Virgo Man and Aquarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Do you believe that the opposites attract one another? If you do, then you came across one of the live examples of this saying. Virgo man represents order, tidiness, and silence. Aquarius woman is pretty chaotic, loud, messy, and unpredictable. It would be so much fun to watch this couple argue.

The Virgo man would go around the house and criticize his partner, while she would look at him like he lost his mind, then slam the door and go out in a club. It is obvious this couple will feel a connection, but the prospects of staying together are weak.

Virgo Man

Do you live in a fairytale world? Do you expect your prince charming? Well, here is the news – the Virgo woman is not your prince. However, he is charming. We advise you not to expect some silly romantic actions from this guy. He is not the one if you are searching for someone who would jump off the bridge for you. Yet, there are many positive things about the Virgo man. Keep on reading and you will be pleasantly surprised by the Virgo man.

Let’s be real, you are not a girl anymore. You are a grown woman who needs a man by her side. You don’t want someone who would spend the last few bucks to buy you flowers. It is cute to get a bouquet from your man, and you can surely expect it from the Virgo man.

However, if you two are in a pinch at the moment, you can be sure that the Virgo man would do everything to get you out of this situation.

He would delay those bouquets for some happier time. Virgo man would rather pay bills in this case. Yet, it is almost impossible for the Virgo man to get into a crisis. He works hard and is financially stable. We just wanted to give you an example of his rationality.

His rationality is one of his best characteristics. Virgo man will always think the things over and calculate which solution for both of you is the best. He won’t be selfish and will always have you in mind. Not only that this man is devoted truly to his partner, but also to his family and friends. When he loves someone, that is a definite love.

Yet, it is hard to make the Virgo man emotionally attached. He loves his family a lot, his friends as he knew them for all his life, but when it comes to women, the Virgo man is a bit complicated. Don’t get this wrong. He wants to commit to a perfect woman for him. It just takes a lot of time to bump across the right one.

Virgo man’s analyzing always pushes him back when he spends some time with a new person in his life. He asks for loyalty. As this guy is smart, he will estimate your level of loyalty by the way you act and talk about your friends and ex-boyfriends. Maybe he would even get jealous. Still, this can be a good sign. Once you see the Virgo man’s jealousy, be sure that he developed some feelings for you.

Virgo man will wait no matter what to finally meet a woman of his life. In this search, he will be in a contact with many women, but won’t get in too deep. Yet, once he meets his beloved, the Virgo man will become all hers and love her to bits.

Aquarius Woman

Freedom, freedom… Aquarius woman’s values are most about freedom. This lady likes to be detached. She doesn’t desperately search for a good opportunity to marry. Aquarius woman will rather wander the world, experiencing new things, hanging out. Her spirit is definitely hard to tie down. Hence, let her be. She likes changes, but it might get nasty when someone tries to change her. This woman gets offended easily. Accept the Aquarius woman as she is and enjoy adventures with her.

You will recognize the Aquarius woman by her laugh and openness. As she is extremely sociable, she makes new friends every day. That is why her partner shouldn’t be jealous.
Oppositely, they would get into an argument. Aquarius woman despises jealousy and doesn’t have any understanding for that. It is probably because she is never jealous and possessive. She would appreciate a man even more if he has many contacts and friends too.

Aquarius woman is sometimes unsure about herself. Once she likes a guy, she would feel nice. Yet, after the initial phase, this woman will start to panic. She would think that all her freedom would be gone with this new person in her life. Friends are completely different from partners. She believes that friends don’t tie us down, but lift us up. Partners, on the other side, ask for complete commitment, and that is the thing she is most afraid of.

What makes people so drawn towards the Aquarius woman? She has that special sense of humor. Aquarius woman doesn’t even have to try or put some effort, everybody would have fun in her company. Time flies when you are with the Aquarius woman.

Besides that inborn sense of humor, this woman has an inborn magnet for men. Aquarius woman is attractive and sensual. Her adventurous spirit makes her even more alluring, as men tend to think this type of women is not boring. Hello no, being in a relationship with the Aquarius woman is like you sat on a carousel. She is not afraid of taking some risk, too. Challenge her that she mustn’t do something, and she will do it right away. Prepare for the ride of your life with the Aquarius woman.

Once the Aquarius woman gives you a promise, be 100% sure she will accomplish it. No matter what the other people say, she would do anything for the ones she loves. This woman is loyal to the bone to her family and friends in the first place. Yet, once she enters a serious relationship, she will forget all the courtiers and be loyal to her man.

Love and Marriage

Virgo man and the Aquarius woman’s romance is a real example of the saying “when two worlds collide”. They are definitely people from another worlds or planets. Virgo man’s ruler, Mercury, gives him that sense for order and seriousness. Everything has to be under the thread, or the Virgo man gets nervous. No one would dispute his intelligence, but he should use it is some more fun ways. Virgo man criticizes, analyzes, locks himself in a room and doesn’t socialize.


Aquarius woman’s ruler, Uranus, and her night ruler, Saturn, make this woman a vagabond. She likes to travel, to meet with many people around the world, to go out to nightclubs, and to be busy.

Aquarius woman is not the type to sit at home and watch TV novellas. She is more into constant action and happenings. Doubtless, the Aquarius woman has a sharp mind. She won’t get away from having an argument. It is better when it is spicy.

These two, as great minds, will agree upon many things in life. They would have long talks, maybe sometimes a bit tensed, but they would both enjoy it. However, after some time, the bad things will come up.

Virgo man will see that he deceived himself. Aquarius woman is not conservative at all. She is modern and open-minded. Her way of dressing is eccentric. Virgo man will sometimes find it even provocative, which he doesn’t like at all. Her circle of friends is as wide as the ocean. Virgo man, on the other side, has a few friends, whom he carefully picked.

Aquarius woman’s values are different than the Virgo man’s. She would feel lonely and incomplete without her friends. Her partner makes her happy, but she won’t see the whole world in him. On the other side, the Virgo man’s tidiness will strongly irritate the Aquarius woman. He would go around the house and clean the dust even if she already has done it. He will sometimes criticize her cooking, which will make the Aquarius woman allergic.

The side of the Aquarius woman her partner likes is her cleverness, creativity, and loyalty. He would have some issues with her numerous friends but will trust her that she is loyal. Aquarius woman will appreciate the Virgo man’s dedication to his job and financial security. He will make a safe and stable home for his family.


Differences between the Virgo man and the Aquarius woman will, surprisingly, make a solid friendship. They will be fascinated in some way about each other. Aquarius woman will try to understand the discipline and the order the Virgo man can establish in his life.

On the other side, the Virgo man is wondering how the Aquarius woman can get to the end with the responsibilities so well, as she is messy by nature. These are the things they can argue over, but as they are friends, it won’t make a big deal. They both would be comfortable with this friendship.

Interesting Facts

Hugh Grant and his ex – Jemima Khan were in a relationship a decade ago. Virgo man, Hugh, and his ex-girlfriend Jemima, the Aquarius woman, had some nice time together but separated. Then they were longing for each other for years, so they eventually made it up again. However, after the reminding of why they split up in the first place, they moved on with their lives separately.


Aquarius woman is a bit hard to keep. It is not like she doesn’t want to get attached, but her fear of losing her freedom is stronger. This fear will grow even more in the relationship with the Virgo man.

He, on the other side, will realize that he wants a calmer closed up woman. Only true love would keep this couple together. Yet, chances for the split up are high. They can be great friends, though.