Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The initial connection between a Virgo man and a Scorpio woman would be wonderful. The same intellectual level will enable good communication and mutual understanding. They will guide each other.

However, the Scorpio woman will show stronger sexual drive than her partner. Virgo man is not that passionate. This match has good aspects for a short-term romance, as they will truly enjoy it, but if we talk about a long-term relationship or a marriage, the big question mark lays above it.

Virgo Man

The ruler of the Virgo, Mercury, gives this man excellent organizational skills. Virgo man wants everything to be under the thread. If you come into his office, or he invites you to his home, you will see a kingdom of tidiness. This man doesn’t want to live in chaos, as he believes that well-arranged living and working space means well-arranged life. Virgo man needs clean and spacious rooms as he spends a lot of time thinking. If the mess is around, he wouldn’t be able to focus on the important things.

Virgo man just has to be occupied. He will do almost anything around the house. Sometimes he will break something, in order to fix it up. If the Virgo man has a lot of free time, he may become depressed. Once he gets out of his office on Friday afternoon, the Virgo man feels lost. The weekend is coming and he doesn’t have any plans. Just the thought of it will make him feel down.

It is true that the Virgo man will rarely have some plan for the weekend, but when it comes to long-term plans, there is no one better than him. This guy will plan almost every detail of a business trip or vacation. Still, he sometimes forgets that we can’t organize everything and that there are some things that don’t depend on us.

Virgo man is aware of his wit mind. In some way, he would want to meet a woman who will recognize this within him. It doesn’t mean he needs admiration but deep respect and recognition. Virgo man would always choose to be intellectually dominant when in a relationship, but he would never be with a woman who is under his level.

Virgo appreciates quality – intellect, manners, education, traditional values, decency. He would never be attracted towards a woman in a short dress, with too much makeup and big cleavage. The perfect type is a nice, stylish but somehow modest woman. The natural look is at the top of the list.

You will maybe get the impression that the Virgo man is cold when it comes to emotions. However, give him some time. After a while, you will see that you are wrong. Of course, the Virgo man is not the fire sign, so you can’t expect fireworks of emotions, but surely he knows how to love a woman. With his old-fashioned approach, the Virgo man will give you endless respect in the first place.

Secondly, he would do his best to please you in every aspect of a relationship.

Scorpio Woman

Let’s bet on this – once a Scorpio woman lays your eyes on you, you will become all hers. There is no doubt that the Scorpio woman has that paralyzing power in the way she looks at a man whom she wants for herself. There is something a bit terrifying with this woman, but that will attract you even more. This woman wears depth and mysteriousness within. It is almost impossible to explain, but this dark queen is the greatest seducer and lover. If you get a chance to kiss her, you will wear the taste of her lips on yours for a lifetime.

Scorpio woman is, definitely, fierce and powerful but prone to conflicts. She likes to play a game with men. She will be the one to seduce you and do whatever she wants, while she will convince you that you are the boss. Scorpio woman gives you that feeling like you are on the top of the world while you are with her.

However, you will always have that weird feeling like something’s missing. There will be nothing missing. Actually, you will be missing the old you. When the Scorpio woman gets you into her net, there is almost no way out, unless she wants you to be out.

Be careful what you say to the Scorpio woman. Overall, she appreciates honesty. Also be true to her, no matter if you are her friend or a lover. This woman will be your best friend for the whole life if you don’t try to mess with her. She is loyal to the bone and there is nothing she wouldn’t do when it comes to real friendship.

However, if you harm her, then be ready for the hell. Scorpio woman wears this nickname for a reason. Once she tastes treason, she will go after revenge. Then she will watch your fall and enjoy it.

When the Scorpio woman loves someone, she loves with her whole body and soul. Her emotions are strong and consistent. She demands the same from her partner. If she picked you out of all that men, make sure you are very special to her, and appreciate that. Scorpio woman thinks that you two should completely give in to each other. Having some degree of freedom when you are in a relationship with the Scorpio woman is almost impossible. You two, together, until the death tears you apart – that is the philosophy of this amazing woman.

You must have heard the legend of the Scorpio woman’s jealousy. No legend came out of nowhere. Believe us when we say, this one is 100% true. The endless passion of this woman makes her jealous. Yet, there is a great possibility for you to become jealous too. Once you get intimate with the Scorpio woman and experience a whole new world of loving, you will want to keep this for yourself only.


Love and Marriage

Virgo man and the Scorpio woman have a dangerously good aspect for romance. This man is famous for his analyzing and criticism, but he would stay completely blind once she sees the Scorpio woman. She will just have to look at him and the Virgo man will be completely possessed. Virgo man will be so fascinated by this woman that he wouldn’t know to say no to her.

Virgo is the Earth sign, stable and secure. Virgo man is greatly devoted to his job, as he is aware of the possibilities money can offer. He wants to enjoy life, but searches for a partner to share everything with. Scorpio woman knows for sure how to enjoy and almost requires that her partner offers her some little pleasure every day.

We mentioned how passionate Scorpio woman is, and how mild the Virgo man is. In the beginning, the Scorpio woman will fascinate her partner, so the Virgo man will surrender to her spells in the bedroom. She will show her partner how to relax a bit and forget about the everyday worries. Virgo man will surrender to this flow and enjoy every step of the way. However, this won’t last too long. Virgo man will get enough of it after some time. This might produce frustration within the Scorpio woman.

Yet, the Virgo man as a mutable sign will be eager to change some things to please his partner. Scorpio woman is a fixed sign and she will probably ignore her partner’s needs. This will make occasional space for tension and arguments.

The more serious problems will appear after a couple of month of the relationship, or sometimes in marriage. Scorpio is a real volcano of emotions, unable to control them. The lava of her emotions will scare the Virgo man. She will understand this as he is backing up. In this situation, the Scorpio woman will slowly make a plan of revenge. She will even be obsessive and jealous, while her partner would feel disgusted. Virgo man runs away from any kind of drama.

Virgo man will play a major role, only if his emotions would be strong enough. He can release the tension within the Scorpio woman, but it will be a tough task.


When you combine the Mercury’s and Pluto’s energy, you get perfectly matched intelligence. Virgo man and the Scorpio woman are highly connected on the intellectual level. This is an almost perfect aspect of friendship.

Scorpio woman will like the Virgo man’s witty humor, sharp mind, rhetorical skills. Virgo will be attracted by her ability to think about everything deeply and from many perspectives. Scorpio woman has a good aspect to be a detective.

These two will spend their time mostly in nature. They would go to some isolated place, where they can escape the crowd and people and talk about life and philosophy.

There will times when the Virgo man and the Scorpio woman will criticize each other a lot, but this is just a passable phase of their friendship.

Interesting Facts

When someone says Virgo many people will instantly think of a virgin. That is an almost perfect description of the Virgo man when it comes to intimacy. He is shy and withdrawn. On the other side, the Scorpio woman might seem like a devil in comparison to the Virgo man. She is sinful, while he is inexperienced. However, the things are about to change for the Virgo man in this relationship.


When two persons are connected on the intellectual level, this is a great start for a friendship. Still, the Scorpio woman is a bit naughty and might get the need to taint him. In this game of hers, the Virgo man will enjoy for some time, but after some time he would want to escape.

On the other side, her energy and nature might bore the Scorpio woman. This couple has a nice potential for a short romance, but it is almost impossible to marry each other.