Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Although the Moon is in one of the elements in which it is most comfortable, the water, in this sign, is in a difficult position.

The Scorpio in the horoscope is, in fact, governed by Mars and Pluto, masculine planets that give this Moon a character of complexity and restlessness.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon – General Info

You know what you want and, with good or bad, you always get it. Stubborn, independent and determined, usually you start early to make your way in the world, managing to resist or break all the bonds with which you want to win.

At the slightest suspicion of a bait, you are capable of sudden spikes and at the last moment or even without the slightest notice you flee taking care to cancel all your tracks.

Needless to say, you are a person who is not easy to deal with and who marries you will have a lot to do. You are the type that holds (or at least would like to keep) the segregated spouse, as he goes around the world in search of new conquering lands, which he however manages very well to discover and subdue (you can always justify yourself by explaining that the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio have shaped you “despotic general”).

While one part of your brain reasons, another is prey to strong feelings, so the reasoning has no weight on your emotions dictated by love, jealousy or hatred each of which shakes you so intensely that it leaves no room for nothing else.

So intensely passionate, you can be successful as an actor or speaker, so much your charm has an immediate hold.

But if you do not control yourself, all your dramatic strength will be exhausted in preening the scene or in your little world (and this can be very damaging because, the great energy that is given to you by the Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, must be expressed and channeled into a project, so that you can “download and then recharge”.

If this were not the case you would risk becoming a human atom bomb, obviously in a negative sense). Don’t select your audience and find equal satisfaction from a good meeting or a first one in the main theaters.

This does not mean that you are a mediocre actor, because this way you are not naturally gifted but your ambitions should focus on a single goal, if you want to derive adequate benefits.

However, even if the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio make you greedy for personal successes, you have to continually overcome the tension that wears you out and makes you want to abandon everything to totally relax.

The moon in the sign of the Scorpio also symbolizes in the horoscope the need to go into the depths. He has to own that he wants to explore things thoroughly. Taboos, fears and constraints are or become more and more conscious.

This makes it clear to him in the course of his life that he can also find dark areas in the depths of the psyche. These experiences, at best, bring him to work on those dark or unconscious parts in him. Accordingly, this position of the moon has to do with the dark, the repressed, and the taboo.

The moon in the scorpion feels the need to hold on emotionally and sometimes mentally. Equally important is his need for spiritual passion. That’s why we find here strong ownership claims to the partner and often exaggerated jealousy. We can apply the principle of exclusiveness to the moon in Scorpio.

These qualities lead to suffering and, in the best case scenario, cause the moon in Scorpio to confront itself. Concentrated, as if it were about his own death, man can go to the bottom with the moon in Scorpio. This position implies the fascination, as well as the fear of everything that has to do with death.

The true need of humans with the moon in Scorpio is to find the negative within and to transform it. This can be called a true inner transformation.


The strong interest in such processes and their own concern are the deeper reasons that there is an above-average rate of psychologists and psychotherapists who have this position or similar in the Radix.

The real needs may be unconscious for the human being with the moon in the scorpion, because with this position consciousness must first be acquired. The needs are going to be intense. But as the moon in Scorpio also brings with it a strong suspicion, it is not easy for a person with this position to live that intensity.

Our inner child with moon in the scorpion in the partner horoscope wants passion, merger and the very big feelings. If the partner is similarly knitted and wants to share his feelings just as deeply, then we can be lucky.

But even then, much depends on how far we are able to admit and live our feelings and our sensual and intimate needs and desires before ourselves. On the positive side, man with the moon in Scorpio is able to give a partnership of intensity, sexuality and exclusivity.

Often there is an unspoken agreement between the two, a strong bond that does not require much words and can only be explained by a strong karmic relationship.

In other cases, however, it is precisely this emotional closeness and closeness that is perceived as threatening, which triggers a corresponding backlash between mother and child, which manifests itself in an apparent superficiality, coolness or distanced attitude. Too big is the emotional entanglement that seethes beneath.

