Taurus Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Libra Moon and Taurus Sun people feel exactly what others think, feel and need about them. But they need a lot of harmony in all relationships, especially in the near, otherwise their emotional health suffers.

In general, they find it difficult to act spontaneously, because to a certain extent, they always have to act according to the protocol and within the conventions, which often makes them seem a little bit upset, even though they are genuinely friendly to everyone.

They are aesthetic and have artistic talent. Their need for contact and exchange is genuine and they only feel holistic when they are in a relationship.

They have a strong tendency to adapt to the DU and sometimes forget to be themselves because they want to be friendly and nice to everyone, their gestures are characterized by charm and elegance.

They loathe raw language, because by doing so they easily slip off balance. They are cheerful, polite people, with love of the arts, have many friends, love working together. This lunar and Sun position usually means skill in dealing with the general public.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon – General Info

If your moon is in the zodiac Libra and your Sun in the Zodiac sign of Taurus, you have a friendly, sociable nature to own. They have a particularly strong need for harmony and togetherness.

They can empathize and respond well to other people. In search of similarities, you tend to adapt beyond the healthy level, so that you often do not realize your own needs, let alone express yourself.

The moon sign Libra prefers constant balance. Deep inside often rather insecure and unbalanced, you are looking for a harmonic and conflict-free outside. Always assure yourself of the understanding and support of your caregivers, as you are often unsure of yourself and need the approval of others to defend your views and make decisions.

Under certain circumstances, however, your fear of conflict may also cause you to “sweep under the carpet” again and again, for fear of arguments and arguments. But whoever avoids confrontation and keeps their own ideas and wishes for the sake of peace, will eventually feel disadvantaged.

Sometimes Libra moons and Taurus Sun should try to endure conflict situations. Who is always nice, is liked by many, but only in the dispute shows who you really important. So do not hesitate to meet your wishes – true friendship can stand this.

However, you are most satisfied when you experience beauty with your fellow human beings. You are hospitable and may like to host parties that will make your guests enjoyable with good food, beautiful music and stimulating chats.

They love beautiful things and have a strong sense of aesthetics. Tastelessness or vulgarity are unbearable to you. Born in Libra Moon often have a great interest in art – maybe you are even artistically active and thus find the balance that you sometimes lack in your environment.

Also in the partnership you are looking for harmonious togetherness. Emerging conflicts are for you a sure sign of decreasing love. They master the art of advertising and seduction and always focus on fulfilling the needs of the partner. If he / she is well, you are happy and satisfied.

They seek consonance, beautiful moments and above all lightness – it should remain playful, because in the depth lurks possibly danger. Love should always be a bit of a game, nothing should push you from your pink cloud or question your gracious irresistibility.

Of course you expect from your partner style, a neat appearance and pleasant manners. Anything else would personally insult and repel you. You too can be wooed with lovingly selected gifts and nice attentions.

Conversely, you feel unloved and neglected if your partner for such a sense is missing. Your reaction is then silence and pouting, which of course you achieve little, because he / she does not suspect what has hurt you so much. Sometimes you just have to take a stand in order to achieve the desired echo.


At work, you prefer to work in the harmonious coexistence of like-minded people. You want to devote yourself to projects that are about beauty, peace and love – this will help you with your talent for diplomacy and your sense for the needs and sensitivities of others. They pursue a tactical career plan, but remain ambitious and gentle.

You are very sensitive to a stressful atmosphere in your environment or underlying conflicts in your relationship. They then spare no effort to provide with much friendliness and good mood for better mood.

Permanent tensions are a great psychological burden for you and can harm your health in the long run. Libra moons then need to retreat into a harmonious ambience and find relaxation, for example, in the music or the viewing of beautiful things.

Good Traits

The moon in the sign of the Libra also symbolizes in the horoscope needs that are aimed at other people. Clearly we recognize here the need for contact, but also for emotional harmony.

The opinion of others is therefore particularly important to the Moon in Libra and Sun in Taurus.

That’s why he quickly gets into dependencies. Problems can arise from the strong need for contact and being alone. The desire to constantly reflect one’s and one’s needs in another makes the Moon in Libra dependent on being in relationships.

The desire for harmony and balance is another strong need of people with the moon in Libra and Sun in Taurus. It does not matter if it’s about opposites in your own inner world or conflicts in the outside world, the Moon in Libra is always trying to find a just balance.

