Virgo Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

At first sight, a Virgo man and Leo woman don’t have much in common. She represents the Fire and he is the Earth. Concluding, the Virgo man is stable, studious, reticent and sometimes possessive, while the Leo woman is highly sociable, outgoing and fierce.

However, if they work together in a relationship, both of the partners can find many qualities in each other and stay together. The thing is, will they have the patience to come to this phase.

Virgo Man

The ruler of the Virgo is the Mercury. It gives the Virgo man the skills of a good speaker. He has many things to say, but some of them will be completely unnecessary. For example, the Virgo man’s critiques are sometimes just too harsh and he lacks the tact. Besides the critiques, he will give everyone an advice no one asked for. That makes the Virgo man a bit annoying.

This guy values tidiness and order. His house, car, workspace, outfit – everything has to be perfect. You will never see the Virgo man with a messy hair or a badly ironed shirt. He takes care of everything and doesn’t need help when it comes to arranging things around the house. His wife could easily take advantage of this Virgo man’s characteristic as he will do the chores without complaining.

Virgo man would over pick head over heart. He doesn’t want the emotions to take lead over him. Rationality is on a high level here. Virgo man wants to do the right thing always, and he strongly believes that the emotion might blind sometimes. However, don’t let this make you think he doesn’t have emotions. Contrary, he does, but hides them well. He needs a reason to trust you, and once the Virgo man realizes you are honest – that’s it.

It is true that this man controls his emotions well. Passion will never be primary in his life. No matter how much he desires a woman, there is no chance the Virgo man would spend the night with her and walk away. He would always choose to meet her better. From his perspective, you two should be friends at first and eventually become lovers after some time. Virgo man will put much thought into every possible relationship.

If you notice that the Virgo man gives you attention, then be aware that he analyzed you for a long time and came up with the conclusion that you are perfect. He likes to seduce, but also wouldn’t mind if a woman approaches him first.

Virgo man wants to be in a committed relationship, aspiring for marriage also. His partner should have the same characteristics as he does – she should be neat and educated, calm and a bit conservative. Sometimes the Virgo man might put some friends ahead of his partner, just because they know each other for a longer time. Don’t take this as a sign of treason. Still, he would be coming back to you and your home.

He doesn’t like women who wear too much makeup or jewelry. A natural look is highly desirable. This will wake up his passion and senses when you will see the Virgo man in a different light.

Leo Woman

Try `to stay immune at this Sun queen. Not only that she has the incredible appearance, but she also tries to enhance it by everything she does. Leo woman has to draw all attention and make everyone talk about her. Women will envy her, while men will look at her with mouth wide open.

Leo woman wants to be surrounded by luxury. Expensive things are her passion. She will wear latest Dior dress and Yves Saint Lorraine shoes. However, don’t get this wrong. Leo woman is not that crazy about fashion. Yes, she does care about the way she looks and what she wears, but, the most important thing is that she is wearing the latest collection and the most expensive piece.

Don’t be surprised if you see the Leo woman wearing a bunch of gold jewelry – necklace, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Even that would be not enough for this fiery woman. The point is, the Leo woman will always be at the center of attention.

Leo woman wants to look desirable. Besides the provocative outfits, she will take good care of her body and face. Her hair is always on point. Leones usually has blonde, wavy and voluminous hair. If she is the darker shade of hair, probably that she will dye it.

All that she does gives you a message that she should be respected, adored and pleased. Unfortunately, Leo woman falls in love with the wrong type of men. As you saw, she wants to be rich and live exclusively. Those men she falls in love with often don’t have the resources to make her dreams come true.

Leo woman doesn’t care about money only. She has many requests. Her partner should be successful and to have manners. However, this man should be a bit calmer and willing to give in control in her hands. Leo woman is dominant and wants everything to be as she imagined. She is always a leader. In the best scenario, she finds a man with equal strength and power. They together, as a couple, would be able to conquer the world.

As the stars gave the endless charm, attractiveness and sexual energy to this woman, the Leo man will be a target of many men. She will flirt with all of them, but still stay indifferent and unobtrusive. Leo woman is waiting for the right one. Flirting is just an usual daily activity. Once she falls in love, the Leo woman will be loyal to death to her man.


Leo woman will make every man feel like a superman. Just being around this beautiful, powerful woman will rise up your energy. If she gives you her attention, you would feel like her king.

However, don’t ever try not to give her the attention and endless compliments. Another way, you will feel the anger of the lion. Leo lady deserves to be adored, cherished and loved as she is definitely an impressive and breath-taking woman.

Love and Marriage

As we mentioned above, the Leo woman likes luxury. She won’t regret spending her whole monthly budget on a dress. From the perspective of the Virgo man, this is equal to madness. This man is very penny-wise and modest. He wouldn’t refuse to spend a night in an expensive hotel, or going to the expensive restaurant, but not all the time. Maybe he would do this once in a month, or two.

Virgo man likes to make plans and have everything organized. This would irritate the Leo woman, as she will appreciate spontaneous decisions more. Leo woman is relaxed and optimistic. She will let things go their way, and she will go with the flow. She sometimes has a bit frivolous approach to serious life questions. Virgo man will find this horrible and will criticize her a lot, killing her vibe.

It is better not to criticize the Leo woman at all. She doesn’t see her faults ever. Virgo man might see her mistakes but won’t find the right way to explain them. In the best case, she won’t talk to him for a day.

Leo woman wants her partner to admire her and cherish her beauty. On the other side, the Virgo man wants her to adore his intelligence. They will get lost in this story about adoring because each one of them should give what they want to receive.

When it comes to sexuality, the Leo woman is a bit raw here. She wants to feel excitement and desire of her partner in every moment and every place she wants. On the other side, the Virgo man would want a private party, just the two of them in their bedroom. He would make a whole organization of this act. Leo woman would get impatient and eventually would lose interest.


It is much more likely that the Virgo man and the Leo woman will be friends than lovers. Their differences are obvious both ways, but if they stay friends there is a chance to learn something from one another. If the love emotions get included, the rational thinking is gone and there would be many arguments.

In this scenario, as the two as friends, the Leo woman’s optimistic will affect a bit negative Virgo man. He is sometimes obsessed with work and doesn’t have a private life. Leo woman will take him to parties or to crowded places, showing him how to have fun and meet new people.

Virgo man will teach the Leo woman to have a cool head when the situation is complicated. She should be more responsible when it comes to serious talks. That is what her Virgo friends will help her with.

After the initial phase of tension, the Virgo man and the Leo woman will realize that their friendship can bring them many positive things and will stay on good terms.

Interesting Facts

The freshest Virgo man-Leo woman marriage is between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Until now, they have been one of the world’s favorite couples, besides Prince William and Kate Middleton. They seem so cute together and we hold fingers crossed for their love.


The Earth and the Fire might get along, but the chances are that they will hardly develop a successful relationship. Many differences will show off with the time, making them wonder why did they start the relationship at all.

They will pass many tests, which should only show them that the opposite views don’t have to be a reason for a split up. Be patient and try to learn the best from your partner. In love, it is better not to be right, than to be happy.