Virgo Man and Capricorn Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Virgo and Capricorn are the Earth signs. That means they both strive for security and stability in a relationship. It is sure that they can give each other what they need. Sexual chemistry is on the high level between the Virgo man and the Capricorn woman.

With a few obstacles in their way, this couple will have potential even for a marriage.

Virgo Man

If you are wondering where to meet the Virgo man, the answer is – in a library, museum, university, art gallery. This man adores everything that has a connection with the brain and intelligence. Virgo man will have its own library in his home or office. This guy is almost like a walking encyclopedia. Listening to him, you can learn a lot. That is why the Virgo man can be a great professor.

You know that type of a professor in who wears glasses, always dressed in a classy suit and perfect shoes? That is the Virgo man. He would be serious all the time, not letting his students ask him a lot about his private life. Maybe the Virgo man seems a bit irritating, but he does this on purpose. He doesn’t want the world to see a weak side of him. Emotions of the Virgo man are as strong as the Earth, the element Virgo represents. However, there is a lot to go through if you want to get to the Virgo man’s core.

Virgo man is usually calm. You will rarely hear him yell or raise his voice. He also despises people who are loud and tend to attract the crowd to look at them. Even when he laughs, the Virgo man will do this elegantly, with a sense of taste. There is something endlessly charming in his a bit mild moves. Virgo man will remind you of the old school gentlemen.

Virgo man will never tattoo himself. He won’t drink alcohol and wander the streets in the nights. Virgo man won’t try to hook up with one of your best friends. He has manners. This man will open you the door, pour you a drink, and give you his coat if you are cold. Is there anything more to wish for?

It is true that the Virgo man is conservative and old-fashioned, but that doesn’t mean he would get with a woman and stay with her the whole life no matter what. Oppositely, the Virgo man seeks after the special woman. He dreams of an elegant, classy, smart, and decent wife.

Maybe it looks like he asks for something that is easy to find, but the Virgo man will often find a flaw in every woman he is in contact with. He wouldn’t like the way she talks, or how she dresses.

Maybe even someone from her family would irritate the Virgo man. He just analyzes everybody and everything. That is why this man usually stays single until his mid-30s. After the long search, the right one will show up. Then the Virgo man will completely surrender to this love.

Capricorn Woman

If you see a short hair woman in an elegant, classy suit and a big scarf or kerchief, there is no doubt that you run into the Capricorn woman. She has a characteristic face and it is simply a pity to hide that feature under a bunch of hair. That is why the Capricorn woman proudly wears a shorter hair.

She is an artistic soul. Capricorn woman can be an excellent writer, painter, or designer. If she doesn’t find her way into one of these professions, it is almost 100% that she would write her diary and design the chairs or tables in her home.

This woman can turn her partner from an average guy to an outstanding man. However, don’t get this as she is trying to change anyone or manipulate. Contrary, the Capricorn woman wants to help everyone she loves become better versions of themselves. If you give her some advice, she won’t get mad but will think it over before she goes to sleep. Capricorn woman believes that two adults, mature persons can have a contrastive conversation.

Yet, she has to find that spark in you. Her partner has to be a persistent person with a strong character. Capricorn woman is aware that life puts us in the different situations and that we can’t always find a way out. If she sees potential in you, she will fight even more than you do to make you happy. You can see how caring the Capricorn woman is.

Capricorn woman, on the other side, doesn’t have the fear of being alone. She has some criteria her potential partner has to fulfill and until then, it is no reason for her to be in an empty relationship. She requires both emotional and financial support from a partner. This lady is realistic. She dreams about a stable and reliable man, not about the prince from the “Sleeping beauty”. Yet, she is afraid of falling in love with the wrong guy. Sometimes the Capricorn woman doesn’t see that the other side is playing games. Unfortunately, she often meets men who don’t deserve her.

Maybe you will have problems with reading the Capricorn woman’s signals. After being hurt, she will take some time to recover. Once she mends her heart together, you will see a different Capricorn woman, or at least you would think she has changed. Oppositely, she the Capricorn woman will always stay true to herself. It is just she will appear as a cold, distant and unapproachable. Yet, this can make her lose someone who is really worth her time. It is better to avoid acting as a “bad girl”.

Capricorn woman tends to act conservatively when it comes to intimate relations. But, the fact is that she is a bit afraid of the fire burning inside. She will try to escape it, pretending to be shy and naïve. A real man, who knows how to hit the right spot, will lighten that fire. Capricorn woman will release the brakes little by little, showing her partner real eruptions of passion.


Love and Friendship

Two Earth signs have a serious potential of achieving a stable relationship full of understanding. Virgo man and the Capricorn woman have almost the same set of values, needs, and goals. This makes them see the future together.

A bonus to this relationship is a great communication. They don’t have to force their conversations, as everything flows smoothly here. This couple is spontaneous, relaxed, and decent. They know how to act like a couple no matter where they show up together. Virgo man and the Capricorn woman leave an impression of a perfectly harmonized couple.

In a home of the Virgo man and the Capricorn woman, everything will look like sterile. Both of them like everything clean, tidy and ordered. Virgo man will especially appreciate his partner, as she pays attention to cleanliness. On the other side, their rulers, Mercury and Saturn, give this couple a perfect sense of order and organization.

If you would need someone to organize your birthday or wedding day, the Virgo man and the Capricorn woman would give you a few excellent organizing advice. They apply this ability to their own life and relationship, making it work excellent.

We already mentioned how stable this couple is. The Earth gives them one mutual characteristic – a dose of seriousness. These two are rarely too excited over something. They will for sure be happy, but that feeling would never go to a delirium phase.

Yet, this seriousness is good for some aspects of the relationship. On the other side, it can lead to periods of emotional cooling. They might distance from each other, even without the need to warm up those emotions. Capricorn woman has that issue with emotional expressions, so she would look almost unfamiliar at the times to the Virgo man. However, her emotions are not cold at all.

Virgo man’s constant complaints will irritate the Capricorn woman. Saturn gives her the other side of the personality, making her more positive and optimistic than her partner. Once the Virgo man crosses the line with his critiques, the Capricorn woman won’t think twice about packing up.


Virgo man and the Capricorn woman’s intellects just get along great. They function on the same sides and have big expectations. The most important thing is – their expectations are realistic. Earth signs are always realistic and know their limits. These two as friends have almost no boundaries.

Their perspectives are similar. Both the Virgo man and the Capricorn woman strive for materialistic goods. These similarities will pull them towards each other. Virgo will motivate his friend, while the Capricorn woman will lift him up when he is down. Generally, this friendship has much potential to last for a lifetime, as the mutual support is strong here.

Interesting Facts

Lyndon Johnson (ex-US president) – the Virgo man, was married to Lady Bird Johnson – the Capricorn woman. It is true that the Virgo man would never rush things until he is 100% of something. Yet, in this case, Mr. Johnson was absolutely convinced she was the right for him and proposed on the first date. The couple was happily married until her death.


These two lovebirds can make a great couple. They have what is important for the future – same values and expectations in life. Once the Virgo man and the Capricorn woman join their forces, they become unstoppable.

The only issue between them can be an emotional distance. Love flame has to be tickled a bit from time to time. That is exactly what they should do – to warm up their love a bit when they feel a danger and the couple will stay together for a lifetime.