White Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

All insects that live on our planet have a certain symbolism for human beings, besides their purpose in our biological system; some of them have good symbolism others are seen as bearers of bad luck.

Besides their biological purposes, all of them present something deeper for human beings, and usually, based on their characteristics, they are loved symbols, or they are seen as the bad omens that should be terminated.

For example, Butterflies (in general) are a beloved symbol that appears all over the world, and people see them as symbols of thought, eternity and transformation – they are seen as the carriers of good fortune and the ability for human beings to transform themselves into something beautiful.

They are also a sign that many good (the best ones) things in life are created from the “ugly” and “uncomfortable” situations.

But, what could we found out about the night butterflies, the Moths? Their brothers who are not as loved as they are, but still, carry some kind of beauty, and are definitive carriers of some messages – depending on the appearance, color or other aspects the message changes its form.

Yes, we are talking about the Moths – as not such a loved symbolical motive, but when we look at the perception of Moths all around the world, we can say that they always carry a compelling message.

In today’s case, we are searching for the answer -the meaning and symbolical value of a White Moth.

The emphasis here is one the white color – it is a known fact that the white color is reminiscent of lightning, kindness, innocence, chastity and virtue. It is supposed to be the color of perfection, and when it appears beside a specific another motive, it positively affects it.

Meaning of a White Moth

Animals have had their symbolism since ancient times. Their role was also crucial in the emergence and development of culture, stimulating the development of many human skills, the creation of the first works of art, and in addition, they were indispensable symbols of many cults.

Moths are not such beloved insects that just look like butterflies (they belong to the same group of insects), but they are pests, and people have a somewhat negative feeling when they see them, cause they know that they bring some damage into our lives.

But what does it mean when a Moth, and that is the White Moth appears? What is his meaning in some more profound sense?

Given the roles, man used to attribute various signs to animals, both good and bad, even in ancient times he blindly believed in the signs he received from them. Famous ancient warriors in battles are, for example, moved only after being convinced of a favorable eagle flight or retired when that flight was unfavorable.

In some cultures, seeing a White Moth in a dream, or a vision is never a good thing, because it indicates illness and possible death, presumably the young person, someone who is not matured yet.

Generally speaking, it represents a change that is about to come into your life and the fact that Moth is white denotes perfection, purity and all virtues that we want to have. So, this can be a good sign – a change will follow (no one said it would be an easy one) and you will be on the path that has been chosen for you, the best possible way.

In some depth analyses, the White Moth as a motive is a sure sign that you are craving some changes in life, and the fact is that you need those changes. This means that you have all qualities to succeed in life and that you should be such a person who is aware that it can achieve a lot in life.

It is essential to know that white color symbolizes safety and purity. In contrast to the black, white has a positive connotation. White can represent an auspicious start.  It emphasizes faith and purity.


The Symbolism of a White Moth

As far as the symbolism of this nocturnal insect goes (he always appears in the night, and it is the being that loves dark and wet spaces, where it can thrive), it can be a symbol of a warning that you must be much more than you have ever been. You may not be in the habit of inquiring about the people around you, but you trust them with every word.

Although you have tried hard to be correct, some will change their attitude towards you overnight and appear in a light that, until now, you could not even imagine.

There is one interesting saying that we can apply here – “like a Moth to a flame” – it can be seen as the symbol of carelessness and curiosity that can have catastrophic consequences. Here, we are talking about the inner need to learn and to discover, even if such a process can bring to the harmful outcomes.

One more important thing needs to be said – the relevant aspect is the attraction that the Moth has toward “thing that is dangerous, but beautiful at the same time”. In the case of the White Moth, it could be an attraction toward perfection and virtue in its purest form.

But the White Moth can escape such “destiny”, and such fate could be seen just as a lesson that we should use in our lives for the future.

We should add one more symbolical aspect that is contributed to the White Moth – it can be a symbol of things that are hidden in our lives that are lurking us, and hide in the darkness.

These are those things that exist in our lives and that are hidden from us during the day, and make a mess out of our lives in the night.

Metaphorically speaking, it shows that even things that are seemingly beautiful and look like something good, they hide much more inside.

Good or Bad sign?

The White Moth is seen just as a sign (we would not give him a connotation of good or bad, it is just a sign that you must understand), and what will it imply is up to you – it can be seen an indication that you are about to defeat the most cunning enemy that has been lurking you for a long time.

And even worse, it is the enemy that you saw as something that is beautiful and even friendly; it was something that remains hidden in the darkness, but still very close to you.

You have probably been suffering torture for a long time by someone who vents his frustration and anger towards people he finds weaker than himself.

But the White Moth can also be seen as happiness will that cloud enter your mind – it can be a symbol of a child-like naivety and purity that sometimes draws us to things that we do not understand.

But, after a pain (a burn) the White Moth can show you that all of us could learn to form our naivety and mistakes, regardless of how that lesson can be problematic for us.

You react quickly and are able to do something within minutes that will make you regret it for months or years – the White Moth could be a sign that this is ok, but you should learn something from those experiences, not to make them again.

In the end, such a motive could be seen as annunciation that after a great danger you will enjoy the good life, and this should be seen as a change that is about to come in your life.

It is all about changes that will alter your life for the better, and it just takes some time to get used to that change.

Sometimes, the White Moth teaches us that everything in the Universe has a purpose; even those things that “do some harm” in the bigger picture they bring some good.

And the same parallel could be drawn with humans – one of the lessons that we should learn is that we must accept the pain and painful lessons as a way of growth, not as a death sentence (like we usually do).


The White Moth as a symbol brings to your attention that your luck due to sudden inheritance will be clouded.

A White Moth indicates that some invisible irritation will not show until it is too late – it is a wake-up call to make some changes or to accept those changes that are about to come, regardless of your actions.

In some spiritual sense, this is essential to pay attention to the smaller details, not just specific things -the White Moth is a reminder to observe all things in their totality, not just as small, disconnected parts.

Alternatively, the White Moth symbolizes your weaknesses, character flaws, or fragility that we all have, but often hide; and the color of the Moth here, the White color indicates that your fragility comes from one place in your soul.

It is the place where you want to achieve greatness, but you are naive and uncertain of your strengths.

It is important to gather strength and give yourself a blow that will be strong enough to let yourself know what you are ready for – and the truth is that you are created for great things in life.

Fear must not be your choice, not now, not ever, and hiding in the darkness could not hide the brightness of your soul and the qualities that you have, even if they are underestimated by your environment.