Virgo Man and Gemini Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

The adventurous nature of a Gemini woman will be a challenge for a Virgo man. He has that need to analyze things and persons, so this woman will be an object of examination. In this process, he won’t stay immune to her endless charm and will fall in love easily, which is not the characteristic of the Virgo man. Yet, he won’t show it at first. Gemini woman will find this impossible.

Virgo man will make the exceptionally confident Gemini woman question her attractiveness. Those two will be weakening to one another, living through a nice romance. Still, after the first excitement, they would realize that there is no so much passion between them and it is better to split up as friends.

Virgo Man

What is the Virgo man famous for? Virgo man is cold-hearted, distanced, reserved and pedantic. This leaves an impression of one unemotional and unapproachable person. Is the Virgo man really like that? Not really. The only thing that is 100% is that the Virgo man is pedantic. Besides that, he has emotions, of course, but doesn’t want to show them. It is nothing strange not to open up to everybody.

Virgo man is not the boasting type. He likes to enjoy his success, happiness, and love only with the people he is really close to. His friends, family and his partner know how kind and exceptionally good person this guy can be. You just have to give him a chance.

Believe it or not, the Virgo man is the one of a kind type of guy. You will never have to be afraid if he would lie to you, or be unfaithful. Virgo man knows how to behave in your friends’ company and will treat them as his sisters. This guy will remember all your anniversaries! This is the rare type, we told you. He has so many things in his head, but even when he is too loaded with work, there is no chance he would forget about you.

Virgo man is not that simple when it comes to love. He has trust issues and it takes a while to figure out if the new person he met is worth his time. There is almost no way the Virgo man will fatally love someone. This man is rational and will know how to recognize a quality person, but that won’t take him to the clouds. If you are expecting a crazy and intense romance, you won’t have it with this man.

What you will have with the Virgo man is a stable connection. He thinks in a way of you two. Virgo man builds his carrier and wants to have a lot of money, but not because he is crazy over luxurious life or something. This man will never spend his money without thinking, which is good for the marriage. He will always take care of his family needs.

Virgo man will respect you and act as a real chevalier. The perfect type of a woman for him is a classy, elegant lady, with nice manners and behavior. Keep smiling, he likes this too. Avoid drama and the gossips if you want to keep the Virgo man by your side.

Gemini Woman

The name of this signs tells you a lot about the person that hides behind. Gemini is represented as a double sign. It is almost like there are two personalities inside one person. That is the thing with the Gemini woman – at one moment she is endlessly kind, at the other she is sarcastic. Yet, when you get to see both sides of the Gemini woman, you will still like her a lot.

Whatever topic you came up with, the Gemini woman will have to say something about it. She is well informed about everything – politics, religion, science, literally whatever. This woman gets bored easily. That is why she always changes the circle of the people. Gemini woman has many friends but tends to see them once in a while. In other cases, she would be bored with their stories.

Gemini woman is dynamic and active. She will be all around the town through a day. On weekends, she would usually go somewhere out of town, to make a little change. That is why she needs a partner to follow her in her wanderings.

As in the other things in life, the Gemini woman is not stable in love either. She searches for excitement more than love, but won’t refuse it when she meets the right person. This lady has the urge to flirt with men. They simply can’t stay away from her. Gemini woman is like a glue for the men.

If you want to spark the interest within the Gemini woman, make sure you are confident about your intelligence. She requires that her partner is on the same level, so they can have endless talks. If she is talking to someone who doesn’t get what she is talking, she might get angry. Still, the Gemini woman is not unfaithful to her partner. She will continue to flirt, but will never cheat. Still, some men can’t understand her flirty nature.

Gemini woman is rational. Even when she has an argument with you, she is ready to hear the other side of the story and eventually realize if she is mistaken. She doesn’t have a big ego and doesn’t have to always be right.

Freedom and a degree of independence are really important to this woman. Because of her changeable and tremulous nature, there is no way to bond her completely. Even when she is married, the Gemini woman needs some time and space for herself. It is okay to have some responsibilities, but she will never accept someone telling her what to do privately.

One thing is sure, if you are a type of a man who likes challenges and is a born hunter – the Gemini woman will tickle your imagination. The first challenge is to seduce her and make her committed, the other one is to keep her by your side for a longer time. What is more, once she sees that you don’t mind her games, she will stimulate you even more, so the story of you two will be endlessly interesting.


Love and Marriage

The Earth gives the Virgo man’s kind of love stable and calm, while the Air makes the Gemini woman changeable and unpredictable. She is like a wind, there is no option to tie her down. At first, it seems like there is no possibility for the love between those two.

However, what they both ask in another person is intellect. Virgo man and the Gemini woman will always be well-educated and that is something highly appreciated among this couple. Their talks are definitely not superficial but deep.

As we mentioned above, the Virgo man wants someone who he can trust. He is afraid of being lied to or cheated on. He would be infatuated by the Gemini woman at first. She has that aura and is attractive. What he wouldn’t see is that she gives attention to the other men also. Gemini woman will be ready for a relationship, but will never give up the flirt.

Once the Virgo man sees that, he will get jealous. It is pretty hard to make this man jealous. Virgo man will lose his temper couple of times until he realizes this is probably not the woman of his dreams.

Gemini woman wants action and movement. Sometimes she can’t stand being in one place for more than one hour. Virgo man is not like that. He is not passive either, but definitely less active than the Gemini woman. She would always want to go out, hang out with friends, even travel somewhere alone. Virgo man will not understand this side of his partner, while the Gemini woman would be bored of him.

Virgo man likes to make plans and know every step of the way. Gemini woman functions oppositely – she craves for unpredictability. You see, when it comes to intimate relations, the Virgo man will make a whole scenario in his head. He would use the rose petals, play some nice music, open a wine. Gemini woman would be almost angry about this, as she wants to be intimate when she and her passion have a rush of passion and desire.


We mentioned above that the communication and the intellectual level of the Virgo man and the Gemini woman are on a high level. They understand each other. Virgo man is a bit of a bookworm, while the Gemini woman always learns new things just for fun.

Their interest will collide on some topic and that will be enough to become great friends. What is sure, these two have great chances to be good friends, so it is better not to ruin it with a relationship.

Interesting Facts

Courtney Cox and David Arquette were a famous Hollywood couple. They are the example that the Virgo man and the Gemini woman might seem like a good and compliant couple. However, they couldn’t maintain their marriage.

A little advice on the Virgo man and the Gemini woman connection – if the two of you don’t feel the spark when you touch each other on a first date, it is better to remain friends. You two will have each other for the whole life.


This relationship might seem like a challenge for both partners. Virgo man is not a born conqueror, but he would want to be when it comes to the Gemini woman. This will attract her at first, but she will realize that he is not that type of a guy she wants by her side.

Virgo man will see her flirting moments as a sign of treason. If there is a spark of passion after the first touch or a kiss, then go for it. if it is missing, kiss each other good night as friends.