White Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

Once again, we will say that in some general symbolical system, Butterflies are the representations of the soul, and the caterpillar produced from the plant is a metaphor for transmutation.

Here is one interesting story – in the old Greece, the most interesting and advanced civilizations that ever existed, there was the common belief that the human soul was developed when a butterfly rose from its pupa.

Different cultures view butterflies as a representation of conversion, regeneration and flight – the symbolical aspect of human life that also has all of these traits.

Butterflies come in so many shapes and forms, and the most prominent trait that these beautiful insects are their wings that come in a variety of colors, a combination of colors – from dark to colorful and shiny; there is millions of combination. And all of them have special meanings and carry different symbolism for humans.

Today we are talking of one very interesting kind, the White Butterfly – for this special, gentle kind of the winged being, it is thought that his guardian angel, who has a relationship with a deceased relative, sends him an important message and recalls his presence.

So, the next time you encounter, in any way a White Butterfly that is close to you or lands on you; you will definitely think differently of him.

Read all there is about this almost Transparent Butterfly.

Meaning of White Butterfly

This is one type of Butterfly that appears in almost all countries in the world, even if they are a different kind of a Butterfly, but it has white wings – all people who see them are usually very joyful and believe that the good fortune will follow them.

White Butterflies are usually easy to catch – you can often see them around your home, and some believe that this event shows that death is near you, and it does not have to mean that you will die, but such event may show you that a certain negative thing is near you and your loved ones.

There is a common story that comes from one Native American Tribe who assume that when White Butterflies, alone or in a group are near you, the warmness of the summer is going to change the freshness of the spring, and all nature will shut down for a little bit. If there is just one, single Butterfly, in that case, you could expect the thunderstorm the true summer shower.

When we are talking of Native American Tribes, you probably know that they are very connected to their dream world, and are often led by it; they believe that the dream world is carrying an interesting symbolism that they use in everyday life. Now, regarding their dreams, certain tribes believe that White Butterflies are seen as the carriers of Dreams that enter your mind when you are in a deep sleep.

But the most prominent meaning that is connected to the White Butterfly is the one that says this – when this pale insect enters your world, house or a car, it is the indication of end, that as we have said, does not have to be an actual departure from this world in a physical sense, but a transition to another space, place and time. This is not uncommon – butterflies are connected to the processes of transformation, the conclusion of one circle and commencement of a different one.

In some countries, people believe that when they see a butterfly for an extended period of time, it can help them fall asleep easier and faster – it is recommended to put this insect on your walls and look at them more often, because it has a shooting effect.

If we want to look for the meanings from the other side of the world – if we look at China, there the meaning of a White Butterfly is completely different. As they believe that Butterfly is the soul, and since it has the white color, then it is the soul of the person you loved, but it is not with you any longer.

This is important to remember since in the majority of countries, the White Butterfly is seen as the messenger Angel – who is looking at you are protecting you from harm.

In this sense, the meaning of this beautiful being of what color could not be seen as bad – he is the bearer of good luck, happiness and joy, and in more than one country in the world, it is the sign that you will receive a message from beyond. It means that you will hear something that will change your life permanently, in all means, emotionally, spiritually and physically.


When a White Butterfly intersects your route or accesses your residence, it will deliver fortune and good vibes. Some go as far as saying that the first Butterfly that you see in the spring, is White, then it is an annunciation of a good summer.

So, the White Butterfly is one of those symbols in our Universe that, when you look at its depth and try to find what lies beneath, soon come to the meaning of it – he represents the process of holy conversion that no other Butterfly can do, regardless of its color. The whiteness in it has this purpose to transcend you to the places that are spiritual.

In Europe, in some countries, there were medieval laws that prohibited killing the White Butterflies, because it was considered to hold the spirits of deceased babies.

The Symbolism of White Butterfly

Now, we want to talk more about the symbolical value of the White Butterfly. This incredible bug is always, as all Butterflies are, connected symbolically to the terms such as growth, beauty and metamorphosis.

This translucent insect with amazing grace and beauty is symbolically related to innocence, silence, abundance in consciousness and pure relationships.

The White Butterfly is, as many symbolical systems will confirm an assertive indication; and it is symbolically connected to the lunar movements, and when you look at it, it truly resembles the Moon.

The Moon does not actually have its own light, but that it only receives that same light from the Sun, that is, to reflect energy. Hence, the symbolism related to White Butterflies, it shows, just as the Moon, the unconscious in us, our soul. In other words, the symbol of the White Butterfly is that subtle, obsessive, noble, and compassionate in us, and the Moon is the feminine principle, the principle of fertility.

And when a White Butterfly enters your life – it can resemble the Moons passage in our lives. He is food and water, our genetic heritage, and the need for safety, but also our memory, memories, spontaneity. So it can be everything that we are – or the person who is no longer with us. But all of these things are a part of our souls that we carry from one life to another.

