Taurus Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

With Moon in Virgo one tends to react to people and events in a rather reserved way. In general, one tends to work silently behind the scenes, remaining incognito, but taking care of everything in detail, and seeing to it that all aspects of a project or relationship are perfected.

Sometimes people with moon in Virgo run the risk of losing track. One is sensitive to sophisticated and always finds out where others are lacking in thought and action. Respond to the others depending on how healthy and tidy they are.

People with Moon in Virgo tend to distrust feelings of themselves and others, or they subordinate their emotions to the mind. They therefore have an analytical and critical effect.

They only open up when they have gained confidence in someone’s best means, if they can help. They are mindful, reliable, and honest and want to do a useful service to the world.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon – General Info

“Just keep calm,” the Taurus man says slowly, “whoever moves slowly gets far.” The Taurus does not rush things, first everything has to be considered carefully. He is tough, persistent and works hard at his goals.

But his own goals are mostly known only to him, because the Taurus      never really talks about what he’s up to. He is a bit closed and only to extremely reliable people he lets a look through something. The Taurus enjoys his secret and quiet joy, so he can persistently remain silent.

Taurus people usually have something compact about them, they stand firmly on the ground; they are substance accumulating. The following sentences are typical of the Taurus: “If I have no money, I’m unhappy,” or “There’s something to earn, so we have to keep our ears stiff.” The Taurus wants to get something tangible, tangible.

If your moon is in the sign of the Virgo, you are probably a person who often pushes his feelings aside in favor of rational motives and his need for order and efficiency. They are inherently realistic, reliable and orderly, and they love having everything in their environment organized and manageable.

They do not aspire to great things, but are satisfied with little things. However, you can be annoyed as much about little things as well. Everything should always be exactly as you imagine it and as you are used to it.

They appreciate a regular daily routine, so unstructured life situations quickly throw you off track. Nothing is as scary as the chaos! Order and structure are important and useful things, but that should not be overriding rigid rituals or even constraints.

Treat yourself to a little laissez-faire now and then, be spontaneous – you may find that this is more fun than you thought. This does not only apply to the daily routine or your household – even in love it is good to go out of yourself.

Among Taurus born we find people with great creative power. The solid matter wants to be brought into harmonic form, the corners and edges should be rounded. But it should be stable and solid. The Taurus lies flowers and gardens, also likes to work with the plaice and is happy when things thrive.

The plants are connected in the soil, rooted and they spread in depth, the earth, usually as ready as in the visible area, these plants are now flowers or trees. The solid, the tangible, that which in itself has a solid, stable or anchored core, is Taurus. Superficial, hollow types are therefore rarely found among Taurus.

In love you like to hold back modestly and believe that you have to be content with what you are getting from your partner – wishes that go beyond push you back because you feel you have to justify yourself.

They usually give more than they take, and giving can also bring about a sense of satisfaction. But one may wish for everything, and sometimes one has to help one’s happiness a little and express wishes clearly. You may be amazed how much (and how much!) You are given.

They like to surround themselves with high-quality things, pay attention to good and healthy nutrition. Quality is in any case about quantity. However, you are also very careful with your possessions and manage your budget economically and with foresight – nothing is thrown away with you.


You will find relaxation especially in nature. Maybe you have a garden to look after and where to grow your own vegetables and fruits? Gardening is an elixir of life for most of the Virgo Moons. And if necessary, a sunny balcony is enough luck.

The moon in the sign of the Virgo loves order, structure, cleanliness and hygiene. Connected with him is also in the horoscope the inner urge to live reasonably, healthily and modestly. He is reliable, practical, understanding and reliable.

The man with the moon in the maiden also suffers from fears and constraints. There is the fear of chaos or disorder, it can be over-anxious, jammed and supercritical. Basically, the moon in the maiden only seeks its way to survive in existence.

The Moon in the Virgo  symbolizes needs that focus on safety, health and structure. The Moon in the Virgo needs a form of inner structure to feel safe. With this position, there is a strong need for cleanliness, order and regularity.

Man with the moon in the maiden does not necessarily want to attract attention, but tries to adapt in such a way that his personal survival is assured. This includes a clean environment, a balanced diet, a prudent lifestyle and a kind of inner order.

