What Does it Mean When a Butterfly Crosses Your Path?

Butterflies are associated with our beauty and gentleness in our soul, while in China it is one of the strongest symbols of love.

Especially those youthful, innocent and indifferent. I look at this cheerful insect is enough to understand the background of this association: its flight from flower to flower is a clear view of the relationships that a person realizes daily with his environment.

However, the Chinese in the butterfly see not only the image of man’s social life, but also the picture of the most hidden man’s tendency to read-stay forever young, at least in the heart!

Butterflies are gentle and beautiful creatures that teach us how to value every day if it is our last one.

Their positive energy and vibrant wing colors are enough to make us happier and more positive, especially if such an insect lands on our hand and shows us the new path in life.

Seeing a butterfly is not that hard, especially during spring and summer days, when we can see them covering the long fields and mountain terrains searching for delicious nectar.

But what does it mean in a spiritual way, when a butterfly shows itself in front of us?

We are going to dig deeper into this subject and find out what special message this small insect is sending us and how we can use it in a positive way to change our lives and make them into something better.

Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly Crossing Your Path

When this colorful and positive animal crosses your path, what more can you expect but love and positive energy. When a butterfly crosses our path we can be sure that our lives will be filled with positive energy and desire to make some significant changes for the best.

Butterflies symbolize friendship, love and radiance. They are symbols of transformation, which can influence our lives in a way that we become thirsty and start seeking for more meaningful relationships and meaningful goals in life.

If you see the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly happening in front of you, you must be prepared in life for a significant change. You must adjust to drastic changes in his life. The fluttering of a butterfly generally means impermanence.

Butterfly crossing your path in a spiritual sense means rebirth and beginning of something new and exciting. If your life hasn’t been filled with positive energy thus far, you can expect the things to change pretty soon.

Believe in yourself and your power to create life according to your own desires. If the butterfly actually lands on your hand or touches you, this means you have a very good chance of meeting someone special who might become the center of your world.

Open up your heart and let the love and positive energy enter. It is enough with the constant fear of rejection and waiting for something bad to happen.

Spread your wings just like a gentle butterfly and take every day with the same amount of enthusiasm as if it is your last one.

Butterfly as a Symbol of Love

One of the most beautiful and saddest Chinese love legends is just about the butterfly. The legend of this story is located in the time of the Jin Dynasty, when women were denied education, and the main heroine story is a talented young girl who goes to school in a large city.


Although she was dressed up in a man, it did not prevent her coming to school soon after falling in love with the boy with whom she shared the school bench, and you guess – and the boy crazy fell in love with his friend!

However, how rarely anyone has an understanding of youthful love, the girl is against her will, and at the request of her father she had to agree on an aranged marriage.

The young man she met in school and whose true heart belonged to her heart from a great disappointment and too much sadness for her loved one soon fell ill and died, and the girl visited his grave on the day of the bride and cried bitterly. Then, says the legend, a butterfly flew out of the grave, and at the same time the girl turned the butterfly.

Together they flew into a long, sky-high encounter, and since then they are inseparable in their free flight.

It is in the Legend of the Fallen Butterflies that we see an inseparable and often invisible connection that (if it is a true love) must exist between two people. In China, all romantic souls are very familiar with this fact, so it is the symbol of the two butterflies that is most often given to couples who are just entering a romantic relationship.

We repeat the emphasis is on youthful love, romantic relationships with lots of fun, intense contacts, socializing, getting to know each other.

Some would call these relationships optional, frivolous and transitory links, but we would rather call them – relationships that relate to the period before the formation of the family.

Feng Shui’s advice is to place this symbol at the end of the bed in the bedroom in order to encourage some new connections, which have already been strengthened.

Butterflies in the home also have the ability to fulfill our dreams, bring joy and harmony, but also to improve our sexual life.

In it we see the action of an emotional nature, and it is quite logical that it is directly related to the Yang principle.

In other words, just butterflies have the ability to broadcast Yang energy and to remind us in this way that love, just like in the legend, does not care about the difficulties, but ultimately finds its way, and finally – it relates to victory.

Dreams about butterflies

Butterflies have their own magic. Not only have the most beautiful colors of their wings, but also their transformation, the metamorphosis, from the caterpillar to the butterfly awakened in us admiration.

But what can a butterfly mean in a dream? What does he want to point out? Have we seen a beautiful butterfly today and are dreaming about it? Or is there a deeper meaning behind the dream?

For the interpretation of the dream, however, not only draw the dream symbol. Pay attention to all details in the dream. Because these provide even more important information.

Dream symbol “Butterfly” – The general interpretation

Generally speaking, the dream symbol “butterfly” refers primarily to freedom and carelessness. Often, however, this dream symbol is also regarded as an indication of the happiness and joy that can arise from initially insignificant things.

In many cases, according to the general interpretation of dreams, the butterfly in the dream is also a sign of the restlessness or unfaithfulness of the dreaming in the watch-world.

Another interpretation says that the butterfly in the dream indicates an important matter or relationship that you do not want to lose. The dreaming is afraid of losing something significant in his life.

If one sees in the dream the transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly one must count in the awake life with a significant change. The dreaming must adjust to drastic changes in his life. The fluttering of a butterfly in the dream generally means impermanence.

This dream also wants to draw attention to the fact that a friend or one’s own partner is very unreliable.

The sight of a butterfly between flowers and green meadows as a dream symbol supports the hope for early wealth. If the dreaming captures a butterfly in his dream, he can be happy about happy times. However, this luck will not last too long.

If many butterflies fly through the air in a dream, the dreaming will be contacted by good friends in the near future.

Dream symbol “Butterfly” – The psychological interpretation

If one considers the dream symbol “butterfly” psychologically, this often embodies a transformation or rebirth. The dreaming is to be aware of such a dream, that he is ready for a spiritual change. Negatively interpreted, the butterfly refers to the superficiality and indecision of the woman as a dream symbol.

The constant fluttering of the butterfly in the dream, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams can also point to the instability of human happiness.

Butterflies have their own magic. Not only have the most beautiful colors of their wings, but also their transformation, the metamorphosis, from the caterpillar to the butterfly awakened in us admiration.

If the dreaming himself is a butterfly in his dream, he should be shown that he is thoughtlessly going through his life.

Catching a butterfly in a dream points to infidelity in interpersonal relationships.

If the butterfly in the dream flies very close to the dreaming, this receives the indication of his inability to settle down in the real life. The dreaming does not want to settle down.

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The dream symbol can also illustrate in this context that the dreamer has problems coping with lengthy tasks.

Dream Symbol “Butterfly” – The Spiritual Interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “butterfly” both as a symbol for immortality and for the liberated soul.