White Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The dog is one of the most popular pets of humans. He is often regarded as a faithful companion, best friend of man or even member of the family. The animal is even considered the best friend of man. Many value the reliability and unrestricted affection of a dog; others, however, refer to a dog pejoratively as a barker or obligation and have nothing left for these animals.

Also, the animal, originally descended from the wolf, this causes some people to panic: they are afraid of the unpredictable force, the threatening growl, barking and the sharp teeth and claws of the animals. Especially dogs, which are used as watchdogs, can be scary. But even a very large dog, such as a Great Dane, a Doberman, a Husky or a German shepherd, makes some people feel queasy. They then automatically take distance from the animal, though this is often peaceful.

As dogs play a major role in our everyday lives, they are emerging in the dreams of many people. Whether a hound like the dachshund or the rescue dog Bernhardine used in alpine areas: Dogs can play both a positive and a negative role in the dream, that is, the dreaming can know and like the animal, but also be afraid of it. Added to this is the dog’s behavior in the dream: Is he gritting his teeth and growling, ready to attack? Or is he harmless and excited?

But regardless of whether poodle or shepherd dog – dreams in which one or more dogs appear, can have different meanings – depending on the attitude of the dreaming to the animals and the concrete behavior of the dog. Also, the term “dog” may mean something quite different than the cute dog. When we are dealing with an unpleasant person, we sometimes tell he is a dog or a pig. So this is not what the four-legged dog represents, instead we want to call this person a hypocrite, lazybones or someone we consider to be bad for a personal reason.

But how does the dream interpretation interpret the encounter with a dog in the dream exactly? To answer this question, first some typical dream situations are described, which can be associated with dogs in the dream.

Dog chasing you in a dream

Anyone who dreams of being chased by a dog may have to contend with fears or mental problems that he does not admit or express in the wake world. All the more does he pursue these bad feelings in the dream in the form of a dog, which may also invite the sleeping person to admit his emotions honestly?

Dream of dogs in hunting

Dogs that hunt someone or something, according to the traditional dream interpretation stand for the instinct and feelings of man. The dreaming desperately wants to reach a specific goal in his professional or private life, guided by his feelings, but also by his strong energies, which will show him the right way.

Runaway dog in a dream

If your (own) dog runs away in the dream, this dream symbol indicates that you are fleeing even from certain people, situations or feelings because they are unpleasant to you, you do not want to admit them or because you are afraid of dealing with them, You should listen to your inner self and become aware of your suppressed feelings in order to overcome them.

Dream about dog biting you

A dog that bites you in the dream points to jealousy and negative feelings, which spread in your environment. There may be a major dispute or a relationship conflict. The dreamer also has to deal with financial difficulties. Biting dogs in the face of the person, who is dreaming, represents public reputation that is in danger.

The dog in the dream tries to bite

If the bite of the dog has not yet been completed, but he tries to bite, the dreamer should be prepared for the fact that there are envious people in his environment who do not allow him his professional or private success. They are just waiting for an opportunity to do harm to the sleeper.

The dog bites a child in the dream


If a child is bitten by the dog during the dream, this is a sign that the dreamer is beginning a new phase of life. However, this person is not greeted by all the people around him, some of them may well be happy with him. Therefore, this dream symbol stands for the fact that the just found happiness of the dreaming is in danger.

A life-threatening attack – The dog in dream bites you in the throat

An attack of the dog on the dreamer’s throat is a very threatening dream situation, which should also be taken seriously. The sleeping person is threatened with a danger in real life as well, which does not necessarily have to be perilous, but which can also severely affect his or her soul. The psychological dream interpretation understands the dog bite in the throat also as a desire of the dreaming to eliminate negative feelings.

Dreaming to be bitten by the dog on the hand

A bite of the dog in the dream in the hand generally announces mischief and injuries in the real life of the dreamer. With the hand as a dream symbol of skill and business acumen, bite on the hand can announce impending losses or financial losses in business.

This dog in dream shows teeth

If the dog shows its teeth in the dream, this is to be understood as a warning of an impending attack, which in dreams could have even worse consequences. The dreaming should therefore take care not to go unnecessarily in dangerous situations that could cause him physical or mental suffering.

