Unicorn Dreams – Meaning and Symbolism

All dreams that people have are unique even when people dream about the same things, we all have our perceiving of things and in that sense, all of us have unique and personal dreams, even if they revolve around same things.

This is the case since all of us have our unique background, our emotions, or our experience – no one had your life, and no one will. And even if someone was the part of your life and shared similar experiences, you perceive things in your own, personal way.

Every dream is linked to your own “reality”, and this is crucial to know when it comes to dreaming symbolism since the interpretation of dreams are the moments of your private, business life and your experience is of great importance.

We will mention, and you may know this already, is that dream world is the one thing that unites the body, thoughts, and spirit in all human beings; it is just that we are not always aware of this process.

The content found in the dream world is the thing that provides you with energy, and it can give you clues in the process of having a better look at yourself when exploring what is deep in you.

If you stay here with us, you will found out what your dream means for you, and as many details, you can remember about your dream, the better – you can explore, discover, have so much fun and find out what your dream is hiding.

Today we are focusing our attention to dream about Unicorn – this is something that is very interesting, even mythical, since unicorns do not exist they belong to somewhat abstract things, and the majority of what we know about them comes from popular culture, but this does not mean that they do not have meaning for us.

They do have, and in the section below, you can discover what the symbol of those mythical beings is if they appear in your dream.

Meaning of Unicorn Dream

Unicorns are mythological creatures, and we have all heard of them, and we all know that they have been idealized in countless stories, songs, legends and myths.

Unicorn is usually described as a white horse with a horn on its forehead, whose body is flowing silver blood.

First of all, we must say right away that this dream about Unicorn is not something that is very common to dream of, it is a dream that comes from time to time, maybe just a few times in life, and it brings some interesting message.

In the majority of cases, this is the dream that is connected to something that is unique, and it is expected that its meaning is connected to something calming and it is a sign that you can relax after something that bothered you, and the happiness follows.

It is even a signification that in your life very soon will be many wonderful moments with your friends – you will share joy, happiness and will experience bliss with those who are close to you.

Seeing Unicorn in your dreams above all other things means that someone will express admiration for you and that you should be proud of yourself.

Also, some general meaning of this dream is that a good and peaceful life awaits you, regardless of what kind of life you have right until that moment, and it does not matter how desperate you might be – you truly have something to be happy about. The storm is over, and the calmness has come – this may be some general meaning of the dream that does not come so often in the life of humans, but almost always carry a positive message for real life.

The symbolism of the Unicorn Dream

In the beginning, we must say that having a dream about any mystical objects in dreams such as a cross, a unicorn, or some kind of tribal deity can be related to the longing for believing in something spiritual, to a higher power.


So, if you had a dream where you see Unicorn somewhere in some place where everything is calm, green and blissful, it means that you are the person that has high ideals, hopes and insights into the current situation.

If you have seen Unicorn in your dream, and it is white, strong and shiny horn or colorful horn, this is a certainly a symbol of strength, gentleness and purity that you either have or you strive to have.

This dream also can have its alternative symbol – it can be a representation of your view that tends to be open-minded, and free, it is a confirmation that you are not a person who can be said what to do and what to think. You are open, honest, and you look at things from your own perspective, not letting anyone tell you what to do.

Maybe this is the dream that is telling you that you just are not aware that this attitude comes with the price that you will have to pay.

If a dream about the Unicorn is the one where you do not see it, but you know that you are looking for him, and maybe you see glimpses of him, it means that you need to look for a deeper meaning in your life and that you haven’t found your purpose yet.

This dream may be an implication that you have tired of searching your true identity that seemingly does not fit in anywhere known, so you need to find some place where you will find it for real.

Do it just because you feel that this secret or what someone resists you has power over you.

Some say that seeing Unicorn in a dream is a symbol or a spiritual message that should show you the destiny – most likely it says that you will have a good and healthy life, and will enjoy it fully.

If in a dream, you see yourself riding a unicorn, it means someone will honor you, or some of your work will be recognized as important for the society; this is the dream that will bring you the true admiration and higher purpose in life that you have just have fantasies.

This dream can have its negative alternation – you can dream that you have been riding a unicorn, and in one point you see yourself falling on the ground – it can be a symbol that soon you will be ashamed and tormented for some of your recent actions.

If you have a dream where you stand beside beautiful Unicorn and caress him with long and slow moves, it can be a symbol that you should expect joy in some recent time in real life. And the same case is when you have a dream that you are singing to a Unicorn or that he is “singing” to you, with something that resembles singing.

If your dream is just about seeing, or touching or having a Unicorns horns it means that some form of material good will come to you, or in its alternative version it means that you will have something better than material wealth, you will have healing properties, or some kind of ability that will help people from your environment.

If in your dream you see a Unicorn and you see it in its miracle dust, that is all over, and if you can touch it – it can be a sure symbol that you are about to find some cure for problems that have been bothering you for a long time; and the same meaning can be found in a dream where you drink something from Unicorns horn.

Do I have to be worried?

You do not have to be worried – even if the dream about Unicorn is such that it says that you will see experience some torment soon, it can be a symbol that after that only joy will come and that “torment” will have its purpose for your growth, especially in some spiritual sense.

Whatever your dream with Unicorns may be, it is most likely a symbol of all things that people want in life – a good life, joy, admiration and recognition, and also good health.

Everything that is connected to these magical creatures, just like in reality, also in a dream world, is a symbol of something that is positive for us, that can bring us to calm and magical place where everything is possible.

What should I do if I had this dream?

Dreaming of riding a unicorn and falling from it means that someone will embarrass you in front of people you do not know. It also means that you either very happy in your life at the moment, or that happiness will soon enter your life, and both prospects are equally great.

So, the question is what you should do after experiencing such a dream?

The simplest answer that we can give you-you should do absolutely nothing!

This is not that kind of a dream and it is a dream that is saying to you that good things are coming your way, or that you are on the right track right now.

The only thing that you might do is to congratulate yourself for believing that miracles can happen.

This is the dream that proves that miracles can happen in our everyday life, while we do some ordinary and monotonous jobs drown in problems, and when a Unicorn shows up in our dream, it is just a manifestation that such thing is possible and that we are ready to accept that our life is some kind of miracle.


Did you know that there is a belief that once upon a time, these mythical beings, called Unicorns, lived on our planet, by people, and animals?

Unicorns are often portrayed as strong and fierce mythical creatures. It is believed that a man who could to seduce him was not born and that only the maiden of the innocent soul can socialize with him.

Its general meaning in our world and culture is that it is a representation of the purity; at times, it can be a symbol of greed, and virginity of the soul.

When they appear in our dreams most of the time, they bring happiness and feeling of joy and kindness in our hearts.

Depending on another aspect in a dream, they can be a symbol that we are in a deep need for recognition that we will receive in life, or that we will find that calmness after a storm that has ruled our lives for a long time.

In any case, there is nothing to be scared after you had a dream where Unicorn appears – he is a bearer of good news and joy.