Taurus Sun Gemini Moon – Personality, Compatibility

People with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Gemini are diverse, inspiring contacts without heavy-burdened emotional worlds are more important than deep passions. Woken up, agile, clever, often very well-read and witty, people with moon are in Gemini   .

Good speakers who are easily successful in the public eye due to their clever, diplomatic demeanor. At the same time, we want to accomplish and achieve too much, then nothing, inclination to fragmentation and sometimes also to insincerity.

The intellect is usually stronger than the emotions. The Moon in Gemini makes the emotional life swing back and forth, responding to any change in the environment without committing to any particular cause.

So you are more inclined to think of a solution for each problem than to make basic decisions. That makes something restless. You have ingenuity and a quick mind.

On the other hand, they are restless and nervous, can be inspired by too many ideas, to drop them soon.

Taurus Sun Gemini Moon – General Info

People with the moon in the sign of the Gemini   need above all society, the feeling of belonging, new impulses and variety. Gemini   are not made for being alone. You need people around you, mental stimuli or even just entertainment.

They come into contact with each other through their open, curious nature everywhere – but you remain mostly in a friendly way without obligation and like to keep a certain distance. Behind the cool factual façade, some might suspect coldness – what a misjudgment!

Hardly anyone has such a lively emotional life as people with a Gemini   moon. However, you can control this more than almost anyone else. Speaking openly about feelings is not difficult for you, but when discussing and questioning, emotions sometimes mix with intellect, and even you yourself sometimes cannot quite tell it apart.

Getting into feelings or even just being carried away – that could never happen to you! At least not if it can be avoided. Your environment will certify a high degree of emotional intelligence. For others, in emotional terms you can be an excellent advisor and sometimes a great help when it comes to analyzing and dissolving emotional entanglements.

Lively emotional outbursts or “emotionalism” you are incomprehensible to and react quite mocking or sarcastic. They themselves endeavor to deal with sad or frustrating situations with the intellect, that is, more with the head than with the belly.

Sometimes you escape into a kind of emotional superficiality that protects you from emotional shock, but at the same time makes your (her) life a matter of the head. Under such a form of distancing your quality of life suffers.

Even in love, you are initially open and curious. You want to try a lot, but you are also looking for intense feelings – but you want to avoid the danger of being hurt, which is why you often cannot really get involved or even commit yourself.

You may be tempted to separate sex and love, and to seek contacts that will allow you to eroticize and let off steam, but that will not lead to emotional dependence or commitment.

But even then, once you hit Cupid’s arrow, you manage to break the intoxication of being in love with distance and, with charming superficiality and perhaps even little sarcastic teasing.

You would like to have a partner with whom you can exchange ideas spiritually, you love talking about common interests. Above all, you need a counterpart who listens to you and if possible shares your view of things. This gives you the feeling of being perceived and accepted.

For you, life is full of interesting possibilities and new things that you would like to get to know and try out. Not only must your partner understand this, but it should also be reflected in your professional life. At work you want to exert your mind, research and discover.


Since it is difficult for you to commit yourself to a narrow field of expertise – because there are so many other interesting topics left out – you feel most comfortable with a versatile work in which you can at best even with many people. They would like to continue to learn, to learn and to pass on their knowledge.

Such a hunger for knowledge and information can also lead to lack of focus and dispersion. So sometimes you might seem a bit scared and forgetful – but your head was just busy with something more important. Their urge for constant stimulation and employment can sometimes also be a strategy of distracting unpleasant emotions, or of being afraid of loneliness and boredom.

Rest and loneliness – longed for by many others – are not for you. Your energy does not allow silence, you relax better when you can plunge into the colorful life. If you never lose sight of what’s really good for you, your mental agility keeps you alive and young.

Children with Moon Gemini are restless and lively. They usually learn to speak early and babble and babble a lot. They are not so attached to their mothers on a physical level, they usually fled early and are easily detached from their parents. They are not so easy to calm down over the emotional level; read long conversations and stories show here more success.

The child is usually precocious, brisk, intelligent and smart as it plays the adult. The opposite is also possible, the child fidgets and cannot concentrate and can be distracted.

People with moon in Gemini experienced their mother mostly talkative and carefree. She had a cheerful mind that could solve problems cleverly and skillfully.

