Virgo Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Virgo man and a Sagittarius woman make a one really interesting combination. This lady is challenging, but the Virgo man will accept the challenge. Sagittarius woman is a type of a woman who wants romance and loving, not adventure. Virgo man is similar to her. His standards are pretty high as the Virgo man has a high opinion of himself.

However, he is not always that great. Virgo man can be moody and distressed without a reason. Sagittarius woman is a joyous type and will be able to affect the Virgo man positively. The question is – how long will their romance last?

Virgo Man

If we would have to describe the Virgo man in a few words, we would say that he is practical, realistic, and hard working. The image this man leaves is not too optimistic. He has that need to make everything perfect. As the Virgo man strives for perfection, he often forgets about the important aspects of life, such as love.

He will devote himself to job that much that he wouldn’t even want to leave his office. However, this will eventually make him a bit depressed. Virgos are naturally prone to having mood changes. Once this happens to the Virgo man, he would realize that it is about time to dedicate to his private life.

Yet, things are not so simple nor with the private life. Virgo would never go out in a club and pick a girl for a few hours of fun. He likes to analyze. This makes him amused. A shallow woman will never attract the Virgo man. He searches for depth, sense of humor and wisdom in a woman. In most cases, she would be similar to him – a bit reserved.

It is better not to reveal much about you to the Virgo man. If you are a talker, he would hear everything he wants and lose interest. Don’t be an open book. Be mysterious and intriguing. This will make the Virgo man crazy about you! Chances are high he would never let you know this, but one thing is important here – he will know.

This man likes going out to calm and artistic places. Virgo man will probably take you out to a bar where they play old records and serve old-fashioned Coca-Cola.

Virgo man pays much attention to what he wears. He reads men’s magazines and follows the latest trends. His beloved one should be a pair for him in every aspect.

Meaning, she should be fashionable too. Still, don’t understand this as a sign that he likes short dresses and open cleavages, lace-up boots, and bralettes. Be stylish but conservative.

When it comes to his emotions, we won’t say that the Virgo man carries a volcano instead of a heart. His love is steady and warm, just enough for his partner to feel it.

Virgo man, as we mentioned, is practical and that is characteristic of his loving too. This guy won’t get you a puppy if you live in an apartment, but sure he would get you a new mobile phone if your old one is broken. This is the way he shows attention, not through the expensive gifts, but through listening carefully what you need.

Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman is special in many ways. This lady has a lot more courage than a man would have in many situations. She has a lion’s heart and might seem like she is too confident and fierce, but under the façade, she hides a heart of a girl who wants to be loved.

Adventure is the other name for the Sagittarius woman. She wants to try out everything. Traveling is her passion. Sagittarius woman wants to travel the world. It is not too important who she would go on this adventure, it is important to hit the road. She is impulsive. If her friends or partner are changing their minds, she will pack her things and go alone.

In these trips and adventures, the Sagittarius woman meets a lot of people. Her strong and positive energy simply draws people towards her. A smile of this woman is pure magic. Among these people, she will meet a guy, or two, or three. Men just come to her.

Sagittarius woman’s adventurism is applied to her romances also. She is open-minded. Of course, she dreams of finding her true love, but in the meantime, she would take what a life has to offer. This lady doesn’t bring up too many emotions in these contacts, as she is aware that nothing of that is in the long run.

Oppositely from egotistic and disdainful women who never talk to their exes after a breakup, the Sagittarius woman usually stays friends with them. She is never depressed about a split up, as she strongly believes there is someone better for her.


In this endless hustle the Sagittarius woman leads, she will probably leave many things unfinished. However, she doesn’t mind it. She is waiting for the right person with whom her life will be complete and finished. Yet, she also thinks that materialistic things aren’t in the first place so there is no need to invest much energy and effort into it.

Sagittarius woman will leave any toxic relationship. As she is very positive, there is no way that she will let someone put her down. She wants a man who will increase her energy even more.

Sagittarius woman’s energy has to be free. Don’t EVER try to tie her down. If you let her be, you will get the best out of this woman. Oppositely, she can surprise you negatively if you push her buttons.

If you are lucky enough that the Sagittarius woman chooses you among all those men to be her life partner, you better appreciate that. This wonderful woman brings a lot of positivity, laugh and fun into your life. Not only that she is a great lover and a partner, but she will be your friend for life. That is something you won’t find in any other woman.

Love and Marriage

Virgo man’s ruler is Mercury, while the Sagittarius woman’s ruler is Jupiter. These plants bring a lot of mutual understanding and tolerance in their relationship, but there are some different life principles and energies these two carry within.

Virgo man’s energy is all about creativity. He is down to earth and a bit serious. On the other side, the Sagittarius woman’s energy is vivid and exciting. It simply shines out of her. That is why she may seem frivolous.

When we talk about the attraction, the Virgo man and the Sagittarius feel magnetic attraction. These two will spend a lot of time in the bedroom and exchange many passionate touches.

However, the Virgo man is tied with those traditional and old-fashioned views. His partner would want to experiment a bit, have an intimacy adventure, while the Virgo man would explicitly refuse it.

Good thing is that they both look for something serious. Virgo man is drawn towards stability and wants to create a home with the Sagittarius woman. She is adventurous, no doubt, but once somebody traps her heart, she will calm down a bit. In that sense, the Sagittarius woman will turn her adventurousness to more traveling and experimenting new things with her partner.

Yet, as we mentioned above, keeping the Sagittarius woman by your side takes some effort. Virgo man shouldn’t try to make her feel down, but it is possible that he would do that exactly. He understands that his partner is more open and outgoing than him, but he is afraid where this would take them.

Virgo man will show some signs of jealousy. His partner is allergic to this. Sagittarius woman would eventually show how cold and distant she could be. Once she notices how possessive the Virgo man is, the Sagittarius woman will slowly slip from his hands.


Virgo man and the Sagittarius woman have a well-balanced friendship. They will challenge each other mentally, as they both have the strong intellect. This will suit the Virgo man especially, as he hangs out with people who have something smart and witty to say. Sagittarius woman will spice it up with humor, making her even more wanted as the Virgo man’s friend.

It is true that the Sagittarius woman seeks for excitement. Still, the Virgo man will show her that it is better to keep your head cool in many life situations. Sagittarius woman will eventually get tired of turbulences and her Virgo friend will be there to give her the best advice.

Their communication is undoubtedly good. Despise the different life approaches, the Virgo man and Sagittarius woman will complement each other and create a stable and long-term friendship.

Interesting Facts

Chris Evert and Jimmy Connors had one of the most turbulent romances among the celebrities. However, their passionate relationship ended before they got married.


Virgo man and Sagittarius woman can be endlessly attracted to each other. Virgo man is mostly attracted by her intelligence and charm, but the Sagittarius woman will show him many love tricks. Calm nature of the Virgo man will run off the track for a while until he wakes up. On the other side, Sagittarius woman would be bored to spend a lot of time with him. She wants to go outside, while he is a home type.

In the beginning, these two will have much in common, but the time will show how different they really are. There is a potential for this couple, and if they see it, they shouldn’t miss the chance of being together.