Taurus Man and Scorpio Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Do you believe that the opposites attract? Well, they do. And this Taurus man-Scorpio woman is the right example of it. These two signs are situated on the exact opposite sides of the zodiac.

However, this relationship turns out at the end, what is sure is that the won’t forget about each other for a lifetime.

Taurus man

Taurus man is ruled by the Venus. As you probably know, this is the planet of love. Concluding, he is a lover, a romantic soul. And you thought the opposite, right? You thought that he is a tough guy, always in the mood for a fight. What is sure, he can be a brawler. Taurus is very stubborn and doesn’t even try to convince them in something you think. They have their own way and let them be.

This type of a man is always looking for a wifey material. He has a picture in his head how that woman should be, and won’t settle for less. Taurus man’s goal is not to be with another woman every other day, but to find the right one. This will take away his time and energy, and in some way, Taurus man is just too lazy for that. He likes to play safe, and once he finds what he is looking for, there is almost no chance that he will cheat.

But, this Taurus man’s investigation is pretty complicated and long. He is a true detective and wants to find out as many details as possible about the subject of this interest. This Sherlock Holmes is determined to search until he finds what he is looking for.

We said he won’t cheat. True, once he finds the one. But, in the meantime, he can replace a woman with another is the other is more suitable. That’s his natural instinct of always “interviewing” women. After the careful process of thinking he might just turn away.

But don’t take Taurus man as not reliable. It is better to be friends and to talk about yours and his expectations about the partner and the relationship. This way you can prevent being hurt if the separation would be inevitable sometimes later.

Just like in love, Taurus man acts in life also. He likes to play safe. Sometimes he falls into overthinking. That is because he wants to make the right decision. Or the right decision, or no decision. His life philosophy is “Go step by step”. Sometimes he has a few steps planned forward.

Sometimes this Taurus man’s making plans can be good for a life together. If the one plan falls through, Taurus man will always have another.

However, he lacks initiative sometimes. He is brave and confident when it comes to life and business. But when it comes to love, if he likes someone a lot he will be shy. Weird, right? That tall, big guy, with the invisible horns, gets shy about a woman. Don’t mistake this shyness for losing interest. Encourage him by giving him a call or text. Even if this seems like a trifle, to a Taurus in love it will mean the world and give him the needed impulse.

Even though one of his goals in life is finding a life partner and true love, it doesn’t mean that’s his only goal. He wants a good job, successful carrier and money in the first place. There are many things to enjoy in life and money can give it to him. It is sure that Taurus man won’t even consider starting a family without financial security. His woman will always be sure of Taurus man in this context.

This reliability is something very positive about this guy’s personality. Every woman like security and a man she can rely on. With Taurus man, there won’t be any empty promises. What he says, he will do, no matter what.

Beside the stubbornness, the negative aspect of the Taurus man’s personality is the possessiveness. And we can understand his in some way. He is waiting for so long to find a woman of his dreams.

Now he can’t allow anyone else to look at her, talk to her etc. Sometimes this side of his can be very tough.

Scorpio Woman

When we talk about the Scorpio woman, this is one of the strongest personalities in the zodiac. This type of a woman can love deepest, but also can turn into the worst enemy to a man who hurt her. There are no games with Scorpio woman. She is always very direct and won’t leave you without an explanation. You might love this side of Scorpio woman, but be careful if your intentions are not right.

This is a zodiac sign that attracts dark forces and wears the veil of mystery around herself. No one can deny that she is very attractive. When she walks into the room, everybody will instantly look at her. There is a dose of sexuality that she gives away, and men can’t deny it. And if she wants such a relation, she will tell you openly.


But, she is more emotional and sensual sign. She loves intensively but will rarely say it to you openly. This is a tough type of a woman but we all have emotions and don’t want to get hurt.

Everybody probably already knows how dominant Scorpio woman can be. This is something they are famous for.