If you are constantly seeing the White Butterfly of incredible beauty and if such an event makes you feel special, in fact, it demonstrates that there is a letter from the world beyond. The life-altering event will follow, be sure of that.

It means that you may be attempting to join with personal experience and that that transition can sometimes be depressing, but you must grip the test and past it the best that you can.

The White Butterfly brings, in a symbolical sense, conversion, quiet and better conversations with the soul.

Seeing a White Butterfly is a holy symbol – the essence of someone who transferred to the other side; it is the indication that the holy environment has a word for you and therefore, you require giving prominent consideration to it.

If such amazing buggy with beautiful and translucent wings lands on your body or hair – it signifies that you necessitate considering your personal purposes and to correlating them with the spiritual purposes that you must have in life.

In the end, we must say this, and you should not see this as the negative thing – the White Butterflies are the representation of the spirits of the dyed cherished ones. Noticing a White Butterfly indicates that you are receiving a word from the Angel realm. These creatures, just as the White Butterflies, and believe us there is nothing coincidental there, want you to be aware of their appearance and understand that you are well guarded, and they are guarding you.

This is an excellent sign that signifies that you will live in a time of love, pleasure, enjoyment and calmness in life. White butterflies are related to our personality and are connected with amicable relations with other human beings – we should all think about this sign when it comes to our lives, what kind of relations we have with the people we love, and how would we feel if they were gone from our lives?

You will probably see them in some problematic situation, White Butterflies (in this case, the Angelic beings) are continuing to lead you to get into your difficulties and obtain a resolution.

And at the end of this symbolical part, some believe that seeing these white creatures signifies the end – but more in the form of a change, not in the sense of ending a life, cause, in fact, there is nothing to end, because the energy just flows, it never stops.

Good or a Bad sign?

Here are some interesting trivia regarding The White butterflies – they come to us from February till the end of October, when the entire nature stars to change. And you can find them everywhere, and they are really easy to catch – to seem like they are not flying, but they are flickering through the sometimes crisp air and sometimes warm summer day.

They live just for a couple of weeks, and they find their one and only “partner” for life, on the second day of their short lives. So, in some ways, they could speak about Love and the importance of soul mates. The White Butterflies can also speak to us about Love they represent our mirror, a person who shows you everything that keeps you attached, and a person who turns your attention to you so that he can change his life.

A soul mate is probably the most important person you will ever meet because they will tear down the walls that surround you and shatter you. Soul mates come to your life to discover another layer of you, and then, sometimes, they often go and leave. We miss them very much.

Many people believe that the White Butterfly is the essence of Love and emotions in general – it is the picture of your own heart, and if the Butterfly is white, then your soul is ready to receive Love or to give it someone.

The purpose of your soul mate is to shake you up, to break your ego a little, and to show you your obstacles and addictions, to open your heart so that new light can enter it, to make you so out of your mind that you have to change your life.

And, as you can see, once again, we have come to the term change – used to explain the nature of the Butterflies. Above all other changes, the White Butterflies bring us one of the most important alterations in life – the spiritual transformation. They are representatives of completion and enlightenment.

As all Butterflies, the White ones are seen as the carriers of exceptional knowledge, and thus, if you recognize them, you should comprehend that you are continuing toward a peaceful experience.


All Butterflies, and among them, the White one, express one’s relationship with the spiritual front. In this sense, the White kind truly brings souls of those who are no longer with us, and we miss them terribly.

To sum up, all that we know – they are connected to a dream world, as the bearers of the messages from beyond that we see while we sleep. Some say that this trait means that these pale beings can move within the material and holy life, delivering information that we must hear.

Often times, the White Butterfly does do not travel alone – you will see them in a group, and then they have a different meaning.  Such an event symbolizes that you are a blessed person who works the best in compatibility and peace. This event can anticipate that there will be redemption in your life, maybe you will give to someone, or someone will give it to you.

A white butterfly is continually is reminding us of the importance of the conversion; changing to grow more attractive, it indicates that you agree to undergo comprehensive development.

If you do not accept that alteration in your life, you will become indifferent, so it is best to include the development that is about to occur. The information here is not to worry but to encompass it, and you will notice yourself shifting to a more joyous place in life.

As we are talking about messages, they are also considered to be the relevant sources of the weather forecast-they can tell you what kind of summer will be, and when will the winter end, or there will be showers.

All in all, their appearance, symbolism, meaning and general information is something that draws our attention – and when we accept that they are truly our connectors to the other worlds, we should be happy that we saw one or two of them.

Maybe if we are really lucky, one of them may even land on our hand, then we could hear the whisper from the Angel (or the Universe itself, or someone who we loved very much and is not the part of our lives anymore.