Taurus Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In the Moon sign of Cancer and Sun in Aries, the moon is particularly strong.

Therefore, the emotional world of people with the moon sign cancer is extremely deep and intense, but also sensitive and vulnerable. To feel well and safe, they need security, attention and a familiar environment.

Although you are a sensitive, open and caring person, you may appear outwardly closed and even dismissive. This is your shield to avoid rejection and hide insecurity. Only people who are really close to you can look behind them and recognize their soft, loving side.

You really need to care for others. This is the maternal side, which is particularly pronounced in people with a cancer moon – whether female or male. But the loving attention that you give to your loved ones also serves to bind them to you.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon – General Info

They need love, closeness, body contact like the air they breathe. You can never get enough of that. Sometimes it feels like too little, and it’s hard for you to leave enough room for the people you care about. You do not want to let her out of your sight.

You can hardly bear to say goodbye. So it may happen that you give yourself weaker and more helpless than you are and try to manipulate your fellow human beings with childish behaviors.

You have probably been reluctant to abandon your familiar environment as a child, and if you cannot help it, you’ve been plagued by homesickness. It has never taken you away, and if so, then only with the whole family or beloved partner on the side. They love their familiar nest and need a warm, cozy retreat.

Male cancer moons often fall in love with women with maternal charisma, who promise to fulfill their need for security and care. You are looking for something similar in relationships. At the same time, you like to remain passive and indulge yourself, even at the risk of your partner’s needs falling by the wayside.

If your wishes are not met as expected, it will frustrate and unsettle you, and sometimes you will feel offended.

Women with the Moon in Cancer read their every wish from their partner’s eyes, pampering and caring for him, in order to bind him to him and make him feel that she can no longer do without her. Out of your own strong need for love and closeness, shower it with tenderness.

Of course, after a while, you feel unfulfilled and empty and should make sure that your own desires and longings are not neglected.

You will feel most comfortable when words and closeness are familiar even without words. Thus, you may still have an intense erotic relationship with a person with whom you share little common interests. In the long run, such a contact is unlikely to satisfy you because it lacks the necessary measure of emotional security and security.

You have a strong sense of family and can, if you manage, let go and not confine your loved ones with your caring and tenderness, to be very happy and make others happy. They have a gift for creating a cozy home and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

You may like to cook and love others when everyone is gathered around a table. But do not take it personally when you are not hungry. For some people with the moon sign Cancer this is already a rejection.

At work, your need for care should be taken into account. They want to help and protect, but also feel well cared for in their professional environment. Performance pressure and strict hierarchies are not for you. They need the feeling to belong and to work sensitively and sensitively on joint projects.

In your vacation and free time you are looking for silence and relaxation instead of a change of scenery and adventures. It is best to relax and unwind by gathering your loved ones around you or by resting in your own mind in nature.


Good Traits

Moon in Cancer means strong soul life, helpfulness, imagination and usually also a certain dreaminess that is full of empathy. The Moon in Cancer is very impressive and vulnerable to others’ feelings and actions, which makes it prone to retreat into its shell. This crawling on its own, sometimes makes one feel hurt by others who had nothing of the sort in mind.

Whether a Cancer is emotionally healthy largely depends on a harmonious environment. Therefore, one makes an effort to keep everything in order in the family and marriage, so that the deep and intense feelings can be lived.

People with moon in cancer and sun in Taurus, can care deeply for other people when the emotional security is given. Strong ties to mother, family and home characterize her.

These people are looking for a low-pollution environment (live in the countryside). One’s own spiritual wealth can be disturbing to others. The sensitive sensations often give a musical talent.

The desire to return to a state of childlike innocence is secretly present even in adulthood. In early childhood, a disturbed relationship with the mother, it comes to the fear of being alone or vulnerable at the mercy.

In general, authority is rejected because it is perceived as immoral. They suffer more from arbitrariness, intolerance, cognition and narrow-mindedness than others. As a consultant you can be empathetic and trustworthy.

In the relationship, they sometimes respond to niceties in a mood of ill humor and dismissive, as their sophisticated wishful thinking is hard to fulfill. The giver is then disappointed and the Cancer Moon suffers guilt or inferiority complexes.

Childhood is extremely important to the Cancer Moon, and basic trust has a lot to do with the relationship with the mother and the family. The children usually have something shy and dreamy about them. In general, these children have an excessive need for love, which often even the most understanding and tender parents cannot meet.

