Why Do I Keep Dreaming About the Same Person?

We could all agree that dream is such marvelous thing, in some of them we could, as some believe, are the primary information that the Universe provides us, while some are just average retrospectives of the day that we had, regardless of that day was nice or bad and filled with negative emotions.

However, many psychologists, as well as spiritual experts, believe that dreams have special meanings.

Our subconscious creates a dream, and she knows our being much better than we do ourselves.

Nevertheless, some dreams do possess a specific purpose and can explain to you the necessary steps to take, and we will tell you right now, that the dream where you see one person repeatedly.

What does such a dream means, is it the carrier of the good or bad news?

This dream that has a motive one the same person means that you think a lot about that person, especially if you thought about that person before bed.

It is also possible that you are dreaming of a person you love immensely or that you are worried about someone, so your worries manifest in dreams.

In some versions of these dreams, such motive may show that we are soon must deal with some traits of our own that we hate and that we see in the person who is a frequent guest in our dreams.

What does it mean if you dream about someone repeatedly?

Most often a meaning of such a dream is this – it often happens that you have the same dream because you miss that person; this is the person who is no longer in your life.

During the day we perform various tasks, are busy with our daily activities and ignore the feeling, but during the night, these thoughts have to float to the surface and turn into a dream.

The only thing that you should do is to listen to that dream and find your way of dealing with it.

Another meaning lies in the fact that the same person appears in because of the traits that are important to you and what you see in that person.

Perhaps you admire that person for the persistence, courage, or success that it has? Maybe your dream is just inspiration for your own life – maybe that person is not close to you, but it is a person who is a role model, you would like to have that kind of life.

Then in your dreams, that person will represent wisdom and courage that you are trying to achieve in your life, and for now, you lack off?

As for the negative traits that bother us, they still could be reflected in a dream – we could see the person who possesses those traits.

So, our dreams of a person who has negative characteristics and that we do not like at all may mean that such features annoy us on others or we have them, but we would like to change them.

This is so important for you to understand since your growth could depend on the acceptance of our flaws, and such a dream may be the perfect way of finding out what are those flaws (in this case those flaws appears in the form of the person that we dream repeatedly).


Think about these meanings; in any case, and you can make them become something that could be a change for your life.

We spoke so many times how much dreams could direct us to do things that we should, not that we must do – all unresolved issues with people in our lives must come out to the surface.

What does it symbolize if you dream about someone repeatedly?

For example, if you dream of ex-lover, you may subconsciously want to renew that romance – this dream may be the symbol of your repetitive desire for that lover.

If in a dream, you see a person who you have troubled relationship with, and you no longer speak to, it means that you are reflecting your desire to make things better with that person.

The dream reflects the need to change that decision and that person must find a place in your life in some other way. The mind knows what we want much more from us and gives us a hint through dreams – this is something that we should take into consideration.

If you see the unknown person in your dreams, again and again, it is a sign that we think about how we treat people who are not so close to us.

Being in a dream with a stranger is a dangerous situation, and you feel threatened, it may mean that you have a lot of suppressed toxic people in your surroundings who are disrupting the flow of good energy and need to be on guardian.

If you have a good relationship with a stranger in your dream, it means that life will soon bring you some pleasant surprise – only if this dream appears multiple times.

By good relationship, we suggest you feel the decisive impulse that makes you prepare for something that is equivalent of a pleasure.

What to do if you had such a dream?

If you often dream of one person, you must first and foremost analyze with yourself what that person represents to you – is it someone who is close to you, who is not known to you, or someone who you have lost recently.

Does this particular character have some features in common with you or just the contrary, maybe he or she has traits that we condemn for some reason? This is one of the best ways that will explain to us what we think of others as well as ourselves -this is such a dream that could help us find out what we believe about ourselves.

The repetition of the same person all times in your dreams – you are probably in a situation where the person’s qualities are at the forefront of you, torment you, condemn them, or admire them on the other.

You can also dream of a person from a distant past with whom you no longer have any connection, and this is also an interesting aspect that we could use for finding out more about us.

This is important to know because such a dream can be the symbol of you – this person may be a reflection of a specific part of ourselves that we have lost.

The people we dream of represent in some way ourselves or one part of us. The person we are dreaming of is the wonderful thing that the dream wants to convey to you – the thing that you should do is to think of what that part of you is lost.

Make an effort to remember your dreams or write them down immediately after getting out of bed – who was that person who you saw in your dream many times.

They often indicate something the subconscious really wants and can protect or direct us for the first time -if that person is someone you miss, maybe you should contact people that you have not heard a long time, and tell them how much you miss them.


Recurring dreams about the same person are not a bad sign, and they can be very useful for the deep understanding of who we are, what we miss in life, especially in meaningful interpersonal relations.

However, many analysts, as well as spiritual authorities, understand that dreams have special meanings and that among all dreams that we have, dreams about the same person that is recurring, have the high place.

Many people deal with this dream and try to find out what does such a dream means for humans, and more importantly, what it could do for us so that we become better.

Our subconscious creates a dream, and she knows our being much better than we do ourselves – there are many hidden aspects that you do not register while you are awake, but those things come on the surface when you sleep.

This is the reason why such dreams are very important, and in the case when you constantly dream a person that is no longer in your life, it may have a simple explanation.

It often happens that we often dream of a person who is no longer in our life. During the day we do various tasks, we are busy with our daily activities and ignore the feeling of lack, but during the night these thoughts have to float to the surface and turn into a dream.

But, on the other hand, such dreams may have a different meaning – maybe you have some unresolved issues with that person. This is a warning sign that you must resolve that issue, or it will haunt you.

In other cases, such a dream could be precognition that you are looking for to do some things that will be funny and pleasurable for you.