Visiting Temple – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dream world is in some ways a realization of our deepest desires, or in some cases, our needs, that we did not know we have, and some psychologists say that the dreams are present in our lives to improve the imbalance in the psyche that can be ruined.

For example, if you feel miserable, you will often dream that you are achieving something that excites you and that you wish it happened in reality.

In this sense, it may be a good idea to speak about the subject of the temple that appears in dreams and has an interesting connotation.

Some say that the temple in a dream is the symbol of personal secrets and the need for spiritual food-fulfillment that is absent in that time of your life. If the temple in any shape or form appears in your dreams, and you are wondering why it seems, when you perhaps are not even religious person and do not visit temples at all, it is most often a sign that you need spiritual strength.

Meaning of Dream about Visiting Temple

If in a dream you visit a temple, it indicates that you are going to a calmer and happier life, and that simply you just need to change that holy place that you lived up until now.

This dream may even be like this – you are visiting temple signifies that you are now able to see your mistakes and that you are about to be given an opportunity to fix the damage you have caused it.

In simple words, this visit, to a place that is considered to be holy carries the significance that the path you are about to choose will prevent you from losing energy on vain efforts to change others.

The symbolism of Dream about Visiting Temple

If you had a dream that you are visiting a temple and that you are staying inside of that temple, it is the symbol of a search – you are looking for spiritual enlightenment and seek guidance for the right way.

Some say that this dream is a symbol of lost spirituality and that the time has come for you to refresh your spiritual principles and start fresh.

If you are dreaming that you are visiting a temple and that you doubt to come inside, it can indicate that you are re-thinking or thinking about your life path. It does not have to be a bad thing – the choice and the directions in which he is moving can go for the better.

This dream can also be a signal that you are re-evaluating what you want to do in life.

If you dream that you visit the temple with some other people, it can imply something surprising – people who surround you may be liars and hypocrites. This dream may be a signal that you need to wake up and see what is going on, and who is a hypocrite in your environment, close presumably.

If you dream that you visit the temple and that you enter it and say a prayer of some kind, interpretation of that dream could be that you seek for answers and that you are a person who has so many doubts in your life. In this dream, visiting a temple is a good sing, and there is even a possibility of founding a love in recent times.

In the same note, if that temple that you are visiting is beautiful and in nature, it symbolizes joy.

If the temple you are visiting is a dark and unknown place, and you are in a hurry to leave that place, it means that you are about to hear bad news very soon.

In the end, if you are dreaming that you are visiting a temple and that you are talking to some people inside it, it is obvious symbolism that you are looking for someone who will be able to give you advice will restore peace and hope for a better tomorrow.


If you always dream that you are visiting a well-known temple, the one that has its past story – such a dream symbolizes that you have the need to hide your thoughts, and isolate yourself from some people or problems that bring you too much stress and burden. It means that you, as a person are looking for some peace or harmony and that you need someone’s advice or assistance to help you face the challenges that they’ve had you for a long time.

Do I have to be worried?

Basically, you should not be worried, because dreaming that you are visiting temple has many interpretations, and all of them are connected to one thing – it is a dream that only people who are wholly matured can have in this shape and form.

You should know this – seeing a temple in your dream, and visiting one, signifies some kind of encouragement, remorse, strengthening of faith in the good.

In most cases, visiting a temple in a dream is a symbol of victory over all that is evil, and a symbol of forgiveness and trust.

Deep inside you feel that you have some temptation, and after you reach it, you can find the answers; this dream can have a comforting effect on you, since it will provide you with necessary happiness, honesty, faith in kindness and sincerity, success, well-being, love and virtue, and overall harmony.

The only worrying aspect of this dream is a fact that it also brings you to the realization that you have made some mistakes in life, and that some of your choices were unintentionally bad, and are now looking for ways to correct them.

But, rest assured, you will find the right support, you will be on the right track again very soon.

It will encourage you to hear wise words that will remind you that there are many things to which you should be grateful, and not just the problems that you will regret.

What should I do if I had this dream?

If after waking up, you feel restless, you should look for what choices you have made that led you to the point that you are unhappy, and it is recommended that you find someone to talk to.

In some more negative context, this dream can be a symbol that in your environment, there are people who talk about morality and the “right way of life” and criticize others when they make mistakes, and done things worse than those they condemn.

You feel that you need to escape them, but you do not know how to do it, so you are hiding, and the manifestation is a temple.

The message behind this dream is to avoid their company and find a certain place, just your own, where you can feel comfort and joy, where you can feel safe and protected, just like a temple.

Having done all these things, it is highly recommended that you open yourself for

joy and happiness – you will have success in love; the relationship will be firm.

If the dream that you had was with many details of the temple, if in it, you felt comfort and joy while walking around, you should know that all of your wishes (the honest ones) will be fulfilled, and the problems that you hade will be resolved miraculously.

One more thing must be said – this is not a dream that everyone has, and it does not often happen -so the recommendation is to be happy and see it as a blessing.


To sum up things, we must say that the temple in dream symbolism almost always represents the personal system of values – and only matured human beings can have this dream experience.

This is important to mention since, in the majority of cases, this dream is connected to the human desire to find the answers that are mandatory for moving on from a place that is not good, and this always occurs according to the present system of values.

As with all other dreams, it is up to you to determine the interpretation that is closest to your dream, and as many details you know, the better, cause dream interpretation can be more accurate, and it can lead you in the best direction.

And the smallest fines of your dream point to a new meaning, and you need to miss everything through your own prism of your own life experiences.