Taurus Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Moon in Leo and Sun in Taurus wants to be in the center, attracting the attention of others and therefore likes to act a little bit more than is good. After all, you want to please others. But usually he strives to have background accordingly.

He wants to improve not only himself, but also his friends and all humanity, so he is doing something to beautify his little and big world.

The people with the moon in the Leo are generous and enthusiastic, with a lot of theatrical effect, coupled with a strong sense of self. Since they need a lot of attention and recognition, they only have contact with people who seem worthy to them.

They are friendly and open and you know what you are into. They have a lot of charm and their social talent brings them some recognition. They like children and parties.

However, there is a tendency to dominate others. Very sensitive to criticism.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon – General Info

People with the moon in the Leo are usually wishful children. They can become the center of all wishes and hopes of parents. The parents take the child from any burden and the child should be destined for something extraordinary.

The child is often spoiled. The opposite is also possible, the child becomes a scapegoat and leaves the parents prematurely, which can lead to self-admiration and compensatory pride and pride.

Basically, Moon has a big hunger for life in the Leo. A narcissistic trait can be influenced by flattery. As long as they are empowered in their sense of significance and superiority, they are very generous; but if they are hurt in their vanity, they expect the others to solve the problem.

Actually, it’s about the fear of confronting yourself and being afraid of losing strength.

People with a Leo’s moon always want to feel their power and vitality and consider it a humiliation when they depend on the help of others. It can make an insensitive, possibly cheesy taste noticeable and a love of pompous.

When the sun is low, the human being with the moon in the Leo often imitates persons who have the desired behavior. Hypersensitivity to criticism is always given, making equal contacts are therefore usually difficult to achieve. Courage and valor can be a reflection of the fear of embarrassment.

Moon in Leo is usually a reference to benevolent and affectionate parents. They educate their children to become independent and can then let them go so that they can lead their own lives. And indeed, early on, the child fledges and usually dissolves easily from the family.

Moon in Leo is usually a sign of a happy child and carefree youth. Full of life and with bright eyes, it goes carefree its way. The child, however, always wants to be either the center of attention or the first, which is an expression of his pride.

The child was usually encouraged by praise and recognition. Children with the Moon in Leo often have problems with their peers because they want to gain respect. With a weak moon, problems can arise with hurt pride, inferiority feelings mate with megalomania.

Although it is the Sun is in the sign of Taurus, you are a child of the sun. Like these, you radiate heat and energy. With your warmth and your charisma, you can quickly get people involved. When you enter a room, the sun rises!

Being the center of attention is your lifeblood. Since you have a pronounced talent for self-staging, this is not difficult for you. The sympathies that fly towards you, and the applause you are greeted with, graciously greet you, in the unshakeable feeling that all of this is yours.


You are the star in your movie, the king / queen in your kingdom. The Leo naturally expects his “subjects” to lie at his feet and read all wishes from his eyes. Sometimes this attitude is a little overconfident and self-centered. But this is more likely to be in your environment than you are, because you do not even let uncertainty and self-doubt arise.

Criticism usually does not go down well with you. If you ever feel weak or even hurt, hide this skillfully behind a decidedly majestic pose. But whoever shows no weakness plays a role instead of being himself, and then he cannot be loved and understood the way he is.

On the other hand, it does not seem difficult to show positive or even passionate feelings. In your exuberant joie de vivre and your optimism, which can hardly be shaken by anything, you succeed in inspiring and enthralling your fellow human beings. Since you know about your persuasiveness, you may also use it here and there to achieve what you want. This also affects love and sexuality.

The colors of the Leo Moon born are – how could it be otherwise? – Red, yellow and gold. Red as the color of fire: strong, dangerous and cleansing, as well as the color of the blood, that is the passion, of life par excellence. Yellow is the color of light, summer, serenity and freshness. In addition, the gold as a symbol of wealth, power and durability.

Gold can symbolize value and luxury, but it can also be false, cheap and pretentious if it is displayed in an exaggerated and inappropriate way. People with a Leo moon want to be something special in the world, but it is also important to them to create something lasting with creativity and creativity and thus to put their mark on the world.

