White Candle – Meaning and Symbolism

Many books have been written on the topic of the Candles (not for the purpose of exploration of their everyday usage, for lighting; but for their much deeper usage).

Here, we are talking about their meaning and symbolism in our everyday life, but more importantly, it was examined does candles that are seen as the everyday objects could have some more significant point to them.

And we believe that there is, and the proof for this lies in the fact that in almost all rituals in virtually all religions, spiritual sessions, ceremonies, etc., the Candle is used abundantly – and to be honest, if you imagine any ritual or ceremony about anything, you cannot picture it without the candle.

Here, we are speaking about, not just an ordinary candle, but the candle that genuinely has that mysterious flame that could connect us to something that is deeper and more spiritual.

It is said that the color of the candle changes its energy and therefore, they are used for different purposes – any color that you could imagine could be the color of the candle, and it could be the aspect that will give it different energy.

The color of the candle amplifies the beneficial effects of natural forces inside and outside of the candle, and the rituals where candles are used are believed that they have a beneficial influence, based on these hidden forces.

Understanding what the candle symbolizes can help us to fulfill our specific desires is also very interesting to the point of view, and this is why certain rules should be followed.

Today we are talking about the White Candle – and we are giving you the answer is the White Candle something more than just a decoration on weddings and celebrations? One unusual ornament or an object that burns with an energetic flame?

Read all about this.

Meaning of a White Candle

In the past, it was believed that the flame that comes from the candle could connect us with millions of people around the world – regardless of how far they can be, not just in the same moment on the other side of the world, but with the people who are in other dimensions (like those who passed away).

In those times, when people felt sadness or regret, they lit the candle and send a message across the flame to the person to whom we want to say something.

The same process applied in times when they wanted to communicate with forces out of this world (this is the reason why when you see that someone is summoning a ghost, always lights a candle).

Candles have been a sign of prayer for thousands of years – there is no temple, church or sanctuary without a church. In Egypt and Crete about 3000 years before Christ, candles were burned in honor of the gods, in the early Christian tradition waxworks signified devotion to the Virgin Mary, and today they are fired for similar reasons.

Candles are also associated with many magical rituals, to achieve or enhance the beneficial effects of natural forces inside and outside us. Many occult societies still use candles in their ceremonies, which seem to be a particularly exciting ritual practice – in some countries; people are unaware of such magical properties and think that candles just have decorative purposes.

Candles are part of magic rituals and regardless of whether we believe it or not, their light affects our energy, judging by the beliefs of ancient peoples. It all depends on the material it is not made of (beeswax is still unmatched), shape, color, quantity and each has a story.

Fire is a symbol of change, sacrifice and purification, and the occult revolves around the use of candles. Superstition teaches us that when a candle burns, our deepest desires will be fulfilled. If you make a candle yourself, it will radiate your energy.


It is even said that people can practice candle magic in their homes, following a few simple lessons, namely, descriptions of techniques that can be performed in the home or in nature, with one or more candles of a particular shade.

It is believed that the white candle is a symbol of everything that is pure – it can be our soul, our intentions and the clarity of our goals. In this sense, by lighting this candle, and summoning certain energy; it can connect us to such intentions.  We can connect with pure intentions and devote a few moments as we look at the flames of soul and clarity of our goals.

The Symbolism of a White Candle

Every candle is divided by its color, and based on that color it could be used for a particular wish; so if the red is dedicated to love and passion, the white candle is connected to the soul energy and purity of desires.

Some claim that such candles can substitute for any other color, and they can be used for other rituals – it has such property that it could receive the energy from other candles of different colors.

So, in the case of the white candle, it’s real and symbolical light should put you into the right course of life. Here, it will also be directed by a lighted candle of the appropriate coloring, which favorably affects the action that you want to achieve in your life.

For example, some say that you should write your wish that has to be honest to the core and burn-in with the flame that comes from the white candle. You should save the ashes that remain from that paper.

You should wait a bit and when that hour passes, turn it off. From the warm wax that is a leftover from your white candle, you should knead a ball that you will continuously carry with you, and whenever you reach for it, remember your desire.

What a fantastic way of connecting with the Universe of desires by using the white candle – additionally you can burn the candle in the appropriate hour of the day, in the midday the best, on Monday. You spend that time in the intense thinking of realizing your passion.

The power of mental energy has not yet been sufficiently explored, but all occult teachings that use the White Candle attribute enormous potential to it – and why not, you will be the one that will try it, the only thing that you need is the white candle and a wish.

Good or Bad sign?

It is definitely a good sign, or to say it in this way and it is an excellent tool that you could use to reach the Divine Light. It also designates Creator as Light to the World, Light from Light, True Light, which enlightens every man who comes into the world.

This all makes sense since we have said that White Candle, and then metaphorically, the White Light

Its symbolism is quite positive and pleasant, and it means a great deal of happiness and joy to you, which is connected with enjoying the harmony and good health of your loved ones and finally being able to “mature” and realize that money and wealth mean nothing if there is no health and harmony in the family.

So, it has such energy that has the tendency to move your focus from irrelevant, material things to those that are much deeper and spiritual.

The most important aspect that we spoke briefly in the previous sections that the White Candle has such energy that it could be used for achievement all desires that a person could have, but it has to be connected to the virtues like honesty and pure energy of a Divine soul.


In some general definition, the candle is a long, cylindrical object, poured out of wax through which a wick is drawn, which gives light by combustion.

With the advancement of technology, candles have become more diverse, so we can choose the shades, with a fragrant note, the addition of essential oils that give the flame special alchemy to them, even in different forms.

But you can also create a distinctive atmosphere, magic and spell with a simple white wax candle, which is a symbol of simplicity, truth and purity.

These three things are the main symbols that this Candle is connected to; its energy has these amazing traits.

Now, the White Candle is the true symbol of peace that must come after times of inner struggles. It has the energy that could bring you closer to new beginnings and purity in life.

It represents a new beginning, new love even – it can bring you closer to anything that you desire since it has the energy that could substitute everything else.

It connects to the energy of the world, and this is the reason why it can be a substitute for everything else.

Now, as you could see, this Candle, as many claims used in personal or common rituals gives protection against spells, encourages spiritual blessings and honor.

It is also said that the best way to use the White Candle is on Monday for achieving peace (inner and outer), healing (of all illnesses, including psychological, not just physical), a compassion that we seek for other beings, fertility, purification, care.

In the end, the White Candle has the purpose of setting our intention to change things. This intention could be obtaining a position, overcoming fear, resolving a conflict, spiritual development, seizing cash, obtaining out the truth, healing, reaching a top, preserving, rising and keeping a happy love connection, accepting rid of a bad attitude, or something else.