Virgo Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Virgo and Taurus are both the Earth signs. These signs are usually calm, stable and practical. This couple will be greatly turned to each other, without much need to be in contact with the other people. They will solve their problems through a conversation. Taurus woman’s stubbornness and the Virgo man’s distance from time to time would make a little slowdown.

However, this is something they will always overcome. Generally, these two signs are very compatible in love.

Virgo Man

Virgo man believes that he has a great mission in this life – to make everything perfect. He won’t be truly happy or pleased until everything is like he imagined. This man wants to find ways to express how creative and smart he is. At times, the Virgo man is too serious, especially when he is working. Because of that, he might seem unapproachable to his colleagues. However, nothing will change his dedication to his job. That is because the Virgo man wants to build a stable carrier and make a safe future for his family.

This man is a bit changeable. Paradoxically, he doesn’t like changes. Routine is something the Virgo man appreciates a lot. There is no need to change the good things. Virgo man is very rational and tends to bring rational and righteous decisions. This man sticks to the justice as the highest value in life.

Being in a relationship with the Virgo man is daring. He will either amaze or irritate you. This man has many qualities of a good husband and father, but, he can also be too tidy and petty.

One of the Virgo’s characteristics is overanalyzing. Virgo man will constantly analyze your behavior and words. Even when he is in love, he will ponder if his love is true. What is sure, the moment the Virgo man sees that he is not with the right person, he will leave. There is almost no chance he would deceive a woman by telling her love stories if he is not in love.

Chances are slight that the Virgo man will show his romantic side. But, what he would show is his practice side. Virgo man won’t buy you roses but will buy you micellar water or a bag. This man is someone who will wherever when his partner wants, as long as we don’t talk about immoral places. Don’t be afraid to suggest him going to a new, fancy restaurant on the other side of a town. Virgo man loves everything that is well designed, clean and fashionable.

The Earth is the element of the Virgo man. Yet, he is not that trustful as the others Earth signs. Virgo man is in a search for something special. He won’t be afraid to let go of everything if it doesn’t fit his conception. Virgo man is well aware that he might be unfaithful to a woman whom he doesn’t see as the one. Because of that, he will be suspicious about everything the other side says. If you notice him getting mistrustful without a reason, be sure that the Virgo man is about to cheat or break up.

Taurus Woman

This lady knows how to charm and fascinate you. She is feminine and subtle, but don’t get tricked – she has a strong personality. Taurus woman will seduce you easily. She is a great fit for a long-term relationship or marriage. Her dream is to find a man who will appreciate her true devotion to him and their love.

There is no unnecessary drama around the Taurus woman. She doesn’t tend to be nervous or gossipy. Her temperament is mild, but the Taurus woman’s opinion is an unchangeable category. Taurus woman is the Earth sign and tends to have a balanced and harmonized life. It is not like she is completely apathetic, but will try to control the emotions sometimes just to maintain peace.

In order not to make some bigger changes, the Taurus woman won’t get into risky situations. Adventures don’t excite this woman. It is better to stay calm and keep the steady situation.

However, some things in life are inevitable. In these moments, the Taurus woman will try to get through it without any complaints, going out from every situation as a winner. She knows life has many lessons to offer, and this woman will be a good learner.

This lady has long-lasting friendships. They friends are usually the ones she met in elementary school, or in the kindergarten. Of course that through life she will make more friends, but those from the childhood will always have a special place in her heart. Taurus woman is exceptionally trustful and loyal as a friend. She thinks it is better to have a few good friends, than a horde of the fake ones.

Taurus woman won’t rush into relationships. She will wait for a while, wanting to get to know her partner completely. She does this because of herself but is also careful with the emotions of her potential partner. After all that time, if she is confident about her choice, the Taurus woman will completely give in to this romance, possibly for a lifetime.

If the Taurus woman gives you that time we mentioned above, make sure to use it wisely. She sure knows how to seduce a man, she has many qualities, but it is not the point of love. Taurus woman would always dream of a man who would approach her first, dedicate his time and emotions even before they start a relationship. He has to put in some effort, knowing how worthy she is. Romantic gestures will always touch her deeply.

A perfect date for the Taurus woman would be a picnic in nature. She loves the smell of the grass, the animals, bees, the bubbling of the water. If you still want to take her to a restaurant, pick a traditional one, where they don’t prepare food in a microwave or a fryer.


While in a bedroom, this woman will try to surprise her partner with new tricks every time. She will make him spoiled and satisfied. Even though she represents the Earth, the Taurus woman can turn into the fire in the intimate relations.

Love and Marriage

We already mentioned how the Virgo man always reassesses his emotions. He would do that while in a relationship with the Taurus woman. However, as she would be sure of her feeling, she would have the patience to help him through this phase and discover his true desires.

They know a lot of each other even before they get to know better. The Earth signs have that special instinct for one another. Virgo man and the Taurus woman will develop a stable relationship, with a few issues now and then.

Even the Taurus woman is afraid of getting hurt. It might happen that the period of the Virgo man’s questioning of their love and the Taurus woman’s fear coincide. In this situation, they both would be distant and strange. This can last for years, as the couple wouldn’t want to split up, but wouldn’t want to fix things either.

None of them likes changes. Routine is the best, or maybe not. The couple can repeat the same things over and over again, which will become boring sooner or later. However, they wouldn’t mind it so much. Spending the night in, preparing a meal together and having a fun time in the bedroom is what they would pick over everything. From the eyes of their friends, this couple has a traditional, old-fashioned marriage.

The stubbornness of the Taurus woman is well handled by the Virgo man. She thinks one way, and there is no force on the Earth to make her change her mind, except the Virgo man. He is intelligent and can see through his partner’s words. He will make her question what she meant before. Although she would never show, the Virgo man would see it by her future actions.

The marriage of the Virgo man and the Taurus woman will turn from love into a friendship over the years. They will respect each other, walking towards their mutual goal – wealth. Their kids will be raised in a healthy, normal family.


It is very likely that the Virgo man and the Taurus woman would make great friends. The Earth signs simply have a good communication and are on the similar intellectual level. What is more, they share the same values in life. Virgo and Taurus are persons greatly occupied by their carriers and will help each other as much as they can.

None of them have an aspiration of having a whole bunch of people around. They are more into quality. Probably that they would hang out a lot, and maybe have two or three friends besides, but that’s it.

However, the Taurus woman tends to be passive sometimes. Virgo man will move her a bit and show that there are other places besides home and working office.

Interesting Facts

Michael Buble and Luisana Lopilato are the harmonious example of the Virgo man and the Taurus woman’s marriage. These two lovebirds romance lasts for a couple of years now and they are expecting baby number three.


The relationship between the Virgo man and the Taurus woman is somehow predestined to turn into a marriage. The differences among these two people are almost irrelevant. If they have the slightest desire to stay together and work on their flaws, they will have a stable and long-lasting romance.

Virgo man will give a note of adventurousness to his partner, while the Taurus woman will break his trust issues.