Scorpio woman has a good control of her behavior, emotions, but also over other’s behaviors also. Directly or not, she will affect the persons she is in contact with. She is strong and powerful.  Whatever her goal is, she will come to it.

Being a Scorpio woman’s partner is not an easy task. Her man’s character has to be extremely mild, tolerant or even indifferent in some way. The other scenario is that he needs to be a stronger personality than hers. And that is almost impossible to find. His energy has to be more dominant. He has to be a leader. And a Scorpio woman won’t let a man do that. She wants everything in her hands. So the first scenario, of a man who is tolerant and patient is a perfect match for Scorpio woman’s personality.

Her love is somehow dangerous, but everybody would enjoy it. The strength of Scorpio woman’s love can’t be compared to any other zodiac sign. It can take you to the clouds, or withdraw you to the deepest bottoms. Because of that endless love, she can feel for a man, she is capable of brutal revenge.

She asks for loyalty, as she is the first one who will give it to the others. Scorpio woman is a friend who will keep the secret until she is alive. Gain her trust and you will have a friend for life. But proving that you are worth being her close friend or emotional partner takes a lot of effort.

Love and Marriage

Taurus man usually marries young. And that’s when the real love story begins. And this is where he gets along with Scorpio woman. She searches for love also. If she finds something special in Taurus man, she will devote everything to him. Her love and passion are endless once she is sure about the loyalty of her partner.

Once Taurus man makes this commitment to you, you will see an even more romantic side of his personality. Taurus man won’t ever forget about the anniversary. He will buy you roses, gifts, take you out on dinners. Scorpio woman likes this, likes the attention.

They are the couple who enjoys dinners at home, sunsets at the beach etc. But, Scorpio woman likes excitement also. She wants some kind of adventure from time to time. And that is where the problems start. Taurus man would gladly stay at the terms of spending the night home. Scorpio woman needs adrenaline. Being in the marriage with Taurus man can seem like a pure routine to a Scorpio woman. Whatever they do, they shouldn’t let the marriage go this way. In this scenario, the Scorpio woman will start thinking about the divorce. She can become aggressive and unhappy.

The intimate relations are great here. They are both sensual and passionate. Scorpio woman will definitely please Taurus man’s needs, as she is considered to be the wildest sexual nature among zodiac signs. His energy will suit her in this terms also. This couple is capable of staying in a room for days. This match is what we call fatal attraction.

Taurus man will make a father his children will adore. He will constantly buy them toys and candies and will pay attention to their needs. Scorpio woman is a carrying but control-obsessed mother.

Sometimes she will put some pressure on the kids in order to protect them. This, though, doesn’t mean the children won’t love her, but the opposite. Her children will be well aware of the intuition their mother has. When she sees a red signal, she will become control freak. Scorpio woman as a mother will always be a queen figure in the eyes of her husband and her kids.


Scorpio woman seeks loyalty, as you can conclude from the rest of the text. She is a truthful friend, very honest and reliable. And these are the characteristic of Taurus man also. Their friendship, if it doesn’t turn into a relationship, will last for sure. They both have similar values when it comes to people’s relations, and that’s the point.

Taurus is reliable, Scorpio also. He will be well aware of the poison who can hit him in case he mess the things up, so he probably won’t.

Interesting facts

Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez were the famous couple. But, this says you enough, they were. Scorpio woman is a confident, strong, dominant type. This is something a few zodiac signs can handle. It is somehow logical for a man to want a woman who is a calm personality. And Scorpio woman definitely isn’t. She is looking for adventure, and it can take you right into the younger man’s hands, just like it was the case with Demi.


Taurus man and Scorpio woman are the opposites who will for sure attract each other. Their passion and the need for each other is what will keep the relationship last. Taurus is fascinated by her sexual energy.

They do have many similarities, but the core of their personalities is different. He strives for the calmness and she for the excitements. However it goes, they both will be deeply influenced by this love.