Taurus Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

With Moon in Aries and Sun in Taurus, one reacts quickly and decisively to any situation in life, speaks directly, and sometimes jumps too fast and thoughtlessly at something, without first considering the consequences for himself and others.

You think afterwards. You have this Zodiac sign combination? Then keep on reading to find out more interesting details.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon – General Info

People with this lunar position are often spontaneous, impatient, hasty and emotionally impulsive natures. They love the uncomplicated and have a great need for independence and self-responsibility.

The unfulfilled moon in Aries finds no peace, his actions are ill-considered, because something must always be running. He is extremely bored and feels attacked just as quickly. He is a selfish loner who does not want to put up with anything, which is why he keeps getting involved in unnecessary quarrels.

Sun in Aries and Aries in Moon cannot acknowledge weakness and does not self-criticize. He wants to dominate others, because he is afraid of dependency. Even tenderness can be understood as weakness.

The ascendant has an influence on how we perceive the world and how we show ourselves to the outside world. The ascendant also shapes our appearance and appearance. Here you will learn all about the meaning of the Aries ascendant. This property have people with ascendant Aries.

The Venus of the Morning is its character ruler and makes the Aries ascendant to a meek and sensual contemporaries. The Aries Moon and Sun in Taurus ascendant looks at his world from thoughtful, meek eyes. Like his animal name giver, he prefers to take it easy, but can also get into gear if you want to annoy him.

Prudent and meek, the Aries-Moon feels his way. He is in no hurry; on the contrary. He seems to have all the time in the world. This is very pleasant for his fellow human beings because they do not feel pressured by him.

His down-to-earth and reliable character and his relaxed charisma are important basic ingredients of his recipe for success. People trust him right away – rightly so, because an Aries ascendant never lets you down. The creative and artistic potential of Belle’s beauty planet Venus easily replaces his somewhat inflexible, conservative mindset.

The element of the Earth is in the physical and material plane. The Earth is grounded, stable and practical. If your Moon is in Aries, you can expect the following.

Learn to leave the links of the physical plane; learn to accept the need for change and the cycles of death and rebirth. You experience physical comfort and pleasure. Be in natural environments with a stable and predictable routine. You find yourself in unfamiliar settings or when you face unforeseen routines.

They like holding on to the physical. Digging trenches (figurative and literal) to protect the territory and position. The need for partnership is strong and instinctual, but also accompanied by the fear of having to divulge. Entering a partnership is often a bit awkward, too direct.

It may also be that people with this moon position so emotionally overwhelm a partner that he sees himself overwhelmed.

You act ambitious and impulsive. Your fellow human beings, with their changing moods, your unmanageable desires and your heated temperament, you probably expect a lot. You want to be independent, and have difficulty considering other people’s opinions, let alone adopting them. You do not want to do anything bad, but you can do it out of carelessness.

You experience the full range of emotions, in a practical and safe way. You nourish yourself from physical contact. The Moon in Aries is somewhat slow and considerate when it comes to giving emotional responses, and usually very moderate.

Taurus Sun is held and maintained on the physical plane. Aries is concerned with material issues of the physical and material and the sense of responsibility.


The Moon is very happy in Aries. The Moon in Aries is in the sign of Exaltation – a dignity that is both very comfortable with the planet and at the same time is much simpler for the individual because the planet does not have its own agenda.

The safe, stable, practical and sensual energy of Aries provides an excellent container for the emotional nature of the Moon.

The Moon can express the full range of emotions, and the slow and heavy nature of Aries means that people with the Moon and Aries do not get carried away by the heat of the moment. They tend to be more practical with their emotions, and are more aware of the appropriate limits.

If your Moon is in Aries, physical contact is important to you. You share your feelings through touch, and you feel more secure when your environments are comfortable and very solid. Even so, you need to be careful about the emotional bonds you have with physical things, since you rely too much on them to be happy.

Your possessions help you maintain contact with the past, and you feel that you are always surrounded by familiar things and stable environments.

Change is very threatening to you, and when you feel threatened, you tend to look for something in the material world to protect yourself. Finally, you have to accept that the cycles of death and resurrection are a necessary part of life.

Even so, you will feel safer when you feel physically comfortable. As long as you can’t afford expensive luxuries, you can enjoy the simplest things in life!