This is i.e. one reason why this position has so much to do with justice.

Also the area of ​​the interior design is to be mentioned here, since the Libra has a good feeling for, to what extent interior and exterior are to bring into agreement.

Bad Traits

The unrequited moon in Libra thinks his feelings more. He thinks and plans his appearance and does not feel much about it.

Therefore, he is eternally undecided, to whom he really wants to turn more deeply. The opposite also occurs: he is completely dependent on his partner.

The Unfilled Moon in Libra places too much emphasis on outward appearances, constantly looking at its call, and is therefore calculating.

To be right there, he makes lame compromises and thus loses the connection to himself. He is boring and without a background.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon in Love

With this position, there are great problems to decide or to take a consistent position. Often the human being struggles with the moon in the balance some internal struggles with himself, because he cannot decide whether he should follow, for example, the head or the heart. Or, in other words, whether emotional or intellectual factors should be used for decision-making.

With the Moon in Libra, we have a constant need for contact and exchange. Of course, it also depends heavily on how our partner is knitted. If he has similar needs, then everything is fine, but if not, we have a really big problem, because the position “Moon in Libra” is very sensitive in terms of feedback from the outside world.

Here the possibly natural desire to withdraw can be understood as a withdrawal of love. The ensuing strong urge to affirm love provokes a stronger retreat. This, in turn, is considered a withdrawal of love, and thus one of the fatal spirals can emerge that cause so much suffering in relationships.

In the partnership, people with Moon in Libra and Sun in Taurus, need a counterpart in which they can avoid the liability something. Because the moon in Libra takes a lot of freedom and holds the partner down, under circumstances until it says goodbye to itself.

The partnership is often experienced as a challenging topic and is of particular importance for one’s personal development.

Diplomatic abilities are strong, yet there can be sudden and sudden violence, especially in youth. But the Libra is generally warm and friendly. Adaptable and amiable, you can interact well with people. But you can easily convince yourself of seemingly good arguments.

This makes you slightly dependent on others in opinion and action. With understanding partners, who know what they themselves want and what you can expect from you, you have an open and honest relationship.

Are charming, but slightly thin-skinned women. They are enchanting beings who master the art of flirting very well. Good, sensitive companions who do not want to go deep emotionally at the beginning. When the figure wears off they soon feel old, but their friendly nature makes up for it.

Can be carried away by the beauty of a woman. Her forms, her language, her walk enchant her, and the words seem to pear her out of her mouth.

But as they grow older, they become calmer and more reliable. In the middle age of the experienced connoisseur, they find their lady of the heart rather than in youth. Then men with moon in Libra stand faithfully to their women.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon – Best Match

According to the partner horoscope, our inner child with moon in Libra needs harmony. This behavior occurs as early as childhood, when the child tries to settle quarrels and disharmonies within the family or simply between parents with Moon in Libra and Sun in Taurus.

The best match for this sign would be someone with a moon in Aries Zodiac sign.

So it happens that the own feeling is not experienced and lived, because there are always “foreign” sensations that are more important. This behavior is then gladly adopted in the adult relationship and the needs of the partner are preferred to their own. Or the man with the moon in Libra says, but now he would be off and overwhelmed his perhaps quite benevolent partner.

On the positive side, the moon in Libra is extremely understanding and in the best sense of the word interdependent. As a partner we get someone who appreciates peace, harmony and beauty.


Great decision difficulties due to inner restlessness and external balance. Thoughts that could lead to a decision are not pursued consistently enough.

The search for the exceptionally well-balanced judgment can ultimately leave people with moon in Libra without a concrete decision.

This burdens the self-esteem and can lead to naive dream ideas about life. The personal relationship to things and people is usually more important than the consistent pursuit of specific goals, which rather does not promote success in society. This can lead to difficulties in dealing with authorities and institutions. Social norms are often perceived as limiting.

In general, it is difficult for those affected to find a spiritual home or they refuse to find it. So it comes to repetitions: attention – criticism of standards – averting.

Moon in Libra and Sun in Taurus seeks a balance, for the imperfection of the world, e.g. in art, for example, to create a higher level of harmony.

The desire to free oneself from the need is great – you just want to have it in life. The search for the “refined” zest for life can also be a reflection of inner dissatisfaction with the world.