Taurus Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The moon in the Taurus and Sun in Taurus   reacts prudently to people and events. Normally, he does not respond with emotional fires or emotional outbursts, but approaches things calmly and leisurely. It is needed excitation from the outside. It looks like sluggishness.

Once Taurus fight has been set in motion, it shows with perseverance what it can do. He needs material security and a territory that belongs to him.

Otherwise he feels lost. He has good investments in dealing with finances and does not get bogged down in material interests.

With the fellow humans it awakens sympathy by friendliness, charm and warmth. He loves sociability and, once served, often finds no end. He needs a firmly anchored environment. He has a sense of beauty, of music, of all things pleasurable.

These are polite, friendly, rational and just-thinking people. They show stamina and also some stubbornness. The Taurus Moon, thanks to its perseverance, can undertake big things. But it can also be phlegmatic and too enjoyable (eating).

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon – General Info

The moon in the house of Venus, the soul in the house of love. This is the position of the moon’s exaltation, a place where the need for belonging, closeness, security and attention will be raised to the highest degree.

This is the moon that gives all senses the joy and beauty of life. Here the touch is inviolable, everything is perceived through it. This moon exudes stability and gives you a sense of belonging.

Persons are firmly on the ground, but without a sense of duty or attachment. These individuals are on their own, and so their view of reality is not painful, but very comfortable. They tailor reality according to the desires of their senses. They can do it easily!

These are the people who have no problem saying and showing what they want, feeling. The terrain of emotions is very familiar to them, and they excel at maneuvering. They do this in such a way that their needs, as well as those of their loved ones, are always met.

Security should not be missing. Emotional and material, they do not go without each other. Only if it is able to provide an adequate home will Moon in Taurus offer it to a partner. They don’t suck at anything, quality is imperative. Speed ​​and quantity are not important. Often you will hear from these people the saying: “Anything that is fast, its bad.”

Emotional bonding and relationship building are the key to time, which is what the Moon in Taurus knows best. It takes him a long time to make you feel and let you into your empire. Once it does, it will be very difficult to get rid of it, even if there are strong reasons for it. This Moon builds the house carefully, comfort comes first.

They are most comfortable if they can afford to live in a home, preferably with a garden full of flowers. They love the vicinity of the forest, and nature is their eternal inspiration. Looking into the green field full of dandelions is a picture that rests their eyes.

However, if they live in an apartment, it will always be full of flowers, and the pots will be carefully arranged throughout the premises. This is a picture of a balcony full of flowers shining in the spring. Often, Moon in Taurus also owns an out-of-town cottage. It is mostly in a mountainous area.

The moon in Taurus has a wide smil-, with smaller holes around the eyes. The eyes laugh at themselves. He is very desirable in society and likable. She likes to have a long-term relationship, whether it’s love or friendship. There is no rush to this moon, no hurry!

This moon loves you full time. This is the story of the person who hugs the hottest in the world! Right from the door they will hug you and kiss you on the cheek. So it sends you a welcome message into his realm of comfort.

It will host you as best it can, and without a good lunch you will hardly be able to get out. Dessert is the most important part of a meal for Taurus Moon. The cakes and cakes he brings you will only be seen in the best pastry shops. Lots of creams, whipped cream and full flavors are the main features.


Everything will be served in the most expensive porcelain, refined and reduced design. It will not rustle, but it will catch the eye. Moon in Taurus is also a picture of pancakes with chocolate and nuts, when there is not much time to make more complicated sweets.

The moon in Taurus represents the mother, the more corpulent material, who is the pillar of the house. This is genetics that pulls roots from the plain. Agricultural origin is not excluded, at least in distant ancestors.

Moon in Taurus and Sun in Taurus can be an excellent cook, an even better consumer, and in both variants an unsurpassed hedonist.

In the partner one seeks a dormant pole, which gives security and permanence, so that one can escape there in disappointments. Basically one endeavors to avoid conflicts, but at least to preserve the form outwardly.

However, superficiality may also be noticeable, since one would like to avoid a real dispute.

In such superficial relationships there is a certain disposition to infidelity. Which in turn makes such desirable mutual trust impossible. The Taurus Moon wishes for a sense of togetherness and security, but often has everything in it to make a fool of.

