What Does It Mean When Your Right Hand Itches?

All of us are superstitious in some ways, even if we do not want to admit it, we are, and we should not be sorry about it – maybe such tendencies are necessary for our human survival, and why not, for our personal or general human progress in life.

We, as human beings, are so small and insignificant, how can we find our way in the Universe, if we do not have any help from the outside?

Maybe black cat that crossed our path means something and the itching on our hands are telling us something, that we need to take care of ourselves and to be prepared for the events that are about to come.

If you believe in these things, you also know that you are not the only one – the superstition has existed since humanity first developed, and at that time people in all parts of the planet believed in almost unimaginable scenarios about what would happen if they did not follow specific rules.

They usually refer to where we will walk, what we eat, but also what does the specific body parts are telling us and what will happen if we follow or do not follow that lead.

Now, to come to the title of this piece, the hands, one of the most interesting and (in energetic sense) parts of a human body.

Contrary to the beliefs of a certain number of people, belief in particular signs of this type does not depict any primitivism, and we should open our minds we speak of these and similar topics.

Simply, not only as a nation of the world, but as an individual, we are inclined to make certain meanings, and, by the way, we all would like to have an insight into our future at least somehow, no matter how banal it sounds.

Hands are a real encyclopedia of human beings, they can reveal so much about us, and they can discover a lot of things about our personality: they reveal our character, our health and overall well-being, and even discover what you can face during your lifetime, the good and the bad also.

To find out all this, you need to look at them well or to listen to what they are saying from time to time – of course, their speech is reflected in some physical reactions that you should try to understand.

You will be surprised if you just listen to what your hands have to tell you. But now you are wondering how your hands can speak to you?  They can – your hands can sweat, or they can change their color, or they can itch, from small tingling to the severe burn like itching.

All of this means something, and it is up to you to listen and to follow their lead.

Some believe that we will get the money (or anything that is related to the material gain, and wealth) when we rub our left hand. What does it mean when your right hand itches? Is there a medical explanation for all of this or is it all mere superstition?

Read in the piece below.


To emphasize how important hands are for human beings, we will say that the fascination with them comes from the ancient past. Regardless of whether you firmly believe it, or not, reading the future from the hands is part of the joy that our ancestors adored to practice.

It is said that hands can show our progress through life, so the lines can be changed along with your personality, attitudes and experiences. Now, we ask if the hands are so reveling, itching certainly means something also?


It seems to us, and we believe that you will also agree, that money and love are the strongest motives that govern our reactions, so we have so many beliefs that are related to them – all over the world people have one saying or the other that concerns love or money, and they are religiously following what does their body is speaking to them.

As for money, there are most of them, and one of the most famous is about whether right hand itches you, or maybe the left hand itches you.

We must also say that this belief that the right hand in a human is connected to the money or the material gain has existed for centuries, and is genuinely infringed in our society. Some people associate it with a person who is greedy and has an irresistible desire for money.

There is a belief that, when your hand itches you, you will receive some money, and it is the best to take some wooden object and scratch yourself with it because it will bring you happiness.

In some cases, only if the right hand itches you, you will lose some money, and if the left hand itches you will receive some money.

But what are definitive, hands are connected to the material gain and wealth in general.

Additionally, the right hand has a connection to the important meetings that could possibly change your life in some ways, and we will go back to this in some sections that follow.

The Symbolism

If we look at deeply into the symbolism of the hands, we will soon realize how different they are – they are not equal by any means, and even more, they refer to some entirely different things in life.

So it is not surprising why itching of one hand means one thing and of another something else.

Generally speaking, the left hand indicates the possibility, while the right hand marks activity. Left is the symbol of ideas and all things that we have the chance to do in life, but we do not necessarily have to. As far as the right hand goes, it is relevant to say, that this is the hand that symbolizes everything that we can do in our lives, it is the hand that can, that does.

That’s why the left hand means something will happen to you in your life and therefore you will have to give money for it. And itching of one or the other hand just emphasizes such tendencies, so it needs to take into consideration, and we should never disregard if the right hand is itching.