The independence does not progress so fast. The child is sensitive and imaginative, but rarely particularly keen to experiment. However, the natural restraint and caution can be well resolved in a protected environment, and they are very affectionate and devoted children.

This also indicates that such children are still at home for a long time and can hardly go into independence.

People with moon in cancer usually experienced their mother as very loving and protective. Thinking back, these people often regard their childhood as paradisiacal.

Bad Traits

People with moon in cancer find no security and no environment in which they can live out their feelings, they tend to extreme mood swings, hypersensitivity and possession claims.

Some try to hide their inner vulnerability, or return their own wishes for the benefit of the family, which can lead to considerable fulfillment.

Others simply do not want to grow up, do not care about their mentality, and are conventional, powerless and undecided. Still others want to blackmail attention by subversive influence. Disappointment can also lead to eagerness and thus overweight.

The Cancer Moon has a tremendous need for affection and love, which can fulfill as well as burden the relationship. The Cancer Moon usually seeks a partner who depends on him, because he wants bondage and independence at the same time.

It can come to repellent and superior behavior, which can quickly change in a parentheses to the partner in rejection. “If you do not stay with me, then I’ll do something to myself”.

Self-pity can increase the enforcement weakness. So these people can look awkward and involuntarily arouse the desire to help others. But beware! They do not want to be mothered and have a considerable sense of pride and honor.

It makes them angry to be pitied or laughed at. These experiences reinforce the desire for withdrawal, they adopt distanced and abrupt behavior in order not to be regarded as a big child and to have to endure attacks on the private sphere.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon in Love

Your intense emotional life requires pleasant, not so much exciting experiences. When you feel abandoned, you seek understanding and comfort. If you have worries or inner conflicts, you still do not like sharing them with others, which is why you often appear moody.

Your rich imagination anticipates adventure in thoughts and sensations, yet you are sensitive, honest, and more committed to bonding than to non-committal suicidal idols. Caring and responsible, you take care of others.

It’s hard for you to come out of yourself and show that you also have weaknesses. That’s why you like to pretend you’re a tough guy or a strong woman, but you’re not always believable.

Your fear of being taken by surprise and being gagged and gagged by the object of your desire (sometimes figuratively) sometimes keeps you from taking advantage of your chances for great happiness in the partnership.

When you have learned to no longer dwell on the dream images, real love can come into your life, then you no longer have to imagine yourself in the imagination to really let you in.

It is often difficult to go out and show what you are asking for. That’s why they like to court and impress as a woman.

Their fear of making the wrong decision, the consequences of which they have to endure, usually deters them from erotic adventures, but often also from their chance for great happiness. Unfortunately, as they grow older, they often settle for less than pleasing circumstances.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon – Best Match

In love affairs, the moon in Cancer has a tremendous need for affection and love, which can fill the relationship as well as burden it. Compensatory can be extreme ambition, huge effort for public recognition as hope for love and affection.

Moon in Cancer and Sun in Taurus means strong soul life, helpfulness, imagination and usually also dreaminess that is full of empathy. The Moon in Cancer is very sensitive and vulnerable to others’ feelings and actions, which makes it prone to retreat into its shell.

Not all women become maternal wives. Sometimes they also like to wear men’s clothes and short hairstyles. Their appearance can be resolute, brusque and cool.

So they want to protect the inner sensitivity. The best match for these people is someone equally affectionate, such as a person with a Moon in Pisces.

These men almost always have a pronounced sensitivity, but they are hardly feminine, but many women find it appealing. They do not come easily out and show reluctantly that they also have weaknesses. That’s why they like to pretend to be tough men, but are not credible as macho.

Their fear of being overwhelmed by a woman often keeps them from embarking on the adventure of a (new) relationship for a long time. They are basically looking for a domestic, patronizing woman.


When Moon is located in Cancer, this means you are affectionate people with great empathy and understanding for others. Many are domestic, simple, economical, romantic and simply loving.

The imagination plays a special role and this also appears in expressive dreams and an innate psychological knowledge.

The attachment to the family, especially to the mother is strong. Moon in Cancer has to do with the qualities of mothering, nurturing and security.

Therefore, love of children and loyalty to the next is self-evident.