On the other hand, excessive social integration may also manifest a neurotic tendency. However, if a person with a Taurus’s eye is free and open, personal charmed may indicate a charismatic and fascinating personality.

These children are usually calm and satisfied. In the first years of their development, they need a strong attention from the mother, especially in the physical area. The child needs tranquility and time to develop.

By good nutrition and attention, the child can usually be quickly calmed and satisfied. When no hurtful aspects fall on the moon, moon-in- Taurus   people saw their mother as a patient and caring woman.

She was practical, down to earth and protective. She had the gift of showing the child how to look at life from the enjoyment side. The mother probably had a hard time releasing the child into self-employment.

Good Traits

Taurus Sun and Moon is sociable, charming and authentic. They are very loyal and deep in the partnership, therefore not so fast binding. This person enjoys his anticipations, is physically close to his partner, love his body and enjoy it.

Taurus Sun and Moon person is balanced and stable, has a sense of shapes, colors and fragrances. He is all around Bon vivant and always needs some fur feeling, strives for harmony and sense of community; can easily satisfy the needs of others.

Bad Traits

Sun in Taurus and Moon in Taurus is conservative and obstinate; lives in unbalanced material conditions or never gets enough security. This person is also comfortable and addictive to good life (eating especially).

They don’t like change. Tendency to getting fat and clumsiness, they are often lazy, stubborn and immovable. They always need push by others can be boring and clumsy but also resentful and blaming others. He does not mean to do it, but the others would have to change.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon in Love

In the partner, he seeks a dormant pole that gives security and consistency. If he has this partner, he is cherished and cared for. Nevertheless, there is a tendency to restrain the partner in his personal endeavors, because moon in the Taurus   is often afraid to face his own personal weaknesses.

The sensuality of the Taurus’s moon is instinctive, it jumps on stimuli of smells, body contacts and also colors and shapes. In principle, Moon is very loyal in Taurus and does something for his partner, yet he may still be seducible if he is sad and unsatisfied in the partnership. There is a desire for copious sexual activity.

You are sociable and love to surround you with beautiful things and with affable people. Material security and independence are important to you, so you can make yourself a possession where you (perhaps too) hang your heart very much. You capture the world with all your senses: you love good food and drink, music, dance and socializing.

Are blessed with many gifts that help to win the heart of the environment. They attract attention with charm, interested understanding and sense of the fine.

If you acquire the necessary knowledge, you will be able to have a say in art and literature, to dress yourself in style and to make the hearts of men beat faster. They need a partner who can share their subtlety. If a man gives them security (financial), then they are extremely loyal and loving.

Often have many feminine characteristics. It may be that they are more interested in art and literature, fashion and flowers than football and jokes. Their sensitivity will also help them find the right woman, a sensual, warmhearted, practical and helpful companion.

Men with this lunar position are often influenced by women, and they also do a great deal for them. If you find the woman of her heart in the partnership, then her love can be of extraordinary beauty.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon – Best Match

In the partner horoscope, too, the Moon / Taurus will prefer safety over adventure. Although Moon / Taurus is a very sensual position, the owner is therefore mostly faithful here. Of course, in all these points it is crucial how the entire chart is shaped.

The Moon in Taurus is much calmer than the Moon in Aries and he is more focused on sensual pleasures. It’s about body contact, maybe food and especially snacking.

With the sensuality and the enjoyment is also the main need for the moon in the Taurus   addressed. A potential partner should also make sense for this area of ​​life, otherwise the frustration is already preprogrammed.

Our inner child with moon in the Taurus   wants to feel safe and secure. Thus, the Moon in Taurus wants that the partner has a presence always there, or at least.

And like a child, which does not get what it wants, the moon in the  Taurus   can also react when the partner is not there or when his own interests are involved. For the partner, it is also about delimiting in time.


The Taurus moon is often afraid of the stranger and the unfamiliar. As a child, you might have to adapt a lot because otherwise exclusion or isolation from the family or the group threatened.

If this tendency is also confirmed by other horoscope factors, this problem can remain a problem even in adulthood.

In extreme cases, this leads to flight into illness or to the outbreak of the family / group.

These people are often without a viewpoint (lack of father’s influence?). They need social acceptance and a certain recognition of their value. The Taurus’s moon must learn to delineate itself. The demarcation lived in excess, but can lead to a lack of inner ability to meet and bind.