Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

To the Taurus belongs as a ruler the Venus and the 2nd house (a horoscope is divided into 12 houses, which show us certain life topics). Gifts, presents and giving are Venus.

If you look at the many artistic versions of Venus, then it is female, round, full and enjoyable.

Taurus Sun and Aquarius Moon combination might not be the match made in heaven, but they do have their benefits and their downsides.

We are going to delve into the deeper meaning of this Zodiac combination to find out what it actually represents.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon – General Info

Here we have a female version in a male character. In other words, Taurus Sun are more sensitive, very sensual and also love the enjoyment, of any kind. They are often also earth-bound, in the garden, when cooking, in nature and with massages.

His pain and his endeavor is mostly securing by his values. When Taurus-born cannot feel valuable to themselves and their own bodies, they begin to build value from outside. And often quite successful. My house, my car, my account … that could be it.

The fathers of Taurus Sun people could, depending on what aspects the sun still has in the birth chart, have difficult personalities and values, or they could reject, abuse, and manipulate them.

To avoid having to feel such a pain of abuse (if we are not allowed to be who we really are), we separate ourselves from the body feeling.

We also find here the desperate attempts to displace worthlessness with property claims, with gold bunkers, with jealousy and security precautions.

Do you find yourself in one of the points? You can learn to turn the tables. Dare to start the withdrawal of substitute gratifications. Arrived in your body and in your love, it becomes satisfied, warm, nourishing and you are most appealing in your love. Giving adopts of itself, because you yourself are the source of your gifts and your love.

With a Taurus Sun you love sensuality and enjoyment very much. This is one of the most female moons, and depending on the imprints you can enjoy and let the abundance flow. Even with the worst imprints, we can learn to find our value and our love in us.

The Taurus Sun is very patient, very enduring and often beautiful. Unfortunately, this includes buying and sex addiction, as well as sporadic eating disorders that have suffered injuries with the Taurus or Venus subjects.

To get out of this addiction, the Taurus-born must learn to recognize that they cannot achieve the love and sense of satisfaction through possession, beauty or sexual gratification.

When you are connected in your deeply female Taurus, you can experience and give abundance and true flow of your love, your gifts, and also your feminine lust.

Venus as a sign of love and as a symbol of our femininity. It also stands for our income and values. If our Venus is “hurt” (which means difficult constellations in the chart and injuries in our lives) patient healing work is required to feel, receive and give love.

Delicious food, a rich flowering garden, a cozy apartment, fine clothes, a well-groomed body and vibrant eroticism all can be found in her. Once the female pleasure is healed and awakened, it can be made to flow and pulsate again and again.


Men, too, can enjoy unintentional togetherness with their female proportions, and will be amazed to discover how nourishing and fulfilling the feminine form of sexuality is.

The zodiac signs of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are the most important constellations in astrology and should be thoroughly interpreted. The moon in the star sign of Aquarius is also in the horoscope a living contradiction in itself.

It shows here also the need for the unconventional. This is often reflected in the choice of his hobbies, interests and the people with whom he surrounds himself. The moon in Aquarius may not be regulated and arranged. Similar to the moon in Sagittarius (Moon / Aries, Moon / Leo) it can come to the compulsion to individuality.

The child often feels that they are not part of the family or the world, and that, like all children, despite its otherness, it wants to be loved for what it is. Most of the time the child develops some extreme and unusual hobby with the Moon in Aquarius and as a parent we do well to support it.

That is why the greatest joy for someone with such a laid moon is when his fate smiles so he really becomes a scientist what cure for a wicked disease he seeks to save millions, or one who with his human rights advocacy what they did) to fight for peace in war zones or to settle the hungry as activists of some kind of humanitarian organization.

He will be pleased as an artist to make such works that, in truth, worse, with no hair on the tongue, without shame, without compromise, dying of the desire to open his eyes to the world through his novel or film. He will also be pleased if he is the doctor who in that case is the best in practice, because the secret is his that in every patient he sees a man.

Well, he talks, he listens to him, he talks to him, and there are miles ahead of his office. Consciously one will sometimes sacrifice for the sake of an idea that the eternal sense sees. But what kind of a salesman will he be?