When we speak of the symbolism of the right hand, we must talk about the fact that this is the hand that is active in most cases (for those people who will say what about people who are left-handed and who do a majority thing with the left hand, we must say that they are in the most cases, perfectly capable of using the right hand, even if such possibility is not open for the right-handed people).

So, the right hand is the one that does, that creates and that is active – when it does, this is the hand whose energy of work comes out of you and contributes to your monetary gain. Things are clearer now – it is all about the energy that floats, so maybe this is not such a bad sign, after all, it means that you will do some work and gain money, even if afterwards you will send it, but that is what money is for.

The right-hand itching ensures that energy comes out and is replaced by the money that comes.

You should look at itching of the right hand as a good thing, and even if this connected to the money loss, maybe it is the investment for the future; you give now so it can come back to you in the future.

What to do if the right hand itches?

Now, if the right hand itches you, as some beliefs claim, you can’t just ignore it, you must react so that that energy has its direction.

To reduce itching and to move that energy it the desired direction, all you have to do is rub it on a wooden surface (the best advice is to find something that contains wood and to scratch your right hand, preferably thinking about the direction where you want to go).

Now, you may wonder why the wooden surface? Because, the wood is the symbol of nature, of something that is integral, as all man should be, but also because the wood has such energy that is compatible with the energy flow. Anything that is possibility superficial could not direct that energy in the desired direction.

According to belief, this will reduce itching because in this way the palm energy will be transferred to the tree, and from there it will be sent into the Universe with your desire written on it.

In this regard, this popular belief can be allegedly prevented.

According to ‘experts’, after your right hand itches, you should place your right hand on your head, or to be specific on your hair, and move it back and forward.

It is said that this can easily solve this problem and not lose a large amount of money at all – once again it is clear that this energy that stars from your right hand must be continued and sent to the Universe.

What is also recommended for you to do is that after this itching experience, you should give a small amount of the money, at least a few cents, to any person from your surroundings, even a stranger. This final act will prevent you from not having any further money losses during the day.

Sign of a Good or a Bad Luck

We know well that when the right hand itches us – it means that it’s time to pay something – or we will be left without some cash.

On the other hand, when the left palm itches, it is rare for someone to handle it because it means that money is on the way, and that person will gain some money. A slightly lesser-known belief, and in connection with itching of hands, it is said that when you already receive money into that left palm, you must rub it with your hair, so that it can transfer to you, and that money flow does not stop.

Now, as you were able to see, you now know that as a body part that is sending us some signals about the events that are about to come, hands are connected to money and its flow, and it is up to us what additional procedure we will use to keep that money flow lasts

Will we get the money or lose it depends on a hand that itches – itching is related to cash gain and, depending on the left or right palm, you will get or lose money. If the left palm, then you will get the money, while the right hand marks the cost and means the unforeseeable expenses.

In this section here, we will add one more meaning of this itching of the right hand, and this means that you will possibly in the near future shook hands with someone who is an important or famous person.


From ancient times, we are inclined to look for a hidden meaning in everything, and so-called “old stories” are still being recounted among us.

As soon as our nose itches, we will think with whom we will be fighting on that day; As soon as the black cat crosses the path, we think of what evil will happen to us that day; As soon as one of the hands itches, we immediately think of the money.

If you search the Internet about this phenomenon, you will discover that there are many people who have experienced similar coincidences related to money, whether it is a gain or loss in question.

There is no scientific explanation for this. But many who have questioned this phenomenon claim that it is best not to believe in it, but to rely solely on your hard work and hard work only – and of course you do not wait for your palm to shine in order to get the money.

Superstition is quite old, and while some believe that it is true, others think it’s just a theory. Who’s right about them -this question is not even relevant anymore, because we all can agree that there is something in these theories.

So, the next time your right hand itches you, rub it to the wooden surface and give some small cash to someone who is near you – you will prevent any negativity that may come your way, and why not, ensure that you gain some money, instead of losing it.