If you can put your aspiration for self-determination and dominance, coupled with creativity and creativity as well as your positive attitude to life in the right place, it will make you happy and lead to the expected success.

Professionally and personally, you value it very much when everything is perfectly organized and works like a well-oiled machine, so that nothing stands in the way of your productivity and everything you plan and tackle. Then the moon sign Leo is in his element.

Good Traits

When the moon is full in Leo and Sun in Taurus, you are of zest for life and optimism. You are persistent in making things tasteful. Your heart is generous, generous, aspiring and you has a real talent for showing himself in the best light.

Moon in Leo wants to do something, so you is passionate about his job and comes up in professions with responsibility. His cordiality is genuine, you can love very deeply, are committed to your children and are faithful to your partner, although you always flirt with others. His warmth needs expression.

Bad Traits

Moon in Leo and Sun in Taurus tends quickly to dissatisfaction with all the joie de vivre. He has a strong inclination to luxury and often too high a need for recognition.

His pride is hurt quickly. His sensitivity to criticism can make him extremely angry and haughty.

Then a self-important move can set in and he overestimates himself, even finding his own weaknesses admirable. If he finds little recognition, he can become very obstinate and trumps with a pompous, overloaded posturing.

His need for self-respect is then simply not to breastfeed. Above average, young people experience a crisis between the ages of 20 and 30, because they realize that they have not yet grown up and always lived in the expectation that everything will fly to them without effort.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon in Love

In love things, people with the moon in Leo and Sun in Taurus, want to be irresistible and demand unconditional love (dominance strivings in love). If vanity is violated or gratuitous love is not rewarded, a condescending penchant for the partner can show itself.

Frustration can lead to arrogance as well as feelings of inferiority. It is difficult for Moon to bear criticism in Leo, and people who have this lunar position in the horoscope must learn that personal modesty is also an adornment.

You generally look cheerful and confident in the world. Your greatest joy is to move you in a circle of people whose sympathy and admiration you are certain. Cheerful and witty, you are happy to contribute to general entertainment without, however, always paying attention to the limits that call for tact and feeling.

On the other hand, you feel slightly offended when someone jokes at your expense. Beware of your tendency to admire yourself! You tend to overestimate yourself.

Your receptivity to flattery can be dangerous. If you smear honey around your mouth, you can easily get involved in erotic adventures. You then feel valued and your temperament is awakened. If you are disillusioned, you may have to admit that it was a mistake. You keep a lot of loyalty and you develop best in a solid partnership.

They are very loyal, but always want to feel that they are desirable. They are proud and demanding women who are able to stage themselves dramatically. If you give them compliments, they bloom and almost overwhelm you with their warmth.

They love to be admired and their passion is quickly awakened. But they know that an adventure is not as valuable as love at home.

Nevertheless, they like to show themselves seductive and hungry for life. Still, they do not tend to infidelity unless they have no real connection at home.

Taurus Sun Leo Moon – Best Match

From the partner you want to be admired, you expect to be the center of his life, his sun and that everything revolves around you. They are convinced that they are irresistible and have a right to fulfill their intimate desires and needs.

They have a lot of sensuality and passion and, if you feel like it, they also like to pour it out on their partner – but also not only on them.

The Leo has a tendency to excess – in good food as well as in intimacy and in any kind of intoxicant. But also a pronounced indulgence person, as you are one, does not do an excess in the long run well.

Rest, enjoyment and new energy can be found in the sun, on a trip to the south, celebrating with friends, beautiful music and especially in love. Monotony is a pain for you – in your life there must always be highlights to make you happy.

For this person, the best combination would be someone with a Moon sign in Aries or Libra. That would be a good balance and partner for someone this passionate and loyal. Everyone else would be too restrictive or too plain.


Combination of Taurus Sun and Leo Moon is a very interesting one. They are very loyal people who care deeply about their friends and family, and about their partners.

The only downside is their vanity and stubbornness that can lead to aggressive outbursts and fights with people around them.