Virgo Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The calm and tender nature of a Virgo man and a Libra woman is a good base for a relationship. What they both look for – a loyal partner, full of love and respect, they will find in each other. Virgo woman has nice manners, which is very attractive from the perspective of the Virgo man. She seeks for stabile emotional commitment, and the Virgo man can offer that for sure.

However, he is not the romantic type, and the Virgo might feel the lack of it through the relationship. One thing is sure about these two – they will never stay friends, as the chemistry here is too strong. The question is – how long will their love last?

Virgo Man

Virgo man will always question everything. He is very suspicious and it takes a lot of time for this guy to gain trust in somebody. Virgo man sometimes doesn’t believe in himself either. That makes him shy and closed up, but almost without a reason. He thinks that he has to be the best in everything he does, and if he is not, then the Virgo man gets depressed. That need for perfection and tidiness is something the Virgos are famous for.

This man goes to the extremes – whether he gives in to profligacy or surrender himself to religion or philosophy. Virgo man wants to live up to the moral standards, but the problems with trust may make him think no one is worth his devotion so the Virgo man becomes the biggest deceiver. However, these situations happen rarely, only if the was deeply hurt by someone in the past. That will make him afraid of getting close to a new person.

If you see the Virgo man serious, that means he is planning something big. He has that eye for a detail and would want to make everything neat and ordered. When the Virgo man is bored, he will go around the house and look for a thing to fix. Let him be that way. Quickly, you will see that you will like this side of the Virgo man. Nothing in your home will be broken if you live with his diligent man.

Virgo man sticks to a woman easily, but not so often he stays with her. This guy will find something he would like about a woman, but as he has the need to overanalyze and criticize, both of them will be annoyed with each other. Virgo man will be the one to leave first.

Searching for the perfect woman may last for years. Virgo man will have many relationships in the meantime, but his eyes will always be wide open for that special one. When she finally appears, Virgo will be a bit lost and shy. Try to say him a few nice words to relax him a bit.

Virgo man would want the most to meet a woman with the same traditional views. Their marriage would be respected, their lives well organized and their kids well raised, in a healthy family.

Libra Woman

Libra woman doesn’t have the need to draw the attention of the others. However, she does. The ruler of the Libra, Venus, gives her stunning body, pleasant voice and captivating walk. Libra woman has that dose of decency, which is highly appreciated. A woman should take care of the impression she leaves. Libra woman will be exceptionally mannered in every occasion. She is sophisticated and seductive.

Libra woman enjoys while men look at her. What is more, they will fall in love at first sight when the Libra woman appears. She will never be alone, as there is a row of guys how would want to be with her.

However, if she ever feels lonely that will make her insecure. Someone has to be always around, whether one of her friends, family members or her partner. That is why she has a bunch of friends.

This lady wants everything to be in a harmony. She does her best to make each aspect of life balanced. Libra woman will always have good relations with her family, friends husband. The way she dresses has to be stylish and trendy but always classic. She doesn’t like big earrings or shiny dresses. One color with a few details is the Libra woman’s choice.

Libra woman expects a man to make the first step. If he asks her out, she will probably say that they will probably meet. This might create suspicion, but don’t be afraid, this is just a part of her game. She would say “no” right away if she is not interested in you. Just be patient.

What she asks for in a man is to give her emotional support and stability. This doesn’t mean she is weak, but as a real lady, the Libra woman will want a strong man, capable of being her shield and protector. There is no man who wouldn’t want to be the Libra woman’s hero.

You may think that this woman is the type who needs a dominant man by her side. However, she needs someone who will think that he is in charge. Guess what? She will only let him think that he took a lead, while the Libra woman will hold the ends in her hands. When she’s gone, you will get the feeling like there is a part of you missing. This woman will make you whole. She will be that one who you are looking for the entire life. Your mission here is to make her stay and give her the endless love and support.

Her gentle appearance, however, hides the other side of the Libra woman. She can be two-faced sometimes. She will use her diplomatic skills to get what she wants, or she will be a deceiver if there is no other way. You will see her cry, while she will laugh inside. You just never know. You see, she is contradictory. When you think that she is opening up to you and she is kind, it still doesn’t have to mean that she is ready for something like that.


Love and Marriage

Libra woman believes that a man should be the one to start a conversation. Yet, once she sees a shy Virgo man in the corner, that will wake up something inside her and she will be the one to initiate a talk. He will be moved by her act.

Virgo man will find the Libra woman enchanting. She has that charm and kindness, but she is decent at the same time and definitely doesn’t give off an impression of an easy target. Virgo man thinks he finally found the one – a woman beautiful, respectable behavior, kind and tidy.

We mentioned above that the Libra woman seeks balance. She wants a stable relationship, and the Virgo man will surely offer her that. He doesn’t have the need to make drama or to argue over things. His simplicity will amaze the Libra woman at the beginning.

A connection in the bedroom is more than satisfying for this couple. They will love each other slowly and sensually, enjoying every step of the way. Virgo and Libra make a perfect match when it comes to intimacy.

The first problem in their relationship would be different social perspective. Libra is a sociable person and likes to hang out with her friends all the time. Virgo man has a few friends and sees them once in a week. She would have to lessen those meetings, while he should see his friends more often.

However, he will eventually start to emphasize things about the Libra woman that she has to change or improve. The way he criticizes people is not too kind. This will make the Libra woman afraid, hurt and depressed. She will see the other side of her partner – the one she never wanted to see. Virgo man would have good intentions here. He will see the potential in his woman, but it wouldn’t look like that.

Funny thing is, the Libra woman will see his flaws also but would choose her approach. She will be much more careful with words. What is more, those changes within her man are small. She sees him as an almost perfect partner. With those small changes, he would be completely perfect. That is the difference between that need to change each other. Virgo man would change her to be better from his perspective. Libra woman, on the other side, will change him to be the best.

Still, we would recommend both of them to stop trying. There are many things in their relationship that point at how good couple is and how compatible they are.


Virgo man and the Libra woman are strongly attracted by pieces of art. Pictures of Van Gog, Picasso or da Vinci are their mutual passion. As friends, they will talk a lot about art, philosophy, and religion.

They both have a calm nature. Their conversation will flow easily. But, the Virgo man might disrupt the harmony with a few words. This will make the Libra woman loses her balance. Yet, she will think that she is intellectually superior and that his remarks speak of his jealousy.

Believe it or not, the Virgo man will be the flexible side here. Libra woman will try to dominate, but unlike with the others, the Virgo man will see through her intentions. However, he will find it somehow sweet and will let her do whatever she wants.

Interesting Facts

Before Meghan Markle, Prince Harry(Virgo) was in a relationship with Chelsy Davy(Libra). They seemed like a balanced couple and their romance lasted for seven years. Interesting, Prince William and Kate Middleton were indirectly the cause of the breakup. Their wedding was an indicator for the young Prince and his girlfriend that they are not meant for each other.


Virgo man and Libra woman will hit an instant “like” when they see each other. Their behavior and manners will make them jump into a relationship.

However, after the beautiful beginning, rocky times will come. This couple has to compromise a lot and to try to truly understand each other if they want to stay together. Concluding, they shouldn’t focus on changing but on building a stronger relationship.