Not at all because it is in his being to give, not to charge. A politician? People will love him, but his glory will last for a short time because he is too ideological, too much on the side of mankind. In my practice, I have often seen him with entertainment personalities.

Because in itself the moon will always represent glory, and in Aquarius it is easy to reach the same, because Aquarius is a trend of time, so a person does not bounce a little but is a very mirror of what is sought, listened to, loved, and because of this in our country, many singer-songwriters, entertainment characters who are not supposed to be a role model have exactly the moon in Aquarius, being the rapper of the cultural and every level of the country in which we live.

Good Traits

Like all air signs, Aquarius deals with the polarities. Aquarius would like to overcome the duality of polarities, to transpose the opposite into a common. However, since we live in a polar world, this is hardly possible. Unless we experience unity in polarity, which we can call enlightenment.

In addition to the individual interpretation of the Moon in Aquarius in the birth chart, we can also get interesting information about the moon in Aquarius from the lunar calendar.

May his colleagues with the moon in the signs of Leo and Sagittarius want something special, so it is a child with the moon in Aquarius in any case? It is extremely different and individual. One would like to speak in this case of the cuckoo child.

Often it is extremely talented and intellectually ahead in any area. Since this talent often does not correspond with the characteristics of the parents, sometimes it does not even stand out. This kid needs a lot of freedom and likes to experiment.

Bad Traits

On the one hand, he needs his freedom, is individual, quirky and a loner, on the other hand, it has the strong need for contact with like-minded people, does not like to be alone and is always looking for suggestions.

But perhaps that is just the expression of his restless, changeable and difficult to classify temperament. The moon wants to feel. Feeling also means getting involved. When we get involved, we give up part of our freedom. How can man live with the moon in Aquarius these conflicting needs, without going crazy?

The moon in Aquarius symbolizes needs that are difficult to satisfy. The man with the moon in Aquarius basically does not want to identify himself anymore, but to be free from stressful feelings and obligations. But the moon just symbolizes our desire to identify ourselves.

There is therefore a contradiction here and that is typical of the moon in Aquarius.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon in Love

With Moon in Aquarius freedom is written on the banner in speaking as in doing. They say it out freely, what they think, especially if their feeling is involved.

Then, when something is important to them, they do not care about proper behavior and convention, but they are otherwise friendly and open to others. Their love of freedom makes them even sympathetic to others.

They seem to carry a promise of greater freedom from the shackles of the normal in which all else is trapped. They have a strong need for exchange, for equality, a partnership based on camaraderie.

This is the only way they cannot stand in the way of their great need for self-reliance, of entering into a binding relationship.

People with such a position are friendly in an impersonal way. Your home is usually a meeting place for friends and is open to group activities.

Beware that the love of freedom does not become obstinacy, and an irrational need for freedom at any cost means.

Taurus Sun Aquarius Moon – Best Match

According to the partner horoscope, the moon in Aquarius has a strong need for freedom. His personal individual freedom goes beyond everything. Our inner child, symbolized by the moon in Aquarius, wants to free himself, wants to burst the mold.

As a symbol, we can take the bird that has to blow up the eggshell in order to be born. In modern terms, it is mutating out of shape. That does not make man with the moon in Aquarius in his horoscope necessarily binding.

On the contrary, this position is considered unwilling to form a bond. As a partner, we have the difficult task of leaving the owner of the moon space and individuality, because then we can benefit from his unorthodox, creative and witty nature.

Aquarius Moon needs someone who is not going to tie him down and limit him, such as someone with a Moon in Gemini or Libra.


For the Moon in Aquarius is the height of the soul. If the Moon in Cancer was a soul in itself, ready for giving, care, joy, then the Moon in Aquarius is a soul ready and able to rise and be the soul of not one man but the soul of the whole world.

And I can safely say that these are true humanists who would gladly, if only they could embrace all humanity, bring all people under the same roof – united the heavenly and give each one the same love, tenderness, joy. This is therefore a principle of social justice that is unfortunately difficult to achieve.