enhancement.

Practice it further for the intensity of mind, vitality, meaning and effectiveness that you lack in life, or that you want to maintain.