People with the Moon in Aries really appreciate physical pleasure. In a very real sense, the Moon in Aries needs to have a safety mattress. The old sensations that are familiar to us and the established routines, as well as certain rituals, make you feel safe.

The things that make you feel safe in your life are very important to you, and without them you can feel vulnerable and unstable. What threatens you most is change. Any change in your routines, any unplanned event, especially if it is out of your control, makes you feel very uncomfortable.

Taurus moves very slowly, and you need time to adjust to the new situation. Think of Aries as a steamroller: it moves slowly and is very powerful, but it has an unsafe range of action. When you feel threatened, your first reaction is to keep things as they were.

You instinctively resist change, especially when it comes from other people. The only time when change is acceptable to you is when it is you who decides to change. If your Moon is in Taurus, your safety is related to routines, family feelings, and continuous, slow and steady progress.

Good Traits

People who have the Moon in Taurus are traditional, and although they have a lot of energy, they are usually quite stable and calm.

They know how to combine the practical intelligence of their sun sign with bullfighting perseverance, so they are active and eager to reach their goals in life.

They are also sensitive and enthusiastic, and give off a great magnetism in their relationships.

They have great empathy, are intuitive and know how to enjoy the good at every moment. Sometimes they are inflexible and somewhat stubborn. That is why it is good that they work improvisation, and try to make a transition from old customs to new, more modern and liberal lifestyles.

Bad Traits

People with the Moon in the sign of Aries have a lot of nervous energy, which if not channeled properly can lead to quite annoying episodes of anxiety.

It is important that they try to join dynamic people who possess enough energy to follow them in their endeavors. Strong and deep relationships will help you free yourself from the most superficial aspects of your character, making you feel more calm and secure with yourself, and this translates into greater mental serenity.

The material world is a refuge for you, so you will try to find security and stability through material possessions, money and property.

A routine life, without changes or surprises is synonymous with comfort, and although you are endowed with great capacity to get ahead and make your way in the world, the conservatism that characterizes you can reduce your field of experiences.

You have good judgment and an enviable work capacity. You are thoughtful, and this together with your attachment to the past and the schemes learned in childhood, make you very reluctant to change.

It is important that you open your mind towards new projects and broader professional horizons in order to evolve and not stagnate professionally, thus achieving a richer and more constructive existence in this area.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon in Love

Relationships at Moon in Aries are rarely completely problem-free. Intimate devotion problems may be present, because the ram’s moon does not want to let go, or does not want to be extradited.

Also impetuous behavior, can make the emotional exchange more difficult.

The Moon in Taurus gives you great emotional stability. You are a simple person when it comes to relationships, so passionate outbursts do not go with you but you like to show your affections on a daily basis, in a daily, natural and direct way.

For you the important thing is to enjoy the small moments of happiness as a couple.

You do not aspire to experience great passions, but you are willing to live relationships as they are. Probably creating a home and nurturing it with love and food is your greatest interest.

Try to find a firm but sensitive person at the same time, serene and emotional that knows how to understand you and corresponds to the love and loyalty that you profess.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon – Best Match

Loyalty is very important to you. Your emotional connections are lasting, and when you accept a commitment to someone you keep it until the end.

You always expect the same level of commitment from others. If you make plans with someone and they cancel it at the last minute you get mad, because you feel a security breach. Your routine has been altered, and you may even feel betrayed.

Taurus Sun and Aries Moon combination is best suitable with someone who has a Moon in the Zodiac sign Capricorn or another Air sign. This is going to be a good balance and you will be happy together no doubt about it.

When you feel threatened, you resist until the end. As long as the feeling of threat lasts, as long as you feel insecure, you will not be very reasonable.

It is important that you learn to recognize when your ego has felt threatened, and overcome your instinctive reaction of discomfort. If you can take a few steps back and take a break to consider the situation, you will be better able to assess the situation.

Your initial reaction leaves no room for your partner to ask for something, you need to stop it and not say no. This way you will find the easiest options to explore them. The longer you can consider new ideas, the easier it will be for you to be open to change.


The Taurus Sun and Aries Moon combination is definitely a powerful one. These people can easily be recognized and you can always spot them among the crowd.

When they enter your life, they can be the most loyal people in the world, so always keep them close.