The mother is experienced either as powerful and controlling, or as a human being who knows about the deep abysses that are inherent in us. In any case, mother and child are fatefully interwoven, and the child will repeat in loyalty the mother’s story, with all the suffering that goes with it.

Only laboriously and with a great deal of mental work succeed in the liberation of this symbiosis, but which is important to return the acquired feelings to the mother, and to be able to live powerfully his own feelings, his own attitude, his own life.

Good Traits

The strength of the Scorpion Moons is their fierce passion and tough endurance. It’s not just the strength they love, it’s all about what they feel emotionally involved with.

In addition, they have a desire power that can move mountains.

Bad Traits

One of the biggest tasks for the Scorpion Moon is “let go”. Let go of painful memories from the past and see them as a possibility for growth and inner maturity. Let beloved people go and welcome them with open arms when they come back to accept it when they leave.

Letting go of yourself, out of your own grasp, out of your own control, letting go of the trust that everything flows and that we are caught warm when we dare to be open, soft and vulnerable.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

Sensitive and intuitive, but also tormented and restless, a man with the Moon in Scorpio is endowed with great personal charm.

Apparently calm and controlled, it is instead capable of intense and profound feelings, from which it is often afraid of being overwhelmed. In love he is attracted to sexy, seductive women and tends to base his ties mainly on physical attraction.

Keep in mind that the sexual desires of an individual with the Moon in Scorpio are strong, and if they remain unsatisfied they can lead to a serious state of irritability.

When he falls in love, he experiences sentiment with great intensity and often tends to create a symbiotic relationship with his loved one. He needs a companion who gives him a hard time, women who are too passive or corny in the long run bore him.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon – Best Match

The Scorpio Moon wants deep passionate feelings, and sets a clear counter pulse to the harmony-need of the previous Libra Moon. Scorpio Moon Born have the need for intensity and instinctively seek situations and encounters that bring them deep, seething and stirring emotions.

Better difficult and painful, says the scorpion moon, as light and banal. Everything deep, dark, hidden, taboo-possessed has a magnetic attraction here. The latter is also the scorpion-moon-born own, he sometimes radiates something dangerous mysterious, which scares some, and in turn beats others.

Sexuality is very important to Scorpio Moons, as they penetrate the deepest to the other, experiencing themselves the hardest, allowing them to be the most enthralled by them.

Completely according to the sign of the zodiac “Scorpio”, this moon also wants power and control, over itself and over others.

The Scorpio Moon does not allow the object of his desire to disappear so easily. The best match for this person is someone who understands his deep emotions, such as Cancer Moon.

He stirs the fire of passion and drama and creates violent feelings that will not let others go. Behind it is the deep fear of being abandoned. For this reason, he avoids relationships from the beginning, in which this danger even approximates.

Another way to avoid abandonment is to embroil the partner into a dependency, or – the other side of the coin – to place oneself in a dependent role that binds the dominant partner again.

Also, the Scorpio Moon is a master of self-control, though he often does not notice that. With so many violently seething emotions, he means to be the emotional man par excellence.

But this bubbling lies like a layer above the actual, true, very vulnerable feelings. These are deep in the basement, covered and filled, closed by a thick lid.

All injuries, all mourning, all anger, all fear, are buried here. Too big is the (unconscious) fear of the Scorpion Moon man in front of his own injured side. Too intense the feelings to endure a memory or a confrontation with them


A subject with the Moon in Scorpio and Sun in Taurus tends to conceal his aggression under the appearance of tranquility and sweetness and can harbor within the violent passions. He has a strong identity and an unexpected cold blood.

The survival instinct is very developed, but despite this, there is an attraction for complex and risky situations. His instincts tend to prevail over reason, and intelligence is often above average.

This position of the Moon indicates the ability to perceive the deep motivations of strangers and to identify their weaknesses, a capacity that can be used to help them, but also to achieve their goals.

Both the man and the woman with the Moon in Scorpio seek intense emotions and, when they do not find them in the environment, generate situations of tension or passion capable of generating that intensity. They don’t like frivolous and light relationships and are very jealous and possessive.