Dream of aggressive dog

If the dog appears to be particularly aggressive in the dream, this is a sign that the dreamer is not in control of his own drives and emotions, so that they break out uncontrollably. The sleeper should instead learn to listen more to his mind in order to make sensible and beneficial decisions.

What did I do to him? White dog barks in the dream

A barking or growling white dog is a dream symbol that can be interpreted in various ways. It could threaten to attack, which can damage the reputation of the dreaming. In addition, the sleeper may face a new challenge that he should well prepare for. However, if the white dog sounds particularly joyful, the dream research indicates this as a sign that the dreamer is socially accepted.

White dog in the dream symbolizes the sensitive areas of life that need special protection. It also indicates how to shield yourself against mental injury or defend yourself. Sometimes he emerges as a guide through the world of the unconscious, which calls for self-knowledge.

The white dog must always be considered in the dream context, because it has two different meanings. On the one hand, he is a friend and protector of man and watches over his possessions; on the other hand, he attacks enemies of his master and thus gets a clear meaning of aggression.

  • If you know the white dog (maybe a pet from childhood), then he can stand for happy memories.
  • If one does not know the dog, then it may symbolize loyalty and unconditional love, as man show for the dogs in general.
  • An attacking white dog stands for the mental defense against attacks. How to stay despite difficult situation, cheerfulness and good mood. A reliable property in oneself or others, which makes it possible to get a grip on conflicts again. A kind of “magic formula” or a prayer that helps to ward off fear, jealousy, insults or insults. In a sense, draw a line to protect yourself from mental attacks and hostility.
  • Barking white dog can point to attack and misfortune.
  • Angry white dog ​​reflects the loss of self-control over instincts and feelings. Strong urges or anger towards someone. Violent clashes.
  • Howling white dog is considered a general warning of serious hazards.
  • Being bitten by a white dog means being attacked, harassed or threatened by someone. One gets to feel the malice or territorial claims of others. Addiction problems can also be behind it.
  • Hunting white dog should display a superficial, frivolous attitude to life with a tendency to adventures.
  • Playing with a white dog means that you will overcome your opponents.
  • White dog on a lead represents self-control or can keep his lower instincts in check, curb his instincts.
  • If you carry a white dog in your arms, you have the instinctual power in your power.
  • Petting a white dog on a chain can announce a financial risk or other damage through frivolity.
  • Black dog is often interpreted as a painful deception by a friend.
  • Dead or dying white dog stands for giving up. Lost something that gave you confidence or made you feel safe.
  • Beheading a white dog represents measures to banish someone from his life. To make sure that someone can no longer defend him or entrust anything.
  • Killing or sacrificing a lover’s white dog, questioning his obedience, loyalty, and reliability towards a person or organization.
  • Killing evil white dog will be freed from a rage or addiction. To defeat adversaries. Territorial expansion.
  • Several white dogs, which argue, should show family dispute.
  • When a dream is about a pack of wild white dogs, it is a feeling the dreamer is afraid of.
  • If it is a white dog breed with specific characteristics, such as the speed of a greyhound and so on, then it is a special talent of the white dog, which one must develop in order to be able to continue to concentrate on a specific goal.
  • Snappy white dogs in a man’s dream point to jealousy if a woman experiences snappy white dogs in a dream, she is quite unrestrained. That does not mean that she lives that way, only the disposition to inhibition is present.
  • Where the white dog accompanies us, instinct keeps us awake;
  • When a white dog is chained or tormented, in the unconscious, inferiority complexes boil up in the real life.
  • Large white dogs reinforce what has been said, small white dogs weaken it.

White dog includes instincts and feelings; then he expresses his own attitudes, perhaps also warns against suppressing this psychic content too much. Whatever happens to the white dog in a dream, it represents instinctually as such.

The sexual significance of white dogs in dreams seems to elucidate from their peculiarity of performing sexual acts in public and therefore is also considered a symbol of the uninhibited activity of man in relation to what one usually dare to do only hidden. They symbolize the instinctual and wishful life, but on a somewhat primitive basis, always connected with a certain fear of disorder that could arise, if one acts like the white dog. As a fear animal in a dream, the white dog is often only the description of one’s own bad conscience.