She was ready to be interested in and hear her child. But she probably felt restless, too, had an answer to everything, and perhaps too often just talked the child too well without really taking a deep breath.

Good Traits

The fulfilled moon in Gemini is interested and communicative. He has a quick grasp. Ingenuity and thirst for knowledge go hand in hand with versatile and lively expression of the emotions.

This person loves conversations and discussions, but is rather skeptical than gullible in emotional matters. About the mind leads the way to the feelings, which also contain a rich wish and hope.

Bad Traits

The unfulfilled moon in Gemini is subject to mood swings, everything is doubted and therefore he never comes to rest. He talks too much and never is he really authentic. Quickly interested and just as fast he goes on without wanting to deepen a topic.

In extreme cases, he still talks himself out of half-felt emotions. Once heavenly exultant and then sad again to death, he quickly despairs in case of problems and escapes superficial distraction.

Taurus Sun Gemini Moon in Love

In the relationship he is often quite adapted and has a certain emotional distance to his partner. Relationships should be easy and easy and not overly burdened with “heavy feelings”. He, too, has a desire for a true relationship with depth, but often finds it complicated.

Unless other horoscopes suggest otherwise, sexuality plays a secondary role. The ratio easily overlays the instinctually. Often Moon is a bit stuck in the twin in passionate things.

The suppression of preferences can lead to a great lack of decision-making, with emphasis on sophistication and etiquette. The opposite can also exist, you give yourself shirt-sleeved and ignored courtesy and decency.

You are mentally agile and receptive to new ideas, technology and communication. You are not attached to the things and people who interest you, let you get carried away by new impressions and therefore cannot easily decide on a human completely.

It’s easier for you to choose as you go deeper into your relationships with the needs of your partners. With this you also recognize your wishes and needs better.

You are clever and curious and look as if they are looking for a man who follows or even stimulates their ever-changing interests and intentions. They are therefore already an airy on the glue.

It may be amusing to enjoy the recklessness of youth with a happy, carefree and boyish man; but a solid partner could provide the right framework in which to realize their ideas, to live their changing drives undisturbed.

You are imaginative and smart people and, like women with the moon in Gemini   , also looking for a woman who supports or even encourages them in their changing interests and projects. Therefore, often too much activity and non-liability. A solid partner can be a suitable balance in the domestic and social context and pour the versatility into a whole.

Taurus Sun Gemini Moon – Best Match

Mercury does not share its air and changing sectors with anyone. In this case, the depiction of one character is not an animal but a human character, and that character is Gemini. At first, it wasn’t about two brothers or friends holding hands, as in the picture that resembles the legend of Castor and Pollux, but about a woman and a man united in love.

Gemini is therefore a sign of communion, living together, and intimate reunion. Mental doubling is a characteristic of persons born at the time when the moon is in this sign. Although basically all born in the sign of Gemini suffer double influence.

One is spiritual and the other extremely materialistic. But this ambiguity is not normally observable, as the close bond between the two people in the sign suggests. What remains is the dual character of lived experiences.

There are periods in the lives of people born with the Moon in Gemini when they will experience two very different situations. Almost on a regular basis, and even so very conflicting. They are always trying to acquire two or more things at a time.

Occupations of thoughts, centers of interest, apartments, attachments, and especially marital or partner ones, often go together, and it is not uncommon for a character to find himself engaged in a double life, though he may not have wanted to. There are often parallel connections and two jobs at the same time, as well as duplicity in general.

And astronomically speaking, the moon always shows only one side of the face of the Earth. That dark side is very difficult to see and discover. All we have to do is imagine and imagine what it has on the dark side of the moon.

The best match for someone born with a Sun in Taurus and Moon in Gemini is someone with a Moon in Libra or Aquarius.


Gemini is a somewhat airy sign of the moon’s position. Very often there is an emotional distance to the parents. Quite a contradiction to the Earthy Taurus.

Much emotional unrest is associated with an innate thirst for knowledge, which can lead to considerable curiosity. Even as a child, one asked the environment holes in the stomach. But the interest is more in the new, the exciting and the distracting than in the content itself.

Private and public is usually strictly separated by moon in Gemini. Outwardly one gives oneself politely, to the neighbor often with great openness. At work, they want to be independent and perform self-determined tasks.

This lunar position has a certain gypsy aspect (all changeable signs): Want a lot of mobility; are hostile to everyday life, routine, commitment and commitment.