Virgo Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

When you combine a Virgo man and a Pisces woman, you will get one extraordinary romance. The dreamy side of the Pisces woman doesn’t get along with the Virgo man’s realistic side, but these two will combine a bit of each world, making the balanced story. These two represent a big temptation to each other. Virgo man will experience the passionate rollercoaster with the sensual Pisces woman.

Their energies are different, but despite that, the Virgo man and Pisces woman will do their best to keep the fire between them burning. They both will be aware of the qualities the other person posses. Virgo man and the Pisces woman are the examples of two zodiac signs that are not compatible, but strongly want to stay together. In most of the cases, they will make the dream true.

Virgo Man

Virgo man has the sense that the stars predestined him to be responsible for the humankind. That is why he always criticizes and analyzes things and situations – in order to give everybody a helpful and valuable advice. Still, does the Virgo man overreact sometimes? Absolutely.

He irritates people with his stories and critiques because they believe he does this for fun. That is not true. The stars definitely picked the Virgo sign to be a smart bee. Exactly, the Virgo man can exaggerate, but serving for the greater good is more important than the other people opinion of him.

Virgo man devotes to his job endlessly. He has the need to be the best among all employees, as it will show his superiority. Yet, the other reason is that he wants to ensure a stable and wealthy future for his family. Even when he is single, the Virgo man thinks about the future and family.

Everybody knows how responsible and reliable the Virgo man is. His colleagues will always ask for an advice, knowing that the Virgo man will show them the right direction or a solution. Maybe you wouldn’t say it, but this man is really caring. For example, if all of his friends get drunk, he would drive them all to his home and prepare a soup.

Virgo man will be very devoted to his partner also. He struggles to start a serious relationship because he sometimes asks for too much. He doesn’t see it, of course, and keeps on searching. His biggest fault is the need to find a perfect woman. Not perfect for him, but perfect from his perspective. That is why the Virgo man often experiences love crashes. He needs to realize that he has flaws too and put himself in a position of all those women he broke up with because of a trifle.

Still, don’t mistake the Virgo man for Casanova. He is not that open and talkative. What’s more, he would feel endlessly relieved if a woman would approach him first. A bit shy, the Virgo man needs someone to shake him up. A woman who has the patience to wait for the Virgo man’s emotions to wake up will be very content with what this man has to offer.

Pisces Woman

You can often be wrong with the Pisces woman. She seems shy and a bit afraid, but the truth is – she has one more side. As the Pisces is the zodiac sign with two representatives – two fishes, this already tells you enough. Pisces woman can be very temperament and wild once you trigger this side of hers.

This lady appreciates romance overall. When we say romance, it doesn’t have to be a relationship with a man. She considers even her numerous fictional loves as romances. Probably that the dreamy and romantic side of the Pisces woman is something they are most famous for.

As we said, the Pisces woman is not aloof at all. She won’t open up to a stranger, as she is afraid. As the Pisces woman has fictional lovers, she also has some fictional fears. Yet, if you get the chance to get close to her and she opens up, you will be surprised. Under the shy surface hides the strong, outgoing, and direct woman.

Compassion is one of the best sides of the Pisces woman. She can understand everyone’s problem and situation. Pisces woman, however, builds many illusions. She sees everybody in a better light.

That is why she is often disappointed in some people, but the Pisces woman gets out of every situation as a winner. She will cry for a day or two, but then she will wake up and realize that the person simply wasn’t worth her time and energy.

Pisces woman sticks to persons, things and her goals. Once she comes up with an idea, there is no force on this earth that would stop her. Similar to that, the Pisces woman won’t give up a man and love she invested in a relationship so easy. She will fight for that love until her last atom of power. This woman gives the other people strong motivation, teaching them to be more like her. Her friends really appreciate that she is such a good friend, willing to emotionally and physically support them at any time.

Pisces woman knows which qualities she possesses. She is aware of how loyal she is, truthful, honest, devoted, selfless, and understanding. You would maybe think that she is not modest and has a too high opinion of herself but imagine – when it comes to her qualities, the Pisces woman is pretty realistic. That is so strange for this dreaming beauty. Concluding, if she offers you so much, she will expect the same from you.

As she is aware of her good sides, she knows her flaws too. Pisces woman might be double-faced, a bit spoiled, unstable and at times, freakish.


Men see the Pisces woman as a fragile lady who needs protection. She looks helpless and lost sometimes. A real man would want to give her a safe shelter in his heart, respect her and offer his love.

Pisces woman will be enchanted, but deep down, she will be well aware that she controls the situation. Little by little, she will show her other side to her man, which will be maybe a bit of an unpleasant surprise for him.

However, even that the Pisces woman can be calculating sometimes, it is doubtless how loveable, caring, loyal and full of understanding this woman is.

Love and Marriage

The relationship between the Virgo man and the Pisces woman is written long ago somewhere in the stars. These two are predestined to meet and be together in this life. Maybe they won’t stay together forever, but it is sure that they will have a touching romance.

They function on the different pages. Virgo man tends to see everything as realistic as possible, having a serious and detailed approach. Pisces woman is completely different. She often doesn’t want to see the world as it is. That is why she builds a card tower and ignores the facts. Yet, both of them go to the extremes. It is foolish to see everything as black and white, or maybe pink.

Life contains both good and bad. When everything is good, you shouldn’t be too whelmed, while you shouldn’t touch the deepest sadness when things aren’t so bright. Although the Virgo man will criticize this Pisces woman’s side, she can make him have a different perspective sometimes. He would show her the good side of his approach too.

Pisces woman will show more understanding, as she is very understanding by nature already. When you add emotions to this, the Pisces woman will find the excuses for her partner’s bad moves.

Virgo man is a perfectionist. Pisces woman easily skips the details. Yet, when it comes to her relationship with this man, they both will join the forces trying to make it as perfect as it can be. Both of them can be moody, which can bring up some issues. The key is to understand their own natures, so they would be able to understand each other.

From the Virgo man’s views, their relationship is equal to mental compatibility and stability, while the Pisces woman sees it as a complete emotional devotion of both partners.

However, they are much stronger together than as individuals. This couple makes a dream team. Although they are stand on the opposite sides of the zodiac, this only turns them directly towards each other. This couple will probably make it through and establish a long-term relationship or a happy marriage.


Virgo man and the Pisces woman would have some difficulties in the way of their friendship. As there won’t be any romantic emotions, the Virgo man would be a bit harsh towards the Pisces woman. Everybody knows how sensitive she is, and the Virgo man’s words can make her cry.

When it comes to business, these two will make probably the worst partners. They have different approaches to solving problems and making decisions, so it would be hard to come to the terms of this business aspect.

Yet, if they don’t meet at the job or don’t talk about it, the Virgo man and the Pisces woman will have a nice, flowing communication. Pisces woman will bring a nice touch of feminine sensibility, which will please the Virgo man.

Interesting Facts

Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks are a good example of the Virgo man and the Pisces woman relationship. These two started as friends, but the chemistry ruled over them. They’ve been together for around 13 years now, and there is not a single sign they would ever separate. This couple claimed that they do almost everything together. There is no disparity, just a pure harmony, and balance in this Virgo man and Pisces woman’s marriage.


Virgo man and the Pisces woman will touch deeply each other’s souls. They just can’t stay away from each other, as the forces are constantly pulling them together. Although they have some differences, their romance will be exceptional. If they overcome those slight dissents, there is a bright future ahead for the Virgo man and the Pisces woman.