Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman will have to make some efforts if they want their relationship to last. He is a homeboy, and she likes to party. You will agree that this combination is almost impossible to maintain. But Sagittarius woman’s energy will bring out the joy and happiness between those two.

This will affect the Taurus man, who is not grumpy himself but needs some support. These two will have a good laugh, a good talk, but Sagittarius woman likes to flirt a little bit more and Taurus man won’t handle it well.

Taurus man

This guy is like a rock. You can completely rely on him. And this is in some way, every other woman’s dream. Taurus man is always open to a serious relationship. He is not into one night stands, and this is something laudable.

Even if he can seem to sever sometimes, Taurus man has the warmest emotions. His tenderness is huge, once a true person reveals it.

Taurus man is simple. No zodiac sign can enjoy the simplicity of life like him. He needs just a few things to be happy – warm home, stable relationship/marriage, and good food. Once he gets into this phase of life, Taurus man is just like a baby. Even some bad sides of his personality, like his stubbornness, calm down. He is at peace now.

And when we say, good food, it can seem funny. But the sentence”The way to the man’s heart is through his stomach” is 100% true when we talk about Taurus man. His ideal woman would have to be something like a chef, or at least trying to be. It is not rare that he would help her with the meals. Everything about the food is interesting for him. And this picture of the two in the kitchen, this is like a dream came true for a Taurus man.

Taurus man likes the comfort. Once he finds a trace to it, he will just go back again. Same routines don’t bother him. Taurus man seeks for that, and won’t ever come out of this comfort zone. This is, from his point of view, a balance, a control. What is great, he can easily ignore the negative impacts on him when he finds the needed peace. But then, all of a sudden, he can lose it. A true, impulsive version of Taurus shows up. Let’s be clear, this is not a pleasant situation, but it will pass away. After the storm, there comes the sun.

Taurus man won’t tell you that he loves you often but will show it, and that is the most important. His hugs, kisses, tickles, every physical contact with his partner will be full of love. It will say more than 1000 words. Plus, he will get you presents, roses, write hearts on the walls… Everything but words. But you will know it. There is no way for a Taurus man to hide his emotions. No woman would ask for those two words besides the attention he gives.

It is a common situation to get into a discussion with a Taurus man. However, it will probably harm only the other side. Taurus man sticks to an opinion and won’t change it in a 100 years. Only if you are persistent and patient enough, and wait for the right moment, you can affect him a bit. Then it is up to him if he will adopt it.

Sagittarius woman

This is a flowy, flirty, playful sign. Sagittarius woman is someone who enlightens the space she is in. Her energy, her laugh, and smile, oh God… That is incomparable to anything. Even if 100 other women were in the same room, you would still look at her. What’s more, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her. And she…

She will be well aware of it. Sagittarius woman loves attention and flirt. This doesn’t mean she is open to contacts with everyone. She only thinks that a little flirt is nothing special. Nothing has to come out of that. It’s most of the time just a spontaneous reaction of a Sagittarius woman.

This woman is very curious. She is an investigator and a geek. All the topics are covered in her head – science, math, religion, relationships, alternative medicine… Sagittarius woman likes to read, that is how she comes across such information. Controversial subjects appeal to her especially. She is looking for the right interlocutor. Intelligence attracts her.

Once she meets a man who she can talk and laugh with, she will instantly know that’s it. However, the Sagittarius woman is somehow afraid of the relationship. Meeting new people with the purpose of being together is just not her thing. It is more probable that she will develop a relationship with her best friend. Once she finds someone who has the same interests and attitudes, the only missing piece is the physical appearance.

Looking for a partner to travel with? Sagittarius woman is the one! She just adores traveling and seeing new places. If it is not the traveling, she will go out to the club, cinema, the zoo, anywhere. This woman is everything but static. And that is how she meets a lot of people.

In these contacts, there will always be someone who is interested in her. Sagittarius woman’s politeness can be sometimes mistaken for flirting. Even though she is a tough flirt, she doesn’t do that all the time. Her partner can easily get jealous, and she won’t like it.

Sagittarius woman can master the bedroom. In this context, she is not into emotions and love, just pure pleasure. She is hell confident when it comes to sexual relations. Experimenting with poses and places is not strange to Sagittarius woman.


Love and Marriage

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman are pretty different. He is sometimes too serious and she is too overwhelmed. But, for the very start of the relationship, her wickedness is something that will be sympathetic to Taurus man. He doesn’t have this side of the personality, so it will be interesting to be in a company of such a person. And he will easily fall in love, but will also fall out of it. And why is that?

Sometimes her wild nature might go on his nerves. Sagittarius woman can overreact in her energy outburst. Further, as he is a home type and she isn’t, these two won’t find a way to spend some time together. She wants to always be on the go, and he wants to be home. What a sad scenario.

Even if Sagittarius woman is a fire sign and a Taurus man earth sign, they both can spit fire. Their fights will be tough. He will definitely be against her open lifestyle and want her to settle down with him.

But, if he overcomes this adventurous side of Sagittarius woman’s personality, and she understands a bit his home-sick temperament, this can be okay. Yes, okay, not great.

Sagittarius woman will bring out the joy into the Taurus man’s home and life. As he is about the job and materialistic things, he needs something that will drag away him from the everyday life. This doesn’t mean he wants to changes his life, he just wants some cheerfulness.

Also, there is no romance here. Even though they are not the cold types, the chances are small that they will feel a strong love and connection. However, their sex is good and this is the part where they get along.

When we talk about the children, Taurus man won’t like that his Sagittarius woman needs some “excursions” from the family life. She loves the kids, no doubt. It’s just she wants time for herself periodically. And Taurus man is only about the home and the kids. Even if she plans an outdoor activity, she should include the kids in it also. They shouldn’t feel her absence anytime.


If Taurus man and Sagittarius woman remain, friends, it can turn out really well. She will open some new views of life to him. She will teach him how to enjoy in life. On the other side, Sagittarius woman can wake up some interest in new things with Taurus man. This doesn’t meet he supports it all but is curious a little bit. And besides, who would say no to a Sagittarius woman?

Taurus man and Sagittarius woman will easily find a topic to talk about, as she is versatile. There is almost no subject she can’t talk about. Their talks will probably be long, long lasting. But, this can’t grow into a real friendship. It is more like they just like spending some time together periodically.

Interesting Facts

We mentioned that Sagittarius woman meets a lot of people. It is not rare that she will make some connections with her friends. This is a Cupid game, which the Sagittarius woman finds very interesting.

Sagittarius woman is very often a style icon. Some famous Sagittarius women are Rita Ora, Taylor Swift, Tina Turner.


When the force majeure connects the Taurus man and Sagittarius woman, there is always something behind. Maybe the two won’t stay together, but there is a reason for their encounter.

Everybody we meet is a lesson. Taurus man has to learn how to be more relaxed and adventurous, while Sagittarius woman has to get serious. It is okay to be flirty and seek for new excitements, but this can’t last for a lifetime. However, Taurus shouldn’t even try to limit her nature. The point is she does it by intention.

If the couple overcomes these problems they can have a relatively calm marriage with a lot of laughs.