To realize this way of life is a way (a process) and not a fixed goal. Often, however, this difference has to be learned by man with Moon in Virgo.

Another need of the Moon in Virgo is directed to the analysis of the emotional, so that it can orient itself in the emotional. There is also a strong connection between mental, spiritual and physical aspects. If one area of ​​balance is out of balance, the other area will react accordingly.

This results in the strongly psychosomatic note of this constellation. Thus, there may be a strong need to help others, as well as to adopt a healthy lifestyle (so.). Particular attention is paid to the diet. The pursuit of the moon / Virgo is directed to the wholeness, he wants to be whole, healed.

That is one of the reasons why he is so often drawn to health professions. This position of the moon also brings with it a special relationship to animals.

Good Traits

Method and care, good intellect, strong discernment, insight into necessities are available. They are very reliable, earn writing and studying successes. Your mind is receptive, has a quick mindset, and learns languages easily. Mostly very smart, modest and honest people.

They are good speakers, with principles, sense of order, pay attention to details and want to be of service to others. For many, altruistic service to others is a wish. Self-discovery happens through classification in reality and in hierarchy. It is correct phenomena that pay attention to personal hygiene.

Bad Traits

When the mind outweighs the emotions, these people can be reserved and have an excessive pursuit of perfection. Some are selfish, overcritical, pedantic but indecisive and too much in detail arrested.

Others are influence able, overwrought, nagging, without their own opinion and cannot be eager to look at the cards.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon in Love

In love affairs, people with moon in Virgo are a bit awkward to distant, but you can rely on them. They are rather anxious natures who analyze everything in order not to have to experience an emotional mess. You have to learn that even the apparent disorder of spontaneity brings attractive and beautiful moments into the partnership.

You strive for beauty and harmony, but consider everything that has anything to do with feelings, critical, almost anxious, because then you are more on order and control matters.

Even with externally secure appearance, you are inhibited internally and withdraw to formality. Some little things can unduly trouble you. Your increased sensitivity to correctness can disrupt the natural flow of a love encounter.

If you try to hide your embarrassment behind beautiful and witty words, then you will be easily exposed by a wise partner. If the partner shows interest in you, he or she will try to lure you out of the reserve. Please do not deny your own interest in the contact;

Do not go at a distance, because you are not freshly washed or otherwise could make a little something wrong, let yourself fall and experience how nice it is for you to get involved.

Are reliable and practical women. But feelings are usually kept under the control of the mind. But if the right one shows interest in them, they are more likely to distance themselves.

This is often because they do not feel tidy enough right now. They are not spontaneous in emotional matters, but once decidedly very reliable. Excessive need for hygiene can be in the way of love.

They often try to hide their embarrassment behind beautiful and witty words. If a woman shows interest in them, they do a lot to avoid being embarrassed. They are rarely particularly passionate men, but they are reliable and happy to help.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon – Best Match

According to the partner horoscope, with the Moon in Virgo, the predictability of our partner conveys security. If our partner moves outside of our order, that makes us unsure.

The Moon in the Virgo adapts, but it can also forget itself.

When he reflects more on his strengths, the human being with Moon becomes an indispensable partner in Virgo. And he can feel secure about himself.

If we can show ourselves and our feelings to the extent that our partner can recognize our qualities, we are well on the way to a working partnership.


As a human being born in the Virgo     Moon, you should always exercise caution when expressing feelings. Maybe you think “it does not help,” or you want to protect yourself from injury.

So first, do a thorough self-reflection, because anyone who knows and understands their own thoughts and motivations can better keep them under control.

They are very self-critical, but fear criticism from other side. But you are certainly not unreasonable about your own misconduct. Because you have, as I said, in almost every respect high standards.

And you do not want to attract attention. Practice serenity so that the emotional stress that can result from too much perfectionism does not harm your health.

This is especially true at work. You value an orderly, manageable workplace where you work with care and precision on projects that require your diligent attention to detail.

You also need clear structures in the workplace, then you feel well and can contribute your qualities in the best possible way.