Taurus Man and Virgo Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Taurus Man

First thing that comes up on mind when speaking about Taurus that this person is calm, cheer but at the same time firm, strong and so serene.

Yes, Taurus is like that. He possess inner strength and peace that nothing in this world can disturb it. It’s like the strongest tree in the storm that will stay there firm and after the storm. This quality of Taurus is appealing to many ladies who seek strong partner that will be always be there when needed and will guide them throughout life.

He will make a good companion, partner, friend, lover and will give all of his respect to the girl he loves. His approach is mild and careful, he won’t reveal all of his thoughts and intentions.

Above all, this man is calm and cool- headed about many things in life. His attitudes are firm and his point of view based on logic and real things.

One thing sure is that he doesn’t like too much changes and likes his routine. Many people can find him boring and too static but it’s just who he is.

Somehow slow in his actions and reactions he might look easy to manipulate or to play with. But be aware, he is not easily confused or tricked.

He is careful but likes the opposite sex. He loves courtship and he is traditional when expressing his feelings and intentions toward women.

It will take some time, but when he is sure that there are some mutual feelings he will put it up to action. His manners and classic style makes him a true gentleman. There will be no rush and he will be patient enough to wait for something to happen when speaking about sex and physical contact. When this finally happens he will give his best to make his partner happy ad satisfied.

Taurus is very affectionate and likes to express his feelings  through physical contact so he will shower his girl with lots of hugs, kisses and cuddling. You may find him fooling around and do such things to animate his girl.

Many of Taurus are very charming and and artistic so he can even have a nice voice or play an instrument. Taurus enjoys pleasant music, people and food. Sometimes he can give in to the pleasures and gain a few pounds. Even then, he attracts girls and some of them find his ‘’a bit oversized ‘’ belly cute.

Actually he likes to entertain people but is a bit shy and can’t do it in front of large group of people. Of course , it depends much of the Ascendant and the position of the planets in the birth chart.

Virgo Woman

This girl is a true lady as her sign is the maiden, she walks and talks with dignity , calm, elegance and grace.

Her body looks gracious too and her movements are easy and elegant. Her conduct is somehow royal that comes out of naturally.

So, many people want to be around her. When she talks , she speaks in a perfect manner and everybody can understand her. Perfect diction, wide vocabulary, pleasant voice and she can find herself speaking in front of large crowd and she makes a good speaker.

She is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury provides her all qualities to be intellectual and having big capacities.

She has great sense for criticism and analyzing but also sharp tongue. In most cases she is polite but when someone gets rude she will make it pretty much clear.


As everything around her must be clear and tidy she will have no unclear relations with people. Some may like her some will not like her at all.

But there are rarely anything bad that you can say about this person. As she strives for perfection in everything she does you may think that she is perfect too.

Virgo is very loyal, loving and caring person. She likes to help other and she often does charity and other to help people in trouble.

Her friends can rely on her when it comes to getting a task done, and only one, multiple.

She is quiet sharp and intelligent and she can be even a teacher. She won’t spend or give away her money to everyone.

Her sense of responsibility and hard work won’t let her to waste money. In love, Virgo seems distant and cold and sometimes people

think of her as superficial. She might be obsessed with details and will criticize if things are almost perfect but is doesn’t mean she doesn’t have emotions.

She is capable of great emotions and can love like anybody else. Above all, she will deny feelings and that can cause problems in her love life. Also, she is afraid of physical contact and being hurt.

Once she relaxes and feels comfortable ( that will probably take much time),  she will have almost childish need for love and care as enormous amount of emotions will be released.

She needs a patient partner who will teach her how to relax and enjoy moments of love.

Therefore, her concept of love is ‘’idealistic and almost medieval’’. Courtship, love letters, flowers, gifts and ‘’platonic love’’ is how she thinks of it. Love is consumed in a way of purpose of having children and personal pleasure is put away.

Marriage is sacral matter and she sees it as ultimate act of love.

She would use somebody to change a bit such understandings of love and show her how mutual feelings and love work out. Of course , it depends much of the Ascendant and the position of the planets in the birth chart.

Love compatibilty

Love between Taurus and Virgo is based on mutual respect and loyalty. Both of the signs take seriously personal relations and have great sense of commitment.

This is a stable combination because both of them seek stability and have no problem of settling down. Luckily, they are both romantic souls and will enjoy courtship and romantic gestures. They like to be in a relationship as one night stands are just not their thing.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have rich love life, it is just more comfortable to be in a relationship. Especially when it comes to physical contact and relations Virgo is pretty picky and won’t let everybody to approach her.

Speaking of Taurus and Virgo they can get well together but the matter of getting close and physical love is the challenging matter.

That refers to Virgo’s nature and her inability to give in to the love and do not think too much.

Her constant criticism and little complaints can eventually shut down Taurus. That is quiet contradictory because Virgo herself is pretty much insecure about many things when it comes to love.

She might try to have good time and enjoy love instead criticize and trying to everything perfectly.

If they overcome this lack spontaneity and be relaxed they can have a relationship of quality.

Taurus will help her to overcome her shyness and other insecurities while Virgo can help Taurus to be more organized and have healthy life. Taurus knows to go too far in his pleasures and gain a few pounds.

Virgo will help him to get fit and she will be more than delighted to prepare a healthy meal for her man.

Virgo is very caring when it comes to her family and it means a world for her to please them and take care of them. She enjoys taking care of everybody.

That doesn’t mean that she will be too accommodating. She expects everybody to act responsible in many things.

First all, she will teach her children to be clean and neat, then responsible for their own things and know what are their responsibilities in the house. Then, everybody else in the house must follow those rules.

Her house is always clean, her garden always looks nice, her drawers are impeccably organized.

Any kind of work that requires organization even to the smallest details appeals to Virgo. This is where she will help Taurus to have everything in the place and well organized.

Taurus will admire her skills, abilities and her intelligence. She can also help him resolving complex situations and problems as she has the ability to dissolve it to the smallest detail and then make the greater picture of it.

He can count on her being loving, respectful woman that will always keep nice image in the society and make him proud.


Their friendship can start even in school when Virgo helps her Taurus friend with complicated math problem. She will help him to resolve it by himself and he will be proud of resolving the problem.

It is very possible for Taurus and Virgo to be friends from early age as Taurus tends to have friends for life and Virgo as well. They can stay friends for long time, grow up together and Virgo will probably act and take care of her friend from the shadow as she doesn’t like to expose much.

When older, these two may stick together and go through many things and situations in life. And that is what will unite them.

In some point they will realize that they are made for each other and finally reveal their true emotions.

This is a quiet long process between these to but finally it will pay off.

If that not the case, Taurus will surely be attracted by Virgo and her elegant personality as he likes ladies with nice manners. Also, Virgos are very pretty and have body of almost perfect  proportions.

Her classy but sexy outfit will instantly attract him. So before they can get together they can be co-workers or colleagues. He will be aware of this capable and intelligent persona so he will not let her just like that. He knows she is worth of his time and love, and will not stop until he get this lady.