What Does It Mean When a Ladybug Lands on You?

It is a known fact that insects, in general, are the most diverse and thriving creatures on the planet, they are seemingly indestructible, and this is somewhat mind-blowing fact having in mind their size.

This means that insects have the amazing ability to survive and adapt to different living conditions – they can live in places where a human would not live even for a day.

Insects live in dark areas, moist habitats, inhabitable places around the world, and scientist have found diverse species in the arctic snow, and it is estimated that those specimens are millions of years old. It is clear that these fantastic creatures have been long on this planet, long before humans, and just for this reason, we should give them the respect they deserve.

There are at least 4 million more insect species yet to be identified and named – there are numerous bugs that humans have never met, and perhaps they never will.

To put it simply, there are about 200 million insects on one human being.

Yet, the known world knows little about known species as well, and we do not know what the root of many insect-related phobias (arachnophobia).

But as same as they can be the cause of enormous fear, they also bring us multiple benefits – honey, silk, oils used in natural medicine, and above all they out the balance in the world, in a biological sense.

We are wondering, is there anything that is much deeper than it seems; maybe insects give us much more than things we spoke before. Is it possible that insects and their connection with our lives could be a representation of signs that should lead us in some spiritual way? Maybe all creatures in the world are our deep connection to the Universe?

We believe that it can – and if you think about it, it makes a perfect sense. All insects, as all beings that live on this planet, are connected in a biological sense, but also in a spiritual sense.

Today we are looking into one specific example – we are talking about ladybugs, one of the most favorite and beloved insects on the planet. What does it mean when this black and red creature lands on you? Read in the sections that follow.


In some general sense, if we want to find out what lies in correlations between ladybugs and people, in a situation when one lands on you, we must say that they are considered to be bearers of good luck and that there are just a few meanings related to ladybugs that are negative, mostly  in variation when you kill one.

This belief was present a long time ago, and there are different recordings and scriptures where there are mentioning of ladybugs seen as some extraordinary beings that are reserved for giving us a fortune in our lives, along with many other blessings.

It is said, that if ladybug lands on you (head, hair, hands, wherever) very soon (possibly on that same day when she landed on you) you will have more substantial luck in any aspect of your life, most likely regarding interpersonal relation. It is a known fact that ladybugs are connected to love and family matters, children or all the above.

Still, there are some other signs from nature that may point us to this. Ladybug is considered a bearer of happiness and well-being, and it is firmly believed to bring relief from everyday problems.

This small being has such spiritual capacity that it can carry away all negativities that have been harming you for a long time, and it can show you the way toward things, not that you think you need, but the things you truly need.

Ladybug also gives patience to the person on whom it lands, and if it docks on you while you are ill, it is a sign of healing soon. This meaning is really important to know and remember, and this applies not just in the moments when you are physically ill, but in the moments when you feel some kind of stress, pain, inner struggle, etc.


A ladybug that lands on your arm and then flies away means that next week will be a good time for you; it means that you will be able to set your vibration on a much higher level, and in this way, you will succeed in changing your environment, along with the events that will follow.

It is some kind of spiritual chain reaction, and the ladybug is the catalysator for such reaction that has amazing transformational potential.

The Symbolism

Ladybug is the buggy with the distinctive appearance, and when you see her, there is nothing that you could compare her with.

Commonly said, it signifies happiness and well-being in almost all countries all around the world, and this belief is present since forever (we rarely could find any symbolical system that places ladybug in some negative connotation.

There is a belief that if a ladybug lands on a sick person, it is a sign that they will heal quickly – so the ladybug is the representation of the healing process and it is believed that it brings overall well being.

As we have said in the previous section, the healing process here applies to all aspects of one person that is sick, and not just in a physical sense, but an emotional, or spiritual sense. And believe us; if a person is “ill” in these two ways, then the healing process is much more problematic.

This insect is also the symbol of all desires that people might have in their lives, and are usually satisfied without them, and the ladybug shows that there is hope and that miracles are possible.

They bring (or to be specific, they teach us) in our lives also moderation, nobility, and of course tenderness, these are the qualities that are most noticeable to you.

What to do if a Ladybug Lands on You?

If a ladybug enters your home, you should count the dots on her back, and you’ll get so much money very soon, or you will accommodate some beloved people that you did not see for a long time. Unfortunately, those ladybugs with more than six dots are rare, and there is certainly not one that has a million on their backs, although they are often a symbol of lottery in many countries, as they are a common symbol for luck.

It is also said that if a ladybug lands on you, that means that you a sensitive and gentle person, and this buggy will give you the reasons for happiness, but you are the person who always wants happiness as much as possible, you are the person who is moderate in life, but when satisfaction is not enough for you.

Sign of a Good or a Bad Luck

Often times, ladybug brings you a positive message that will delight you. She says that before you are magical moments, moments in which you will enjoy, soon you will come into contact with the person you want to spend a lot of time with, even though you did not believe so much, it will happen to you, you will just start a relationship with the person you wanted to be by your side, you are about to have a new love start.

Ladybug reveals to you that you will soon have a new love beginning, reveals to you that you will get in touch with the person you always wanted near you, it will undoubtedly delight you all, it is sure that it will bring you much happiness, it reveals to you this happy ladybug.


Ladybugs have always been a symbol of happiness, ladybugs have always brought great happiness, ladybugs are animals that are gentle and beautiful, and this time ladybugs bring you the news that will delight you.

Ladybug is an insect symbolizing happiness and well-being. If by any chance she has seven dots on her, then she’s a lucky winner. This little red insect, by its appearance, cheers anyone who decides to land and is believed to be the protector of children

. As a creature that is small and tender, but also very durable and connected to the pure joy in life, many see it as the ones sent to this planet to take care of the kids, the youngest and smallest, and the ones that could not take care of themselves.

To sum up – if this buggy lands on you, expect a fortune, well being and healing in the overall experience of life.

You may even expect your home to be filled with guests that will come to your home unannounced, or even better you home may be filled with many children, since ladybug is the representation of fertility also.

If by any chance you kill a ladybug that lands on your, it brings pain and misfortune in your life as well as in the life of your children. This unfortunate occurrence has such a strong negative vibe that transcends via numerous generations.

If she lands on your hands, fingers, in particular, it means that soon you will find the love of your life, and be very happy with that person.

Presumably, you will have many children together and live in abundance in all forms of that word.

So, the next time a ladybug lands on you, do not kill it, be happy that such divine beings have chosen you, and know that this event is no so common.

Expect all nice things in life, and share its qualities, like joy, happiness and nobility.